Monthly Archive for September 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
2005-09-01 Poem angelicgothfurry Sep 1st
an eternity Poem angelous love Sep 1st
LETTER ABOUT A MISTAKE Poem ltsaunders Sep 1st
THE PROPOSAL TO TIGER Poem ltsaunders Being Loved Sep 1st
JUST THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH Poem ltsaunders Abuse Sep 1st
!!! منذ إبتداتي !!! Poem asaihati Sep 1st
If You Think Poem beautifulpain 3 Sep 1st
Z Poem Megsamoo00 Acceptance Sep 1st
Pull Me, Push Me Poem Megsamoo00 death Sep 1st
Just a Toy Poem Megsamoo00 Self-doubt Sep 1st
GET OUT Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 1st
THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 1st
THE MOVIE, "FORTY YEAR OLD VIRGIN" Poem chris 1 Abstract Sep 1st
Ctrl + Alt + Delete Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Lost love Sep 1st
Lies revived Poem deethepoet Sep 1st
Untitled -- 8.31.2005 Poem deethepoet Sep 1st
Espero Poem elche Sep 1st
If I was you Poem elche Sep 1st
Mi Amor Poem elche Sep 1st
Gas Poem ers Sep 1st
Saddest Day Poem ers Sep 1st
Right of Passage Poem ers 1 Sep 1st
I saw you Poem ilzdomain love Sep 1st
A lover is a fool Poem ilzdomain Lost love Sep 1st
One drop of blood on my chest Poem ilzdomain love Sep 1st
an emotional wreck Poem jazzy91 2 Sep 1st
A little girl's dream Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Sep 1st
A son's wish Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Sep 1st
Nasaan ka? Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Sep 1st
I forgave you Poem liltigg10 Abuse Sep 1st
هي ابتسامة Poem Noor Sep 1st
وعدتك Poem Noor Sep 1st
لا... تندهش Poem Noor Sep 1st
غريبٌ حقا هذا الرجال Poem Noor Sep 1st
إن خيروني Poem Noor Sep 1st
Remember to Forget Poem pamschwetz 5 Sep 1st
The Boy In Your Eyes! Poem adelesownpoems 1 Unrequited Love Sep 1st
The Pedestal Poem poeticangeltears84 1 Sep 1st
Instinct Poem poetictragedy000 Sep 1st
they... Poem poetrylover Sep 1st
* Where The Doves Fly The Skies * Poem poetvg Sep 1st
A monster Poem silentsosh 1 Abstract Sep 1st
My own prison Poem silentsosh Betrayal Sep 1st
Clarion University Poem singmoriah 1 Sep 1st
Out of Place Poem singmoriah Sep 1st
Lebanon Valley College (LVC) Poem singmoriah Sep 1st
The Bridge We Cross Poem singmoriah Sep 1st
Capsule of Emotion Poem spf Sep 1st
Tattered (Broken) Poem twilightcaress Abuse Sep 1st
Ninety Feet Down Poem twilightcaress Suicide Sep 1st
Letter for Mom Poem twilightcaress Bittersweet Sep 1st
Hide No More Poem twilightcaress Rejection Sep 1st
Baby Girl Born Poem twilightcaress Abuse Sep 1st
Tears of Blood Poem clutchforbalance Sep 1st
!!! بس داري !!! Poem asaihati Sep 2nd
IT'S RAINING Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 2nd
IT'S RAINING TONIGHT Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Sep 2nd
Demons Poem dancer Spirituality Sep 2nd
Avatar Poem dancer 1 Spirituality Sep 2nd
Ode To A Drumset Poem dasweetyjd Sep 2nd
My words, My poetry Poem dasweetyjd 1 Sep 2nd
