Turn and toss

Sit up and lie down

Emotions and thoughts flooded the floor

Over the window sill

Crack the glass

Heat escaped from the worn body

Cold creeped from edges of the quilt

Shivering with unstoppable motions

Only time will numb the poor soul

Until nothing is left except icy cold

A frozen popsticle of unhappiness

Left alone in the freezer of life

Never been taken a bite off of

Sun never appeared

Dark clouds cried for the blue heart

For it shall be frozen for eternity

Until sleep falls to end its misery

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 15, 2001

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Jolee Carter's picture

Liked this one, also. Any sleepless night, could be as uncomfortable as being a popsicle. Never thought of that before, but good comparison.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Angel, I like all of your uses of description in this piece. Icy popsicles and freezer of life were specially good! Keep on writing, girl~!