Art of Living - a long way to go...

                         What we believe as being necessary

                         will come in its own pass of time

                         let's appreciate what there is now  

                         it can be enjoyed as a sacred present

                         enriching artist's life and growing

                         Being aware - relating to what is offered

                         how we react and what we trigger  

                         what we receive in return for letting go

                         acknowledging the hidden cause  

                         for not being able to enjoy the whole

                         Our expectations and dreams

                         can be seen as obvious obstacles

                         causing inability to enjoy what's there

                         why can't we never be satisfied

                         always wanting more and more?

                         Identified with our possessions

                         we are clinging firmly on narrow stuff

                         not being able freely to receive  

                         the abundance of essential wideness

                         we lose ourselves in mundane triviality

                         Conceptional greatness offers a goal

                         might help to lift one's depressed view

                         hardly will change someone's being

                         adding new pictures to the old ones

                         calming confusion by covering chaos

                         When someone's breath becoming short

                         stuffed up to the utmost bearable limit

                         falling on one's nose or being hit back

                         might cause reflections upon one's values

                         finally recognizing more essential needs

                         No space is left open to receive

                         if we don't drop some of the old

                         looking through collected possessions

                         we sort out what could be dispensed

                         to take some fair distance from oneself

                         Needs to express oneself arise cautiously

                         sensible call from one's longing heart  

                         still mixed with one's trivial old desires

                         it will be a long and solemn way to go

                         to be a channel of creative existence

                         Art is not a product nor exist by itself

                         it is true expression of 'walking the talk'

                         manifested personal effort in pain and joy

                         outlet of unconscious accumulated pressure

                         or alert awareness connected to one's source



                         5. Dec. 1998

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