When We Meet Poem dasweetyjd Sep 2nd
Missing In Action, Made In America (M.I.A., M.I.A.) Poem dasweetyjd Sep 2nd
Long Distance Love Poem dasweetyjd 1 Sep 2nd
Our Struggle, Our Story Poem ers Sep 2nd
Glorify Poem exthias1983 Sep 2nd
Broken Poem geneconner2008 Sep 2nd
"yesturday, today and tomorrow" Poem honey811 4 Sep 2nd
Compassion for Katrina Victims Poem jgupta Sep 2nd
Something Real? Poem joelcarter_86 friendship Sep 2nd
A New Beginning Poem joelcarter_86 friendship Sep 2nd
Straightened Smiles Poem johnnythm_777 Sep 2nd
GUTTER GIRL. Poem kiwi Reality Sep 2nd
Will I be damned? Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Sep 2nd
The Edge Poem lonelylove Suicide Sep 2nd
Oneness Poem madamegiggles Sep 2nd
Someone once said... Poem Nate Sep 2nd
Please Poem Nate Sep 2nd
What am I suppose to do? Poem ozzypoemgirl family Sep 2nd
My thoughts about the aftermath of hurricane katrina Poem ozzypoemgirl Pain/Sorrow Sep 2nd
Carpe Diem Poem pamschwetz 4 Sep 2nd
Zebra...AKA Racing Stripes Poem Poem pamschwetz 3 Sep 2nd
One Week Poem pgeihm Sep 2nd
to ashley lee Poem poetrylover choices Sep 2nd
Cliche Movie Ending Poem strumbles06 Sep 2nd
From A Bleak Start Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 2nd
Thoughts in darkness Poem ununderstood Abstract Sep 2nd
To Forget Poem ununderstood Goodbye Sep 2nd
let it be made Poem voighdt Sep 2nd
Funnel Poem wishful_thinking Sep 2nd
Therapy Poem Letty467 1 Depression Sep 2nd
A Force Forgotten Poem Letty467 Sep 2nd
*~ !!.. إغضب ~* Poem 3abak_alyasamine jealousy Sep 3rd
American Vampires Poem 41tulips Sep 3rd
I'm Mad At You, Dad Poem 41tulips Sep 3rd
Hurricane Katrina Poem 41tulips 1 Sep 3rd
ارباك وسوء تصرف وراء فاجعة الاربعاء الاسود Poem alihseen Sep 3rd
The Tight One ... 2Sept05 Poem avengers1965 Abstract Sep 3rd
About a Friend Poem bhurt friendship Sep 3rd
Birthday - the Last Poem blumentopf 1 Sep 3rd
KATRINA Poem chris 2 Nature/Environment Sep 3rd
What I Know....For FACT. Poem dreayeya Sep 3rd
warrior Poem ese2002 Sep 3rd
DREAMS Poem ese2002 Sep 3rd
Why I love Hip-Hop Poem ese2002 Sep 3rd
No one knows Poem follow_the_knyht Sep 3rd
Twisted Poem follow_the_knyht 1 Sep 3rd
Afriad of a kiss Poem follow_the_knyht Sep 3rd
Carved for enturnity Poem follow_the_knyht Sep 3rd
Step by Step Poem follow_the_knyht Sep 3rd
nine-eleven poem Poem geneconner2008 Tributes/Odes Sep 3rd
EMOTIONS Poem jenmoves8 Abstract Sep 3rd
Gerund Transcontinental Poem jgupta Sep 3rd
About Savoir Faire Poem jgupta Sep 3rd
A New Thought For A New Place Poem joelcarter_86 Change/Transition Sep 3rd
I Didn't Want To Share Poem lovelymissrai Sep 3rd
Crumbling down Poem nighthawk21 Sep 3rd
Sling talk Poem ozzypoemgirl Word Play Sep 3rd
Yin Yang Poem pamschwetz 3 Sep 3rd
Always Running Late Poem pamschwetz 2 Sep 3rd
Chain Reaction Poem pamschwetz 3 Sep 3rd
* Angel Of Healing * Poem poetvg 2 Sep 3rd
* The Arms Of Comfort * Poem poetvg 1 Sep 3rd
Last Memory Poem AskeOgBen Sep 3rd
