She said she truly understood

why God worked through her soul.

She said she'd live them if she could,

her dreams of rock and roll.

And all her signs that longed to shine

would be not hard to find.

Another fragment from the past

is passing through my mind.

She said the candles all around

were dying one by one.

She said the thought of growing cold

was all that she'd become.

But through her time, she'd try and shine;

she'd shine through darkened time.

Another fragment, like the last,

is passing through my mind.

She said, at last, she'd come to terms

with all her youthful fears.

She said it took her half her life

to understand the tears.

And all the peace she'd come to find,

she'd find it through refine.

Another fragment from the past

has passed on through my mind.

She said the wisdoms of the soul

were never to subside.

She said the thought of lost control,

would only be denied.

And through a song, she chose to keep,

a frame of thought to help her sleep.

She said that once, in '99,

she rode a beam of light.

She said the tunnel came aglow,

and Jesus came in sight.

While all the love she'd never known

became what she was shown.

Another fragment from the past,

to find my way back home.

For she, you see, my lone true love,

and she, the one I write here of.

(So, lost the visions 'neath the moon,...

then found them in my sunlit gloom.)

Yes, like a thread to tossed design,

her memory is all I'll find.

So, this is what I'll leave behind...

"just broken fragments of the mind."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote it when I was down in the dumps.

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