While tracing stars in my backyard,

I came to the conclusion,

that all the dreams through my extremes,

were ode to my confusion.

But this you knew, you understood,

you'd found me off the mark.

The light still shines through empty times,

you'd told me from the start.

It's just a phase of faded days.

It's just a jade of mind.

You've gone away, been led astray,

and now I cannot shine.

But in the stars I think I'll find

a trace of what seemed true.

A million signs from heated suns

won't complicate the view.

A million signs, or maybe one

will surly see me through.

And I can see what seemed so blind,

has truly come in view.

While tracing stars in my backyard,

I'll always be with you.

There's more to us than what we seem.

Much more to us than what we dream.

There's more to life than what we've found.

Much more to love to come around.

The whole trip hints upon illusion,...

and just a trace

of love's delusion.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is intended to be a romantic poem. Basically, a love poem. Sort of like trying to say, I guess, that her love is in the stars...and I'm trying to trace it. You know...an attempt to say how much I love her through my confusion, but in a very deep way. I just hope that somebody out there understands this, but if nobody does...oh, well. [Sigh.]

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Starward's picture

Excellent poem! Profoundly deep, yet deceptively conversational on the surface. I think you speak for many silent lovers in this poem.


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