Disasters Poem trumpet7 1 Spirituality Sep 3rd
I'm Alive Poem unrulyspring Sep 3rd
What Hope Is Worth Poem unrulyspring Sep 3rd
Scream Out Loud Poem _jennita_ Sep 3rd
Constant Battle Poem _jennita_ Sep 3rd
Loves Your Freckles Poem _jennita_ Sep 3rd
Cherry Rose Heart Poem 41tulips Sep 4th
!!! مغربي شرق وفي شرقي غروب !!! Poem asaihati Sep 4th
!!! مغربي شرق وفي شرقي غروب !!! Poem asaihati Sep 4th
Kill Me Now! Poem BackstageMaverick 1 Sep 4th
This Won't Last Forever Poem bhurt 1 Sep 4th
My Flower Poem bhurt Sep 4th
Thinking of you Poem brokenangel17 Sep 4th
MY MOM AND DAD Poem chris 1 Abstract Sep 4th
SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE Poem chris Lost love Sep 4th
Funny You Should Ask Poem dasweetyjd Sep 4th
Drifter Poem dasweetyjd Sep 4th
Untitled -- 9.4.2005 Poem deethepoet Sep 4th
Like My Mother Did Poem draca 1 Sep 4th
diners Poem essex 1 Abstract Sep 4th
something I'm working on 9-4-05 Poem godimlarge Sep 4th
I Gave You My Heart Poem hottchickiddy Breaking Up Sep 4th
Feelings Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Sad Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Fear Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
I see... Poem hottchickiddy Suicide Sep 4th
Want Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Broken Heart Poem hottchickiddy Breaking Up Sep 4th
Someone Please Help Me Poem hottchickiddy Breaking Up Sep 4th
Hope Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Free Poem hottchickiddy Breaking Up Sep 4th
Why? Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Final Cut Poem hottchickiddy Suicide Sep 4th
Cold Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Daddy's Light Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Sweet Surrender Poem hottchickiddy Sep 4th
Whisper to me Poem jesusmyjoy Sep 4th
Gently You Speak Poem jesusmyjoy Sep 4th
Ich Poem jgupta Sep 4th
Another Day Poem joelcarter_86 friendship Sep 4th
Finding Happiness Poem kittykat364 Happiness Sep 4th
i got bored and put words together Poem lilfairygurl Sep 4th
Inevitable Addiction Poem mellykins 2 Sep 4th
Season of change Poem nighthawk21 Sep 4th
Train wreck Poem DarkStatic 1 Betrayal Sep 4th
I told you so 1 Poem ozzypoemgirl Fury Unleashed Sep 4th
Why can?t she? Poem ozzypoemgirl Anger NonViolent Sep 4th
MAKING MY OWN Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 4th
LEAVING CAIRO Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 4th
* Do You Believe In Jesus Christ? * Poem poetvg 1 Sep 4th
* Some One Who * Poem poetvg 1 Sep 4th
sneaking in:) Poem significance_of_2 Betrayal Sep 4th
Fuel Poem spf Sep 4th
Mr. Dibble Poem wisdomscry Sep 4th
Memory Poem _jennita_ 1 Sep 4th
Sorry Poem brokenfairy 1 Sep 5th
The Selfless Poem cathycavalcante Tributes/Odes Sep 5th
WHERE ARE YOU? Poem chris 1 Political Sep 5th
David Poem converseallstar death Sep 5th
My little secret.. Poem dhoomedprincess Sexual Sep 5th
and yeah, some days I might cry Poem dolphin 1 Sep 5th
The Watcher and the Weaver Poem dolphin Sep 5th
