Monthly Archive for April 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
G,E,L,E,N,F,I,S Poem obscure 1 Other Apr 1st
S p i d e r W e b Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Apr 1st
Abuse Poem brokenalive Abuse Apr 1st
A Sanctuary: In The Presence Of An Angel... Poem Bazoora Happiness Apr 2nd
Im Sorry... Poem Bazoora Apr 2nd
Inside Your Shell. Poem andshedied 5 Apathy Apr 2nd
Solitude Is Wonderful... Poem Bazoora Depression Apr 2nd
A Parade Of White... Poem Bazoora confusion Apr 2nd
The Day I Killed... Poem Bazoora 1 Apr 2nd
Threesomes Breeze Poem jenfool Song Lyrics Apr 3rd
My Lover: A Soliloquy Poem missmfa 1 Poetry/Writing Apr 5th
Forever Young Poem gentle Beauty Apr 5th
Weird! Poem angelcrane 2 Bizarre Apr 5th
Spain Poem toobuena 1 Bittersweet Apr 5th
Sleepless Poem angelcrane 2 sadness Apr 5th
Death? Poem angelcrane 3 Missing You Apr 5th
Conflict Poem angelcrane confusion Apr 5th
My Sunshine Poem angelcrane 2 Beauty Apr 5th
Love note. Poem brokenalive Being Loved Apr 6th
To You Poem karen415 2 Lost love Apr 7th
Wildman II Poem karen415 Goodbye Apr 7th
Jungle Mouth Jim Poem eltrue Comedy/Humor Apr 7th
How do we deal with our Attitudes? Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Apr 8th
Revenge Poem toobuena 4 Acceptance Apr 8th
Jeans Questions Poem beiyin Haiku Apr 8th
Art of Living - a long way to go... Poem beiyin Poetry/Writing Apr 8th
Is It Enough? Poem turonah 3 confusion Apr 9th
Im sorry Poem brokenalive Apr 9th
Tiergedicht Poem mellow death Apr 9th
"Butterfly" Poem DaddyO Bittersweet Apr 9th
Do You Know? Poem turonah 5 Pain/Sorrow Apr 9th
Happiness Poem fenrislupusgrey Apr 10th
For SicknessKnown Poem andshedied 1 Hidden Love Apr 10th
THE PAINTING Poem serene Beauty Apr 10th
Losing and Missing Poem angelcrane 2 Loneliness Apr 11th
Masquerade Poem eltrue 3 Fantasies Apr 12th
I Dont Want to be a Country Song Poem hhickson Comedy/Humor Apr 12th
Unflinching Poem iqbalar 1 friendship Apr 12th
The Magic In Love Poem eltrue 1 love Apr 12th
I Cant Forget About You Poem eltrue 1 Lost love Apr 12th
With You Poem eltrue 5 love Apr 12th
Whatever Happened! Poem eltrue 3 Lost love Apr 12th
Expression Of Poem eltrue 1 Acceptance Apr 12th
By My Side Poem eltrue 4 love Apr 12th
Addiction Poem eltrue 9 Addiction Apr 12th
Roller Skating In Deep Sand Poem eltrue 4 Fantasies Apr 12th
The Farmers Wife Writes Poem eltrue Acceptance Apr 12th
Chasing Moonbeams Poem eltrue 2 Betrayal Apr 12th
Cleared up Desperation - seven Tanka Poem beiyin Tanka Apr 13th
SABRINA Poem hawksquaw99 3 family Apr 13th
Walking beyond Intention Poem beiyin 1 Poetry/Writing Apr 13th
I Poem jenfool 4 Being Loved Apr 14th
"Until the Angels Fear It" Poem DaddyO 1 Angels Apr 14th
You are a part of Me Poem jenfool Being Loved Apr 14th
Lose to Win Poem jenfool Song Lyrics Apr 14th
Forever in Time Poem jenfool 1 Being Loved Apr 14th
NAILS WITH RIDGES Poem hawksquaw99 Stress Apr 14th
REBIRTH AT EASTER Poem hawksquaw99 religion Apr 14th
HANGING OUT WITH KERMIT AND THE GANG Poem hawksquaw99 Other Apr 14th
To the Artists that do USO Tours Poem hhickson 1 Tributes/Odes Apr 15th
A Mothers Worth Poem eltrue 1 Being Loved Apr 15th
Shades Poem jenfool 1 Acceptance Apr 15th
Leave HIM!! Poem jenfool 2 Abuse Apr 15th
