she's sitted all day by her room window

away from the others, a solitary figure

her hair glows like silver

a trace of sorrow on her face

the rocking chair eases up her pain

while she waits for someone

nevermore to come

was it just yesterday while doing up my rounds

I've come to know this old lady

and all her life story?

her husband was a soldier

fought, wounded and died in battle

just the two of them, she said

so young, no worries until he left to serve

the day he left he sang me a song

his voice I hear all those gloomy years

he promised to return

to wait for him he had me swear

years passed, memories linger

in the places we've gone, in the pictures we had

the songs we sang while he plays the piano

you see lady, so tell me now

if my brave soldier is coming home soon?

to tell her no would break her heart

so I said yes to strengthen her will to live

now everytime i see this dear old lady

rocking her chair, holding out her hand

with eyes sparkling and a quiet smile

I'll always remember the words she said:

can you hear it too?

this is what I've been waiting for

my brave soldier has returned after all

come listen, I can hear our music playing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's left of the happy memories of an old and dying woman.  Not an uncommon occurrence in the home for the aged.

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Travis Kuntz's picture

This poem is absolutely gorgeous. It sent chills up my spine.
Thank you so much for sharing this!

Violet Carolina's picture

I printed this one. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. : )

Ciara Shaver's picture

I really like this one, I can relate, I work in a Nursing Home, and I meet people everyday who ask me where their lovers have gone, why have they forgotten them and the like. Keep writing, you have a wonderful gift! Your Sister Ciara