Monthly Archive for August 2009

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
For You Poem alexandriasapph... Aug 1st
Contrition Poem doktoravalanche Aug 1st
kiss Poem life_used_to_be... Aug 1st
বাবা Poem shawon1982 Aug 1st
সে Poem shawon1982 Aug 1st
ছায়া Poem shawon1982 Aug 1st
I Don't Know Why Poem smartalec Abstract Aug 1st
কাল বিবর্তন Poem shawon1982 Aug 1st
পিছুডাক Poem shawon1982 Aug 1st
Vampiric dream Poem scarling_darling dreams Aug 1st
Ray of Sunshine Poem candy2buy 1 inspiration Aug 1st
Golden Flecks of Rain Poem candy2buy 1 Spirituality Aug 1st
কল্পনা (Fantasy) Poem shawon1982 Aug 1st
Rainbow Poem onemanwar death Aug 1st
A Song For You Poem tk2003 love Aug 1st
I wish you knew I was alive Poem nitta Lost love Aug 1st
DARE NOT* Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 1st
My Chemical Romance Part 1 Poem FacelessFromThePaul Aug 1st
ঘৃণা Poem shawon1982 Aug 1st
DIAMONDS AND LOVE LINES Poem new_wave_franky Fantasies Aug 1st
Nothingness Poem naushin84 Aug 1st
Adrift In Life Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 1st
সাজা Poem shawon1982 Aug 2nd
MY GODFATHER'S TREE Poem new_wave_franky Bittersweet Aug 2nd
Assuming Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 2nd
Writer's Block Poem smartalec Abstract Aug 2nd
My Love Always and Forever Poem alexandriasapph... Aug 2nd
""Liham ng Aking Pag-ibig"" Poem darklion 1 love Aug 2nd
Get with the Times Poem heven7 Hope Aug 2nd
Pull the trigger Poem randyjohnson 1 Other Aug 2nd
I changed my number Poem dreayeya Abstract Aug 2nd
Smiling through the pain Poem mistydawn Hope Aug 3rd
I will Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 3rd
WARM WATERS OF QUESTION* Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Aug 3rd
I've held your hand before, stranger Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 3rd
sleep Poem C.Locke Aug 3rd
FRAGMENTS OF THE GIRL Poem new_wave_franky love Aug 3rd
OH FAIR WORD SPIRE (Old English) Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 3rd
WHILE TRACING STARS IN MY BACKYARD Poem new_wave_franky 1 Lost love Aug 3rd
deep soul feeling Poem kayspoems Aug 3rd
All We Are Is Our Past Dreams Poem TREXPATTON Aug 3rd
Day Dream Poem nighthawk21 Aug 3rd
Digging for my culture/ Love song for Jamaica Poem yardesspoetess Aug 3rd
Just a dream Poem geneconner2008 Aug 3rd
Death Poem shawon1982 1 Aug 3rd
Still Poem angeljerlin love Aug 3rd
When I am away from you Poem geneconner2008 Aug 3rd
Sinking Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 3rd
Secret Poem shammy417 1 Forgiveness Aug 3rd
Good things Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 3rd
IT DON’T MATTER (SHE WILL ALWAYS BE) Poem Irockpoker Aug 3rd
Because you sang with me Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 3rd
Update Poem danielb Nature/Environment Aug 4th
CHASING FIREFLIES Poem chris Children Aug 4th
CAROUSEL Poem chris Children Aug 4th
""Torpeng Tula"" Poem darklion love Aug 4th
Quiet Before The Storm Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 4th
BUOYANCY AND FLAIR (Old English) Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 4th
মোহরানা Poem shawon1982 Aug 4th
CAT Poem chris Nature/Environment Aug 4th
I’m a good person Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 4th
Because You Love Me Poem Irockpoker love Aug 4th
My Candy Coated Demise Poem draca Aug 4th
""Abegail Castillo"" Poem darklion 1 love Aug 4th
Until we meet again, NYC! Poem vilmazab Aug 4th
to my EX curtis Poem Juggalette....MCL Aug 4th
REFLECTIONS ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 4th
""Ilang Libong Bagyo"" Poem darklion love Aug 4th
LESA Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 4th
Nuances Poem TREXPATTON Anger NonViolent Aug 4th
for S.O.S Poem Juggalette....MCL Aug 4th
KATHLEEN Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 4th
Heritage ۞ Poem shawon1982 1 Aug 4th
Hatred Love Poem shawon1982 1 Aug 4th
So Sorry.. Poem bendergender Aug 4th
Favorite Mistake Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Misunderstood Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Someday Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Only By Grace Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 5th
