To the Artists that do USO Tours


Copyright 6/2/00

Their lonely faces says it all.

They are here because their country called,

To protect our nation's interests abroad.

They do their jobs well, which we all laud.

They seem happy with wits that are quick,

Funning with their comrades to mask they are homesick.

Every letter from home, brings them close,

To the very things they miss the most.

The USO tours brings a special touch of home,

But even with your comrades-in-arms, you still feel alone.

You miss the wife's cold feet in the middle of the night,

Your son's crying out, when given a fright.

You miss the baby's first step, as she learns to walk,

Her first of many words, as she starts to talk.

Thanks to the artists that tour here,

For bringing a touch of home so ever near.

We thank you for giving up your time

To take us back home, if only in our mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A special thanks to some people that do so much for so many.  They bring a touch of home to those so far from home.  For this unselfish act of heroism and for these people that give so much of themselves, I dedicate this poem to you.

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Butch Lesley's picture

A nice way to honor a very deserving group of people.