All I want for Christmas (adult content rated R)



All I want for Christmas, is you naked in my bed

Not you as just a fantasy, that's only in my head.

I want to explore your body, yes every single spot.

Because you are so beautiful, and so sexually hot.

I want to kiss your lips, and kiss you on the neck

And make you so damn horny, you cant wait to get me into bed

I want to squeeze your titties, so firm and yet so soft,

I want to go down on you, until I get you off.

You are the present, I want on Christmas day

The woman I make love to, in every possible way

You are the present, I want as my Christmas gift.

The present I wake to find, that I can play all day with.

I want to take your clothes off, like the wrapping on a present

I promise if you let me, you'll find it will be pleasent.

So... do you think,  that Santa, will grant me my only wish

I promise we can have a good time, and enjoy some sexual bliss!!!

All that it would take, is for you to just agree

For you to decide, you want to have sex with me!!!



PAUL (ChryWizard) POSNEY 12/24/2019

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for humor, because after all..

. isn't this what all guys want for christmas??? LOL

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That's no lie!!! ( NOTE: MATURE READING "R" RATING)

I'd love to explore every inch of you, whit hands, lips and tongue.
I'm sure You would enjoy it, I'd make sure you had fun.
I would look for all the places, that make you moan, and gasp alot.
And when I was finished, I'd do it again, just to make sure, I didnt miss a spot.
Softly, I'd kiss your lips, tender, easy, and slow.
Then, I'd kiss you passionately hard, then south my lips would go.
Down your lovely neck, to your perfect brests.
Then I'd take my time, but no way Would I rest.
I'd use my tongue to lick, first one nipple then number two.
As I suckle one of them, my hand plays with number two..
While my hand and fingers, pinch's, squeeze's and plays
After a few more moments, My lips are on their way.
Moving south and downward, is where they're going to stay.
As I pass your belly-button, my tongue licks it just to tease.
Then I am between your thighs, Now it's time to please!
My tongue goes to work, doing what it does right
You spread your legs open wider, so I fit between them perfectly right.
Then you feel the pleasure, that my tongue is giving you
You let out a moan and sigh, loving what I do.
Time ticks by so slowly, you dont know how long it takes
But then you feel the tingle, and your body starts to shake.
Then You gasp "oh my gawd it feels so good, yes I'm almost there!"
Then suddenly You feel the sensation, as you gasp a breath of air.
Then your hands take hold of my head, and you say that I must stop

But you know it's already to late, you're about to pop!
Your body goes electricity wild, as it starts to explode
You feel the rush and the wetness, as you spill your orgasmic load.
Then you pull me up to you, you look deep in my eyes,
 And you say, "I do love you, and sweetheart, That's no lie!"

 ©PAUL (ChryWizard) POSNEY 11/19/2019


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October's raring to get us high on sugar
with temperature falling


In an elevating freight elevator
I overheard a conversation between two adults


behind their ragged full grown beard
which could hide their faces


but failed to hide their
childish love for colorful things


They were discussing if
skittles were even considered candies.

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So Rich So Poor

I was once so god damned rich
Might be hard to understand
To have anything you wish -
No matter how large or grand

For many years I did own
In the heart of Beverly Hills
The very loveliest home
With all the finest of frills

Two acres and twenty rooms
Silk sheets gold plated brooms
Maids drivers and every tool
My life was easy and very cool

Then came the financial fire
Of two thousand and eight
I lost everything but my ire
For I saw the truth too late

Endless dominos were falling
Mandelbrot’s fractal chain
With human voices calling
In choruses of deep pain

I had my share of dominos
And debt to crooked banks
So I suffered mighty throes
And to them give no thanks

The descent was immediate
The depression hard to stop
It seemed that nothing fit
And everything was locked

Irony - pair of dice in human hand
I say looking down at Beverly Hills
Earning cash - giving sexual thrills
In the back of some stranger’s van

You say it could not happen to you
You are too smart - or this or that
But if it did - what would you do
To deal with the new set of facts

Could you - would you - should you
Where - how - when and how much
Who with - what’ll you have to do
And will you ever again find luck

There are so many questions
When you are totally broke
And too many indiscretions
Before it’s all writ and spoke

I was once so god-damned rich
And now I am so damned poor
If it wasn’t for those I’d miss
I’d say - I don’t want any more


Excuse me,

I am not trying to be rude

or acting obtuse.


But bear with me for a short little while,

and hop along for a common sense ride.


If you love our woman,

it will fill you with pride

despite my vulgar tide.


One cannot hate any woman

without hating oneself.


Just because we are kicked out of paradise

does not give one the right

to call a woman…


These vile decrepit names

our beloved woman are forced to bear

by knaves

without shame

in ignorance and self hate.


No sense or sensibilities

of wherefore they came.


