Angel Gardens

(for Michele, w/love)

Tender and forgiving

of past sins, long ago heartaches,

he loves, openly

she trusts, a new.

Building those sandcastles,

lending hope to futures


w/the tide’s

lunar rapture.

And still,

he rests

a gentle offering

before her supine form,

even as

she lets

those defenses down,

exposed to his whims.

Both rest,

waiting for each other’s


to fill

two empty souls

w/love and truth and hope,

away from life,

safe in sweet embrace,

content in Angel Gardens.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a very special lady.

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Chan Yinfun's picture

very sweet, romantic piece you have there. sends one's heart a flutter... =)

Damira's picture

leaves a gentle trace.....

Farah D's picture

passionate words..exquisitely woven! she is definitely a lucky lady! :-)