Mothers Love Poem eltrue 3 Devotion Apr 15th
ABRITELITE Poem hawksquaw99 Tributes/Odes Apr 15th
THE MUSIC IS PLAYING Poem serene 3 Depression Apr 15th
WILL YOUR ANCHOR HOLD? Poem serene inspiration Apr 15th
A Random Dream Poem littlefish 2 Anger NonViolent Apr 16th
Gaze at your own Risk Poem littlefish 1 Anger NonViolent Apr 16th
What do you see in my fire Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Other Apr 16th
No-One Poem turonah 3 Angst Apr 16th
Untitled2 Poem turonah 2 Anger NonViolent Apr 16th
To All Poem turonah Angst Apr 16th
Dont Return To The Past Poem kitty 2 choices Apr 17th
It Doesnt Make Sense Poem kitty 5 Comedy/Humor Apr 17th
Wishing You Were Home Poem eltrue Lost love Apr 17th
SO LONG Poem hawksquaw99 Anger Violent Apr 18th
EAST AND WEST Poem hawksquaw99 family Apr 19th
for brenda jo Poem andshedied 3 friendship Apr 19th
RODGER IS GONE Poem hawksquaw99 Tributes/Odes Apr 19th
STUPID IS WHAT COLOR? Poem hawksquaw99 Other Apr 19th
Carry On Poem pluguan Acceptance Apr 20th
A different story 4-15-01 Poem wrtngal07 Reality Apr 20th
Chocolate Dreams Poem westville_hobo dreams Apr 20th
My Angel Poem westville_hobo love Apr 20th
Killer Poem westville_hobo death Apr 20th
Jesus, My Heart Cries Out to You. Poem beaconzbard religion Apr 20th
Office Gossip (or guess what so and so said at lunch...) Poem gentle Anger NonViolent Apr 20th
An Epworth Christmas (1987) Poem pudnsis1 2 Holidays Apr 22nd
LENNONS SPIRIT Poem hawksquaw99 Other Apr 22nd
Do you? Poem bettieblue Angst Apr 22nd
dream Poem bettieblue 1 Apr 22nd
Reflections Poem iqbalar 3 Apr 22nd
The Continuing Story of Miss Rosetta Dove Poem gentle Being Loved Apr 22nd
Obsession Poem bettieblue obsession Apr 23rd
Butterfly Poem running_with_rabbits Other Apr 23rd
New World Seeds Poem eltrue 2 Abuse Apr 23rd
Print Of Love Poem eltrue 2 Lost love Apr 23rd
Innerself Found Poem pudnsis1 3 Abuse Apr 23rd
sweet dream Poem bettieblue 1 Soul mates Apr 23rd
To Myself Be False Poem lil_rose Apr 23rd
River Bed One Poem lil_rose Apr 23rd
A View From My Soul Poem pudnsis1 20 Existence Apr 23rd
Still In Love With You (blues song) Poem eltrue 1 Lost love Apr 23rd
In The Breakers Misty Blow Poem eltrue 4 Lost love Apr 24th
Crying In My Mind Poem eltrue 3 History/Past Apr 24th
Gone Poem rblack952 1 Goodbye Apr 25th
WILL HE EVER GET IT? Poem hawksquaw99 Drugs Apr 25th
HELL Poem vjochum Depression Apr 26th
UPON MY EAGLES WINGS Poem vjochum 12 Beauty Apr 26th
EPISTLE OF APOSTASY Poem vjochum Bizarre Apr 26th
GOING HOME Poem vjochum Change/Transition Apr 26th
REMEMBER ME MY WHISPERING WILLOW? Poem vjochum 7 family Apr 26th
Untitled 16 Poem running_with_rabbits Endurance Apr 26th
IN TIME Poem vjochum 4 Soul mates Apr 26th
GONNA DANCE TONIGHT (song lyrics) Poem terry 1 Song Lyrics Apr 27th
IM A BITCH Poem hawksquaw99 10 Other Apr 27th
SOARING SPIRIT Poem hawksquaw99 Other Apr 27th
Kimmie Doll Poem mwhatim 3 family Apr 27th
ANOTHER CHILD ATTACKED Poem hawksquaw99 8 Abuse Apr 27th
Let me Poem bettieblue love Apr 28th
JENGA LIFE Poem hawksquaw99 3 Pain/Sorrow Apr 28th
SATANS HAND Poem hawksquaw99 3 Other Apr 28th
A Kiss Goodbye Poem hhickson 4 Anger Violent Apr 29th
Barbour Poem hhickson Tributes/Odes Apr 29th
Angel Gardens Poem rodcarlosstryker 3 Angels Apr 30th