Reincarnation Poem TREXPATTON Aug 5th
The Darkness Poem jarmano Aug 5th
The Way to Get to You Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Silent Streets Poem dakota 2 Apathy Aug 5th
The Suicide Note Poem jstar 1 death Aug 5th
I Have Forgotten Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Beer Olympics Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Oblivious Poem maddiejace love Aug 5th
Everlasting Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Confusion to the Point of Delusion Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Beneath the Foliage Poem xephornite Aug 5th
My Side of the Equation Poem dreayeya Abstract Aug 5th
Better Than the Last Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Awake and Dreaming Poem jarmano Aug 5th
A Poem for a Best Friend and her Special Someone Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Blink of an Eye Poem jarmano Aug 5th
backdown Poem jarmano Aug 5th
Torn Poem jarmano Aug 5th
A Darker Shadow Poem jarmano Aug 5th
thousand times a flame Poem steelrunner303 Aug 5th
Those Piercing Eyes Poem vilmazab 3 Aug 5th
Even If She Said Goodbye Poem vilmazab Aug 5th
Litmus Test Poem wishful_thinking Aug 5th
SOPHIA Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 5th
i'm still holding your hand Poem steelrunner303 Aug 5th
Ornament Poem wishful_thinking Aug 5th
IN THE EYES OF THE STORM Poem trivking64 1 Song Lyrics Aug 5th
ALONE Poem teresa_r 1 Aug 5th
LOVE Poem teresa_r 1 Aug 5th
My Security Blanket Poem metaphorist Aug 6th
Most likely, three. Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 6th
Long Left Trail 06-05-09 Poem follow_the_knyht Loneliness Aug 6th
An Angel's Glass Mask Poem MatthewWayne Angels Aug 6th
A simply stated paradox Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 6th
Inside and out Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 6th
Traitor Father Poem pingutux Aug 6th
Beautiful Bloodstained Life Poem searching_sky Aug 6th
The question I'm not asking Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 6th
The Falling and The Rising Poem wishful_thinking Aug 6th
oh little table! full of cobwebs and dust Poem steelrunner303 Aug 6th
FLOWERS AT HER FEET Poem new_wave_franky 1 Aug 6th
A Warring Heart Poem metaphorist Aug 6th
What If Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 6th
Child's Play Poem Indya Abuse Aug 6th
Maybe it's the Weather Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 6th
Kidnapped Poem aznplumpixie Fear Aug 6th
!!! احذر تبيع !!! Poem asaihati Aug 6th
Illuminating Poem searching_sky Aug 6th
Backyard Criminals Poem searching_sky Aug 6th
Sophie's garden. Poem rbpoetry Revolution Aug 6th
Too Late Poem jstar Devastation Aug 6th
Boomerang Poem metaphorist Aug 6th
It Was All a Lie Poem metaphorist Aug 6th
Defeat Sublime Poem blumentopf Aug 6th
Winds of the Universe Poem moondial Change/Transition Aug 6th
Night Time Thoughts Poem Indya Suicide Aug 6th
""Hanggang Dumating Sa'kin ang Pag-ibig"" Poem darklion love Aug 6th
Message to Above Poem Indya Spirituality Aug 6th
The Hollow Poem searching_sky Aug 6th
calendar of my soul Poem 9inety Aug 7th
To the loved one -An die Geliebte - Christian Morgenstern Poem rbpoetry love Aug 7th
arithmetic of stars Poem 9inety Aug 7th
My teardrops Poem jstar sadness Aug 7th
It's over Poem jstar Lost love Aug 7th
Before Poem jstar love Aug 7th
A poem for me Poem jstar Aug 7th
What is that about? Poem jstar Betrayal Aug 7th
Who's fooling who? Poem jstar Comedy/Humor Aug 7th
Gone Baby, Gone Poem jstar Breaking Up Aug 7th
Advisory Poem jstar Life/Living Aug 7th
Story of my heart Poem jstar Other Aug 7th
Cold Coffee Poem jstar 1 Breaking Up Aug 7th
WITH HER CROWN IN THE CLOUDS Poem new_wave_franky 1 Song Lyrics Aug 7th
Prayer is the Key - Double Rictameter Poem blumentopf Aug 7th
Understood Poem metaphorist Aug 7th
Sore Eyes Poem metaphorist Aug 7th
The Coolest Thing Poem maddiejace love Aug 7th
Recess[ed] Poem metaphorist Aug 7th
Deathwish Poem metaphorist Aug 7th
Love Will Not Be Hidden Poem wishful_thinking 1 Aug 7th
Snooze Button Poem metaphorist Aug 7th
A Facade Poem metaphorist Aug 7th
