Take Me To the Moon

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What is Love?
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My Husband always told people he preferred Alexander, yet Alex C. was what he used on everything, he would introduce himself as Alex and everyone always called him Alex...until her. She called him "Alexander". 

What Am I To Make (Of Who I Am?)

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Looking down a road to bypass..

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A Corrupted Mind

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Originally posted on Candid.


Just made this up 2322 gmt 15/4/17

About a woman dealing with trauma of child rape contemplating suicide.

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Seven Sins

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The seven deadly sins resides in all of us....

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Cancer Coaster

The Rest
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This is about the fight I'm going through with my Mum.  I'm her primary carer and she has pancreatic cancer.  If you know nothing about it and are curious try  It is the least treatable type of cancer.  Only 20% of people discover it before it's spread because it causes few symptoms early that are not easy to write off to other causes.  Of those people with localised tumours, 1 in 5 won't be able to have surgery because major vessels are involved.  Of those who have surgery only about 20 percent don't die of complications, recurrence or spread in 5 years.  Don't ignore persistent indigestion, unexplained weight loss or unusual toilet habits.  Get checked out.

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