ha abuse Poem doyle51209 1 Abuse Sep 5th
Blood Red Moon Poem ers Sep 5th
Feel The Ground Poem joelcarter_86 Betrayal Sep 5th
Reading other people's poetry Poem jpike Sep 5th
Candle Light Poem kiss_yo_luck Endurance Sep 5th
I Cried Poem kittykat364 sadness Sep 5th
A mother's prayer Poem kyoksil Prayer Sep 5th
All I need is a single hello Poem kyoksil 2 Being Loved Sep 5th
Anong ginawa ko ngayong araw? Poem kyoksil Compassion Sep 5th
Breastfeeding is best for mommies Poem kyoksil Parenthood Sep 5th
I needed you Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Sep 5th
Itay marahan lang Poem kyoksil family Sep 5th
Little Betty Poem kyoksil Abuse Sep 5th
Mom on your misery Poem kyoksil Acceptance Sep 5th
My Christmas Wish Poem kyoksil Celebrations Sep 5th
My mother's vow Poem kyoksil Parenthood Sep 5th
Yes they had a father Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Sep 5th
Panunumpa Poem kyoksil Parenthood Sep 5th
Like mother like daughter Poem kyoksil Fate/Destiny Sep 5th
Love Me Again Poem lonelylove Loneliness Sep 5th
The Blind Child On The Hill Poem mellykins 2 Sep 5th
To The Old and the Grey Poem necifallen Sep 5th
Blamed Poem necifallen Sep 5th
Lessons of living life a song Poem ozzypoemgirl Song Lyrics Sep 5th
The olden days Poem phantomsheart 5 Sep 5th
* Loving You * Poem poetvg 1 Sep 5th
* It Pays To Serve Jesus Christ * Song Poem poetvg Sep 5th
Better Half Poem qt_poet Soul mates Sep 5th
Shapes and Shadows, Curves in My Bed Poem tin_foil_tiaras Sep 5th
Shot Down. Poem tin_foil_tiaras Sep 5th
Stay Poem tin_foil_tiaras Sep 5th
Mr. Right Poem tin_foil_tiaras Sep 5th
4 AM Poem tin_foil_tiaras Sep 5th
Your Magazines Poem tin_foil_tiaras Sep 5th
greyscale Poem voighdt Sep 5th
change this. Poem voighdt 1 Sep 5th
Untitled -- 9.5.2005 Poem wsusnowbunny Sep 5th
Crestfallen Poem xephornite Sep 5th
Where did i go wrong Poem xx_drunk_off_yo... Sep 5th
City of Sin Poem _jennita_ Sep 5th
Universal Girl Poem _jennita_ Sep 5th
Rainbow Poem _jennita_ Sep 5th
Cutest Band Geek Poem _jennita_ Sep 5th
I'm The One You Love To Hate Poem brokenfairy 1 Sep 6th
Me. Poem brokenfairy Sep 6th
I Could Have Lied Poem brokenfairy Sep 6th
Your Pretty Past Poem brokenfairy 1 Sep 6th
I Want To Love You Poem Megsamoo00 love Sep 6th
To Reconcile The Capsized. Poem christopher_ryan 1 Sep 6th
Tilt-A-Whirl. Poem christopher_ryan Sep 6th
Wages Of Risk. Poem christopher_ryan 1 Sep 6th
profound- Poem christopher_ryan Sep 6th
regretting... Poem christopher_ryan 1 Sep 6th
Cassie Baby- Poem christopher_ryan Sep 6th
Castabout- Poem christopher_ryan 1 Sep 6th
hurricane Katrina 8/30/05 Poem crazynm04 Tributes/Odes Sep 6th
Together Again Poem deadpoet986 Sep 6th
Feeling Inside You Poem deadpoet986 Sep 6th
Lead Me Poem deethepoet Sep 6th
You want me Poem dhoomedprincess Acceptance Sep 6th
it's so you Poem dhoomedprincess Abstract Sep 6th
Save me Poem dhoomedprincess Anger Violent Sep 6th
Eyes on Me Poem dhoomedprincess Acceptance Sep 6th