Birthday Sex Poem minustimer 1 Aug 7th
Surrendering Poem wishful_thinking Aug 7th
Cop on duty Poem jstar Heroism/Heroes Aug 7th
All alone Poem jstar 1 Loneliness Aug 7th
TEARS AND RAIN Poem emmenay 1 Aug 7th
Can't Get Out (Wrote at 13) Poem dakota Acceptance Aug 7th
Stuck In The World (Wrote at 13 years old) Poem dakota Aug 7th
Like so many times before Poem jstar Pain/Sorrow Aug 7th
Still have some love for you Poem jstar Lost love Aug 7th
""Ako'y Umiibig Lamang"" Poem darklion love Aug 7th
""Uri ng Pag-ibig"" Poem darklion love Aug 7th
""Mabisyo"" Poem darklion love Aug 7th
Fading Purpose Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 7th
Dear God Poem jstar religion Aug 7th
Forget the past Poem jstar 1 New Love Aug 7th
Hollywood Honey Poem jstar Comedy/Humor Aug 7th
Through To Me Poem dakota Reality Aug 7th
Paint my love Poem jstar love Aug 7th
Say it Poem jstar love Aug 7th
THE COMFORTER Poem unseen_treasure 1 Aug 7th
A Prayer Poem unseen_treasure Aug 7th
"Sueño" Poem anthony28 love Aug 8th
"Quiero saber" Poem anthony28 Life/Living Aug 8th
"Pensar en ti" Poem anthony28 love Aug 8th
"Vacio" Poem anthony28 Loneliness Aug 8th
"Volver a Comenzar" Poem anthony28 sadness Aug 8th
"Sin ti" Poem anthony28 Life/Living Aug 8th
"Amor mío" Poem anthony28 love Aug 8th
"Su Vida Cambio" Poem anthony28 love Aug 8th
"Secreto" Poem anthony28 romance Aug 8th
You... Poem maddiejace 1 Anger NonViolent Aug 8th
"Distancia" Poem anthony28 long distance Aug 8th
"Mujer Ideal" Poem anthony28 love Aug 8th
"Reflexiones" Poem anthony28 Abstract Aug 8th
EMBRACE MY KEENEST TRUTH* Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 8th
CHASING BUTTERFLIES Poem chris Nature/Environment Aug 8th
"Es Hora" Poem anthony28 Acceptance Aug 8th
Drifting Poem dakota Aug 8th
From Thoughts To Thankfulness Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 8th
"El silencio" Poem anthony28 Life/Living Aug 8th
"Feliz cumpleaños" Poem anthony28 Happiness Aug 8th
"Feliz" Poem anthony28 Happiness Aug 8th
His Mark Poem exkaijadesatiro 1 Breaking Up Aug 8th
Villains Poem Kikaykit 1 Aug 9th
Untitled -- 8.9.2009 Poem nighthawk21 Aug 9th
Infinite Me Poem jgpepperfarmer Faith Aug 9th
Once Again Poem Kikaykit 2 Aug 9th
Dean Poem mistydawn friendship Aug 9th
Drifting - Extended Version Poem dakota 1 Aug 9th
LOVE IS Poem chris love Aug 9th
Superwoman Poem goldendiamond1 1 Celebrations Aug 9th
TOGETHER Poem fridays_child Aug 9th
Missing Angel Poem fridays_child Pain/Sorrow Aug 9th
Homesick Poem exkaijadesatiro Life/Living Aug 9th
REGRET Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 9th
GO JAY B Poem prboggs Aug 9th
The Cold Hard Truth Poem babe1233 Aug 9th
IN SOCIETY Poem trivking64 PostPoems Aug 9th
boys lie and girls cry Poem blissfully_yours 1 Aug 9th
FORECLOSURE Poem chris Political Aug 9th
What Makes A Man Poem goldendiamond1 1 Celebrations Aug 9th
بخور Poem yaramo Aug 9th
BILLY MAYS Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 9th
Last Breath Poem fridays_child Aug 9th
Endless Love Poem jstar 1 Lost love Aug 10th
5 Poem Cuplix Aug 10th
Dysfunctional Relationship Poem butiefuldisgrace Aug 10th
Compulsive Lie Poem jstar Life/Living Aug 10th
HOSPITAL Poem chris Children Aug 10th
In love with the Satan Poem jstar Dark Love Aug 10th
Today ( written by my best friend, Mo Haindongo) Poem jstar Anger NonViolent Aug 10th
The Eye of my Mind Poem jstar Abstract Aug 10th
Tiny memories Poem jstar Memories Aug 10th
TRY AGAIN Poem jstar Comedy/Humor Aug 10th
Close to Love Poem jstar Betrayal Aug 10th
Jump Poem butiefuldisgrace Aug 10th
HE STOLE MY CAR Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 10th
THANK YOU FOR CALLING Poem chris love Aug 10th
WRISTSLASHER Poem jstar Dark Aug 10th
Goodbye Amore Poem jstar Betrayal Aug 10th
POWER'S OUT Poem chris Children Aug 10th
YOU WERE MINE Poem chris Lost love Aug 10th
Wing Lo on "Less is More" Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Aug 10th
DETENTION Poem chris Children Aug 10th
SPORTS STAR Poem chris Sports Aug 10th
ME Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 10th
MEMORY LANE Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 10th