Walking beyond Intention

                      The strength giving vision

                      is fading away after decades

                      endless road of struggling to do it right

                      After passing deserts of despair

                      I find myself still being alone

                      All intentions of self expression

                      to go beyond my limitations, -

                      personal belongings and needs

                      seem not possible to be fulfilled

                      *walking the talk* is all left to be done

                      One's ultimate expression on the *path*

                      might be the one of just *being*

                      without talking, writing or doing

                      just *being aware* of  *being alive*

                      *observing the observer observing*

                      Jumping over one's own shadow -

                      no need for this - not even trying

                      All intentions require imaginary goals

                      the center point is not determinated

                      *walking* doesn't depend on directions

                      Are my words reaching a final end?

                      Was I writing in solitude just for myself?

                      Giving answers to my own questions

                      pronouncing the unpronounceable

                      transcending void and abundance

                      As the last question dilutes in plenitude

                      what else could there be said? - - -

                      Tomorrow the sun will arise again

                      as it happened today and yesterday

                      is there anything more important than this?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Edited 13. April 2001

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Sara Knowlton's picture

Is it tough to ask yourself those questions? Goodness.. that was am excellent poem.. you've got a way with words.. and an awesome analytical nature. Very nice.