I cannot repeat or remake

or else I will be branded

an ignorant angry disgusting mate.


I will be banned

from the poetic distribution stand,

and it is not because I am a man


The shameless conversation about


gang banging



About heroines we should appreciate

for our community sake.


It was a woman

who squeezed us from between her legs

after her vagina




then pop,

shooting us into to society's shop.


We came into being

in the womb of a woman.


Our first lesson we partake

in a pre-baby state

resonating through the hallowed halls

of her living uterine walls.


We heard her angelic voice

pervasive like a goddess

echoing from all corners of the domain

in which she reign.


It is the closes thing to God speaking

that we can proclaim.


We formed and developed

in the bowels of her flesh cave of refuge.

She persevered and persisted


after having her lips




Wrapped around her hips

then forcing out a crying basketball

from a small folded hole

the size of a very tiny bowl

beyond her sensitive vagina hall.


After 18 hours

of excruciating rhythmic screams

no one could ever miss.


Heart wrenching howls

of unstoppable pain.

To gain a small piece of eternity,

and to be counted as a link

in life’s continuous chain.


Everyone experienced the first sensation of light

after being pissed out of a female's crotch,

and emerging from a mother’s heavenly gate.


Birth from a cervical cavern

to experience a spiritual metaphoric transition.


Breathing the first breath of life,

then cut the lifeline

to the only heaven we new

losing the umbilical cord as we grew.


Savour the first smells

after her pussy exploded,

and pushed us from her blessed well.


Spend the rest of our life

trying to re-enter paradise;


as though the mating ritual

was a repetitive religious right

performed each and every night

in dim flickering candle light.


The path to heaven’s door

is a long double  twisting spiral ladder

each mated pair

must claim the journey they wish to share.


The farther we go

and the higher we climb

is the closer we get to the coveted prize

for there you will find “Narvana’s Grove.”


Where milk and honey flows

from twin mountain peaks

not far beyond our reach.


Just across the savanna,

down and up a small concave valley,

then over a hilly hump

before reaching the promised land.


Where a



hooded guardian stand.


To enter this forbidden land.

Where silken non green grass grows wild and free.

To savour the flowers from Eden’s secret garden,


and pluck the forbidden fruit

while fully ripe in due season

for loving a woman is pleasing.


A place where angelic songs from a divine maiden

falls like persistent rain in all seasons

perforating the air for a noble reasons.


Calling back home to her lost symmetric half’

like a lost key finding his respective lock,

to enter her heavenly clock,


and partake of womanly treasures,

making the rivers of life to come alive

for a very long time.


Causing her tick tock

to strike nine

many many times.


But don’t forget a deep gaze

into her two oval eyes

and be lost in her paradise,

for this is where we belong

if we be strong.


Leegal Poet


Wayne Ferron . All rights reserved @copyright   

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Aimless People

I must admit

I feel far too sick

to be out and about among the general


It's far too often that I'm out driving

and without any warning

I'll have to fight the urge

To urge my car off a bridge

Letting it sink like a shell

To the bottom of the ocean

When I see a hospital

I can feel my sensible side telling me

To check myself in

And never leave

When I fall in love

I want to warn the person

That they're wasting all their

Time on a maniac

Who'll eventually just off himself

I feel far too sick

to be out and about among

The general


And it saddens me that

I'm not the only



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suddenly you're this person, this 'adult'

and suddenly you're talking to younger persons

the way you remember grown-ups

talking to you when you were a kid

and it's all happening so fast

and it's all so scary and unknown


and suddenly you feel proud about your job

(even though it's nothing like you ever imagined)

even though the unfulfilled dreams of

what you originally 'wanted' to do

is all that fills your sleepy head at night

and sometimes you have nightmares

about never doing anything good

or artistic or honest

but they leave your mind as soon as you wake up


and sometimes suddenly you wonder what you're doing here

why are you setting an alarm

why are you checking your email

why are you dressing up for that meeting

why are you mixing too much sugar into your coffee


this isn't 'it'

this isn't anything


sometimes suddenly you remember those nightmares

sometimes all the caffiene you consume leaves you nauseous

sometimes you get sad and it makes no sense

to anyone else but you


and you want to run

and maybe hide

mostly just so the nightmares will stop

but also because you know you have

something to contribute

but you just

don't know what it is yet

goose pinple ariolas 9adult)

i want to count them with my tongue very very slowly.......... and kiss them one at a time for an hour....... take my time.. while you make me wait like a wonderful mistress, tatiana........while your girlfriend vanessa discipline me with her dildo........mmmmmmmm

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oil on her red nightie (adult)

tempt me......... oil on yor naked titties , i would be there to rub it all over you.......... i masturbate frantically........i want you see you and yrou girlfriend rub each other with hot oil............then we have threesome.............mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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