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My life was fine up till my I became a teenager. After that, life became hell; My mental and physical health had gone down hill, then my mother was hit by a car while walking into work. And with so much stress in life I couldn't take the worries of school and dropped it so I could work on getting my life back together.

Around mid-2010 my life started to make a comeback. My friends, whom I think of as my family, hooked me up with a wonderful young man, Daniel. He showed me that I am beautiful and that life is worth fighting for. After meeting Daniel, I signed up to take classes to help me earn my GED so I can go to collage.

In December of 2010 I earn my GED and enrolled in college in January of 2011. I am going on for my Liberal Arts A.A. after which I plan to move on and work for a Bachelor degree, though I am unsure in what.

Please note, that if anyone wishes to contact me, please do so though this site or facebook only. I will refuse giving out my email(s) to anyone I do not know.

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"I find logic within nonsense." - Elizabeth Eaton (me)


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