To some people, I may seem weird and sick, just like those kids in the ads on t.v. and radio.

"Hi, my name is Mavis, and I dont know if I can take it anymore."

To my parents, I am just the same as I had always been, but quieter.

To my younger sister, I am the living dead that floats around the house on a sunny day with no expresions or any sound.

To my dog, who somtimes I feel is the only thing on earth that can make me even more unhappy than I am now.

Have you ever have your own dog bite your hand till it bleeds, or scratch your eyes out when your not watching?!

Well, I have that dog, that crazy dog that glares at me through the wall from the next room.

Funny, how my life ended up like this, no one would've guessed.

(the one and only EVIL dog) (he's actually yawning!)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem when I was in a poopy mood cuz of school. School's pressure's really getting to me...
oh n my dog is really not as bad as I wrote hehehe^^
he do occasionally give me a bite or 2 but not much.

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Jolee Carter's picture

Glad to hear your dog is not eating you alive. Thought they were supposed to be man's best friend. Your poem has more of a Stephen King flavor.

mellow's picture

Lol...i loved this one...its written in such a...oh well i just got a flash of pictures when i read it ^^ I can tell dog also is da devil...always fight with him bout food :D nah i know that feeling too good.....i wish it was caused by school :p highschool....highschool...perhaps i should take a look around there 2 hehe