Then and now I feel the burst of the dam

and the flood of a dampening fear

placing my life in a boarded up shelter

and wearing a cross for the sake of my prayers.

I intentionally remove all the light in the tunnel

by sweeping out all phases of the blunting intrusions

and blindly I fade into a fallout of daydreams

and close out the album, and ponder my worth.

Quite passionately, I could bring you a picture of this emotion

but the stirrings of paint seem unworthy for blend

so I gaze into the heart of the mind's eye of memory

pretending you still seek an artist.

By design, you have found me alone ultra stricken with innocence

for this is the best I can trace, trace it back,

and sometimes escape is a matter of granting the edge

like a beautiful stage for the hiding.

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