Death is a scary thing,

it takes the things that are dear to you away from you.

Death is lurking around the corner,

maybe the corner up the street,

or maybe the a corner in your house that you refuses to look at.

As night comes,

you might be scared to walk through a street without a light,

for you fear death is hiding in the darkness.

And when you go to bed,

you stuff your little head under your blanket,

hoping it will protect you from no other than death.

Well, I pity you.

Death is not a scary thing,

it may take your dearest things away from you,

but all things have to go in the end.

Death, is no where near the corner,

it is not by the corner up the street,

or the corner in your house where you feel is errie.

As night comes,

you can walk down a street withought a light because there is nothing to be scared about!

because death is not hiding in the darkness.

And when you go to bed,

don't stuff your little head under your blanket,

for it will not protect you...

it may kill you...

it may show you...

the real meaning of D E A T H.

(may the angels keep you company)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Saying goodbye to a member of the NSS jazz band. C U in the next life StephenG.

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clarinetpsycho's picture

Well good poem. It has a very good point to it. I agree with the part that says death isn't a scary thing. And read my poem "Death".

Melvin Lee's picture

A poem of great indepth...and speaks volumes of truth and statements about this finale of life....Very evoking...and with that weaving intricate style of yours, MAvis....this piece simply SHINES... interesting theme... Smilesz.. Do read my poem: Coming For The Boy. it is also about death. ........

eltrue's picture

Very interesting ideas on death..I enjoyed reading this poem!! Eric True

People don't run out of dreams they just run out of time.