Losing and Missing

Missing someting can lead you to insanity.

If you wish hard enough, you can still hear it speak to you.

And you some how feel that it's still around you.

And somtimes, when you sniffle and cry, you would hide your face because you dont want anyone to see you cry.

Because you dont want others to know,

Just how much pain you are feeling.

And just how much you are missing what once belonged to you.

(Artist, my doggy)

(Artist after a shave and a bath hahaha)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd like to say goodbye to my dog Artist. I hope that you can come home soon.

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John Fessel's picture

Very nice poem. Like the expressions in it. Thankyou for sharing this poem, and i look foward to reading more in the future.

tina yback's picture

this one i wanna put this here
I would've given you anything
Just to make you happy
Just to hear you say that you love me one last time
I'd go to hell back over and over again
Just to prove to you, how much I need you here
There is nothing that I wouldn't do
I cry for you… I lied for you
And there's no doubt that if I could take your place from heaven
I would die for you… yes I would
I would rather give up my life
Then to see tears in your eyes
I can't stand to see you cry