moving the "H"


Showed me her secret art,

It is only four steps away

From the start

Just shift that letter back

And enjoy the blissed 




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Muses of Life


And what I desire

Isn’t time

But what time justly gives

Moments lost

Yet treasured in darkness

A home in me; they live

And what I crave

Is of no value

Where dollars make no sense

Afflictions united

Where dreams blossom

Precious time well spent

And what I lust

Is not of flesh

But something to shock my core

A riveting tale

So wholesomely made

Never needing anything more







Insane Love

Once in a while you drift away ,
away from your destined path,
You fell in love with a rogue wind,
You fell in love with that freedom she had,
Freedom to wander without knowing where you are going,
Its a bliss to be free,
Free like a wild horse
But , for how long . . . !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I as many other dreamers out there, always dreamed of being free, free from everything that would stall me from doing what I love, but I always feared of the outcome, how that will affect my ife how deeply that will affect my inner peace, what if that is temporary.sometimes I feel like a little control over life has it's benefits .

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My Faultless Hours



There’s moments in twilight

Where delightful exuberance soothes.

Before the dawn,

My existence, roused.


Laying with clouds of plenty;

Where sublime pleasure plays.

Wishing this half-light will linger,

And stay throughout the day.


Silent are the birds,

And dancing are the trees.

These desolate hours;

Bringing me to my knees.


The stunning glow surrounds;

Shooting like stars overhead.

I’d follow this twilight,

To anywhere it lead.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where darkness turns to light, I'm awakened to a level of pure understanding. Oh, my twilight hours.

The River of Your Hair

Perverse & Bazaar
Sun-ripened like the tender skin of a 
sweet pear,
flowing infinitely downward
past and onward still;
a nape of neck, but ever downward,
Her almond tresses spill.
Bare shoulder brushing 
aside the tickle
but still a trickle downward,
ever onward,
never still.
Between her breasts 
where hill meets dale,
most beautiful curtain
creates immaculate veil.  
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Next Lifetime

I find it unbearable 
to   look,
at   times,
 a beauty so fair 
my eyes  
should  not 
contain  nor
      spy .    
         pink foot-prints  
      dance a lovely dance 
 across my grey brain,
   and your scent
      plays chase 
          with my pen.
Maybe next lifetime.
For in this
    life that we're in,
      I find it hard 
        to ignore
      If this force that I feel
     Is some time portal 
and your body;  
once mine 
to explore
   until that day;
   may I bask in the embrace
                 of your 
eyes                                from afar?
                   your mind
          do you              long for
                   the    same ? 
I have felt eternitys blue eyes
   tip   toe   up    my    spine.
So              maybe
 ill see you   next lifetime;     
Ive got
to chill  
 and the 
of the  
 dont be late.
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A Peyote Vision

Ten thousand hungry eyes 
sting my flesh
in the white hot light.

Feeding the ambiance:
a cool blue glow,
affixed to the trusses above.

The cigarette smoke curls 
and winds playfully thru
the languidly humid air;

she dances for me 
like a care-free spirit, 
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Knowing  is a relative term..

   Ask the ocean why.
   Ask the Ocean what it sees or knows...
   and sit with pen-in-hand 
   and write .
(she sighs)
Its too vast .....
    infinate salt grain time capsules
    made prisoner by ink-stained  paper?
"Surely I  have gone mad"
    - Can the ocean know?
"It has spoke to me"
It speaks to everyone
"I stood on the edge of the beach"
      -it draws you in man
          -im tellin' you it does....
Her eyes never beheld it-
Miles of white sand
the pier.
the clouds.
The voice of the ocean.
Its an old mans voice..Low and Smooth
    It says "never forget"
      and tells of Pirate Death
    and message bottles
      Secret pleasures that
    cause sunken treasures and 
      fears that stain the shore.
The place I want to be scattered.  
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Remember To Breathe


I know that breathing is automatic

That it is something we all do

Yet, I find I cant

When it comes to you


I actually have to think

About breathing when I talk to you

Just because my mind

Is entirely wrapped in you


I want this to be just so

For forever, just like this

But I still need to remember to breathe

and then it will be bliss



Written on


October 20, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did have to remember but then we broke up. I dont have to remember anymore.

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