An Angel's Glass Mask

Volume Two

An Angel's Glass Mask

Everything seems to haven fallen in place

with it comes a confusing but subtle grace

She was an angel wearing a mask

with a soul clear as glass

In a world lost to hate, where love seems late

we marvel at it's gifts, over look life and often forget

It's never about tomorrow, the misery or sorrow

but rather the now and present

A life fulfilled with no resentment

Darkness clouds the ego, depression will soon show

doubt lingers in the mind, then consumes the time

There was an angel wearing a mask

her soul was clear as glass

she held no hate, or fear as she whispered into my ear

'you are lost within that dark forest,

wolves on the hunt, no where to rest'

I've heard the songs sung by the angels

I've heard the stories of forgotten fables

and I have even lived in some form of poverty

but I had forgotten, what I now see

'The whispers of an angel before me'

"Will I ever obtain my redemption,

followed my heart, lead me to temptation

So much pain has passed through this heart of mine

broken and bruised, I'm surprised I am still alive

There must be an angel watching over me

many times I should be dead, yet I still breath

traveling a lonely desert road

with open arms, it's the life I had chose"

I've pleaded for the sorrow to end, a scar I must bare

looking into your eyes, I'm lost within your stare

a tortured soul, trapped within desolation

a broken man, fighting for salvation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rest In Peace, Hali Rebecca Logan...

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