There shall be no-one

No-one who knows

No-one who sees

No-one who comforts

If no man is an island

Why am I forced to stand alone?

Why do I feel separated

From those who "care" for me?

"BLIND! You are blind!" I scream

But they don't hear me

"DEAF! You are deaf!" I tell them

Yet they don't understand

How many times

Have I been forced to do this?

To stand alone



While the world goes on?

And I look back

To the times when I didn't feel broken, shattered

And I realize

I've always thought differently

I've always talked differently

I've always seen differently

Though it hurts now,

I will be able to carry on

For I've always been alone.

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running_with_rabbits's picture

k this is really morbid and sad for you and there is always someone
someone who you are blind too, whom you don't see seeing you, you are never alone, you just don't always see what is right infront of you

good job tho


Much Love


Vanessa Nieves's picture

This is a beautiful poem. I completely understand where you're coming from.

Vicki D's picture

Not my favorite... love ya always Vicki