Kermit in his tank top

adorned with a gown that is me

we settled down for the afternoon

going to catch some TV

he told me things that made me laugh

oh, he had many things to say

as he sat atop my pillows

he had me going for a while today

I love that stuffed friend of mine

he is such a kick you see

it kills me sometimes to look at him

he can inspire a poetic spree

he sits there like he is laughing

feet in the air and his mouth wide open

sometimes I wonder what he's laughing at

then sometimes I just grab my pen

he has a friend that goes by the name Chocolate

they make a pair don't you know

Chocolate is from the Beanie Baby Chocolate's

but his wealth he would never show

then there is my valentine bear

his little sweater with the red sequin heart

when I received him I just feel in love

he really won this old gal over from the start

these critters can make me feel not so alone sometimes

they add to the over all look of this room

animals stuffed on my bed or alive running around

that is the way I like it you might presume

so you see when there is nothing else to do

I just climb in bed and listen to the sound

my old buddy Kermit croaking at me again

we pass stories round and round

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