A Random Dream

Don't you know

It's hard to let you go

It's hard to say good-bye

No matter how i try

I wish I'd see you die

To see the passion in your eye

I wish I'd find you dead

To lay you across my bed

I wish I'd hear you cry

To kiss your tears and fly

I wish I'd smell your essence

Just to feel your presence

I wish I'd feel your skin

And take away your sin

I wish I'd taste your lips

And feel it in my grips

I wish you'd disappear

Forget you were ever here

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poetvg's picture

wonderful work :*)
on this poem this :*B
is my 2 favorite poem.

poetvg's picture

Hola im so gald i
read this poem it
was worth the reading
keep up all the great
work in the future :*).