Forever in Time


You are on my mind

Day and nite, all the time

Wishing we had our own little world

That we could curl up in, that would be fine

Just waste away together, forever

Like two peas in a pod

We could make it full of beaches and water

Even design our own little hot rod

With you I could go anywhere

And be content with my surroundings

I could lift up all your worries and fears

And only love there we would find

Creating this world was quite difficult to do

But somewhere down the line

My life became full of you

I don't want to lose it

Would rather just know that you're with me

Forever in time


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For Kiwi

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hawksquaw99's picture

this is another wonderful read..... I am so glad that I am here reading the work you have poured your heart and soul into.... thank you for sharing this with us.... Renee'