Lose to Win

Song Lyrics

Whatever happened to that guy I once knew?

Told me he loved me when I didn't have a clue

Gave all he had and always got hurt

You know the one, or haven't you heard?

Refused again and again

For Sharing his feelings too soon on a whim

Sent me running afraid to give in

In the end the winners lose and the losers always win

Something happened between then and now

Won't give in or trust he doesn't know how

Don't know how to find him

Was searching for a while but nothing was found

Thought maybe for a second he might be back

There's no love there, he doesn't want to care

If you happen to run into this guy

The one that I speak of

Could you please tell him for me

That I will move on now

Without looking back

For if I keep letting him do this to me

Treat me this way

I will end up like him

Alone, without love

Without anyone to say.....

I love the way you make me laugh

Keep me warm at night

Wake up by my side

Care for me, as no one else has

Respect me, trust me, give me your heart

Reach deep down inside

If there's nothing left then you have nothing to hide

Stop taking without giving

You'll have more in the end if you do

I believe in you...I believe in you

You are me, I was you... but now I'm free, so you see...

I can't let him lead me to where I once was

Found myself, found love from within

So I can't give in

Am on the outside looking in

Too bad... I'm the winner, but I never win

This guy I speak of

A true loser, for he did win....for him

Has shown me once again

To love him is to leave him

Don't give in, don't give in

He's lost in limbo, will always love him

Hoping one day... just maybe he'll win to lose

Until then his love is just a memory, a dream I once had

Oh, and if you could also let him know I still love him

Just waiting for him to lose to win


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