Nothing but a Fable

Happily ever after doesn’t exist.

Not when people like you also exist.

I bought myself a new suit of armor so you don’t drive another knife in my back.

I told the vendor to hold the stallion because human legs were never for aesthetic purposes.


I wanted to walk the face of the Earth with you using my own.

We would’ve walked more than a thousand miles together to chase the sun and avoid the night.

And I never needed to worry about my tired legs.

They built up a tolerance from walking in the coastal sand and helping me keep up with dirty dishes.


I told you about my demons and how quickly I am to care when I’m shown an act of kindness.

Mother always lectured me that no matter how small they may be, they are never in vain.

But there is such a thing as being too kind. There is such a thing as temptation.

The best of us cave in once, twice, or maybe more than that when we write in our diaries.


You were like such a book to me and I trusted you, but never did I expect that you’d defile my soul

By persuading me to partake in activities that I would never in my right mind do.

I should have recalled the fable of a girl who trusted a poltergeist that haunted a similar diary.

Had I not flee the moment I saw your true character, I would have joined her in death.


Looking back, I understand that diaries are the keys to starting fires and turning innocents into fugitives.

You can try with all your might to pry my mouth open to get me to spill any more beans

But my lips are staying sealed because I know who you really are and I finally learned my lesson.

You never exposed me. You only leaked a chapter that was part of a book you never read.


So why bother showing it to you knowing that my real friends and family will be endangered as well?

I know that a deluded man gambled away so much ammo to the vipers that he became a trainwreck.

I swear on my recurring nightmares that any answers to your questions will be used against me.

Truth and justice is a concept invented by people and after all, people do make mistakes.


God bless the right to remain silent.

Because even the condemned understand that its value supersedes a vault of gold

That the draconian blackjack dealers steal from the poor that desire to play with them.

Where was Robin Hood when I needed him most?


Flash forward to a single year and I’m now twenty-five with an art degree in hand.

I’ve spent all that time studying my ass off and avoiding the vipers that plague my past.

I was with my true friends who never give a shit about your deceit when I realized I never needed you.

Preparing for financial exams under the tutelage of a bright mathematician was like you never existed.


So the next time you see me, I won’t grovel on the pavement begging you to take me back.

Instead, I’ll look the other way and French kiss my new admirer in front of you.

Just to let you know that I changed for the better and you missed out on the life we could’ve had.

I am fortunate to understand that your absence last summer turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


I dare you to call me an idiot again!

I dare you to call me a chicken!

I dare you to say that I’m going down

While you hide behind the blackjack dealers that love you for show!


There’s always someone out there willing to give you a taste of your own medicine anyway.

How did it feel when even Discordia didn’t want anything to do with you?

Was it salty and sour like your attitude and your deceit?

Cavities caused by the consumption of these candies are a pain for dentists to fill.


And just like that, you disappeared from the face of the Earth again. Hopefully, for good this time.

You can erase your identity from the world, but you cannot erase the marks your venom left behind.

You may still be on my mind from time to time, but I don’t see you in a virtuous light anymore.

You are nothing but a fable.

My life, my freedom


My kingdom

My life

My truth

My love

My bubble

My world

My heart

My dreams

My soul journey


Your drama 

Your world

Your bubble

Is yours, not mine

Not my burden



I am free. 

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The cycle of civilisation,

Is moving on and on,

With the passage of time,

Darkness is defeated by the dawn!


The holy prophets did enlighten,

By at times forgoing own lives,

The bequest is still rampant,

As illumination drives.


Enlightening oneself is more vital,


As the candle burns for others’ survival!

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I’m somewhere,

In a different time

In a different place


I’m somewhere,

A different feeling

Lost in space


I’m somewhere,

Caught in the midst

Of everything I know

In all that exists

My limitations grow


I’m somewhere,

Exposed and valiant

Bright eyes; knowing


I’m somewhere,

Trembling and fierce

Hearts on shoulders; showing





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misery due to history


We are all born into our misery

This, due to our true history

Food locked up and stored away

Forced to do just what they say

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We all took a bite


Believing this our birthright,

Life gave us the apple, and we took a bite

Now we think we know what’s wrong, and what’s right

If you don’t believe me,

Which I suspect you might

Examine your own belief,

And tell me you aren’t right 

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Question your beliefs


Believe whatever you want,

Whatever you must,

Whatever you trust,

Whatever is just,

Just saying, don’t be in a rush

If you don’t take time to question,

You can be easily deceived

You’ll find yourself lost,

Not knowing what to believe

Trust me,

It’s not fun dancing with insanity

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Thought Revolution


What is wrong with the world nowadays?

Humanity living life in a daze,

So unwilling to question, so they obey.

What is wrong with the world nowadays?

Crippled by fear because the answers not clear,

Ignorance and hate run rampant.

If your perception is clear, don’t sit at the rear,

Stand up…Step forward…be present.

What is wrong with the world nowadays?

The close-minded seem to rule.

We have been told it’s wrong to question.

When in fact blind faith makes you the fool;

Ill listen to no further deception.

I pray at least you take one thing to heart,

For if we don’t stick together, we shall surely fall apart.

It’s time now,

No waiting for the world to end.

It’s time to wake up,


The thought revolution begins….

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The illumination


created by the


light of a


single candle


lives long after


it's wick has


turned to ash.





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Author's Notes/Comments: 

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