With her crown in the clouds

and her eyes out to see,

she would rise through the valley,

just to turn herself free.

With her love in the distance

and her wings tucked within,

she'd depart from the music,

...then she'd welcome the wind.

With the skyline now fading

while the rains crashed anew,

she would search for a promise,

just to wash into view.

With her future in waiting

and her past yet to clear,

she would fancy the heavens,

...just to comfort her fear.

To think that once you knew her

through a love

she'd come to flow.

To think that once you gave her  

all those songs

deep winter soul.

What once

had seemed forever


what's next to never.

What once

was passion's wonder,

still makes

you trace the thunder.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's about the end of a relationship with a bunch of metaphorical references tossed into the mix. The title hints upon "cutting loose into the open."

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Stacey Mathers's picture

I love this poem! Thanks for the nice things you said about mine, this is definitely a point that I'm at in my life and a point that most people can relate to.. Very well written, I love it :]