for brenda jo

"Thank you for choosing Domino's Pizza,

This is Brenda, How may I help you?"


brenda dear, brenda dear,

for whom my love is always here.

i'd give you the stars,

i'd give you mars,

just say that you'll be mine,

until the end of time,

and i will call you "brenda poo"

my darling "beaker"

whose love is true.

brenda, brenda,

i love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for brenda, just because.

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Monk 13's picture

Mmmmm...I want pizza now, and I want you and Brenda to deliver it, wishful thinking I guess. This poem was so sweet, I likey it alot. Okay then bye bye now. Sincerely A genocidal pacifist with dandruff...ummm I mean Monk13

Starry Jean's picture

I don't know Brenda, but I like the poem a lot. It's so sweet and nice. If I lived in your area I'd order pizza from you and Brenda all day long!

Carrie Ulrich's picture

Nice and innocent... Makes me feel good ~ Thanks.