S p i d e r W e b

                A spider has chosen to live on my fork truck.

                On every day's morning when I start working

                there is the spider's beautifully woven web

                in the greasy hydraulic system in front of me.

                I try to drive carefully to not destroy the web

                but my busy attention is going further ahead  

                at the end of the day the web is gone.

                Next morning, as an every day surprise

                a new web is attached to the fork truck.

                This goes on and on during the whole week

                or has been for longer, not noticed before

                as the net was too near in front of my nose.

                What moves the spider building it's trap  

                at such a wrong place, just wasting energy?

                Looking at the happening in a different way:

                might it be that this is a 'message' sent to me

                telling me something? What could this be?

                A reminder of all the beauty around me?

                Truth so near and mostly has not been noticed?

                To enjoy reflections of sun in tiny drops of dew

                hanging in a fragile web beaming bright light?

                Isn't a spider web meant to be an effective trap?

                I never have seen an insect caught in this net.

                Is it similar to my work in the Internet Web?

                Years of trying to attract somebody - still going on

                Someone who might give attention to my writings  

                To receive something, freely coming from my heart

                To bring together, to connect the longing within.

                I tried again and again, being patient like a spider

                hardly receiving an echo from  fellow human beings.  

                Have I, for many years, just wasted energy in vain?  

                Although I do not catch anybody with my words

                it might be enough to weave a web of words

                expressing myself, giving space for dew drops

                that reflections of sun light might be seen.

                Maybe this is all that's possible and meant to be?  

                A few tiny drops, in limited time and space: Today!

                Then the web can be destroyed, it doesn't matter.

                During the night I can weave - writing another poem

                In the morning again 'sun light' might be reflected

                through subtle words in a fragile net of meaning. -

                Another message from the source within appeared!


                9. 2. 01

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The spider is still in the fork lift
with its every days net!
Some weeks later: The spider has given up!

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