it’s getting pretty dark

too dark to surrender

or let your hand go


it’s getting pretty light

as I stand right here

and their voices fill me up


fitting how many times I almost cry

for the things we’ve lost

the things we never had

the beauty we are


and we are here

intent and exploding

fearless and pretty

shouting and whispering

laughing for all the years we have been hiding


just pull me through this

let me feel the crowd

without feeling the sting of the world


I thought I knew what pride was

standing next to you

in spite of it all

how it rose in me

when the hot air balloon inside of me expands

but here

ripping strength through me as we tear through the city

my god

it is fucking exponential

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/7/22

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There was no shot glass for my vodka when
I made it to the crossroads only to find it crowded.
Weathered anxieties stitched between my eyebrows
and it felt only right to hang them out to dry with today’s laundry;

the sun bleaching them as strongly as it reddens your skin.
My love, 
you have no clue how hard it was not to touch you. 

So I lean against the only bare wall in the room
with my fingers twitching to hold something,

but all the packs of cigarettes were empty 
and there was no castle of beer cans in the hall. 
If I raised my head I can see your

thin figure standing over the stove top

water to boil as the T.V. screen screamed like our parents did: 
You will burn in Hell for your sins! 

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The Amazing Hamilton


The Amazing Hamilton


A beautiful girl, named Hamilton B.


She went to the store, B. Hamilton shook.


Shock and awe, Hamilton could not believe it.


It was another, beautiful female.


Her name was Yuriah. They saw each other.


“Hello!”, said Hamilton. Much to her shock.


“Oh, hey!”, replied Yuriah blushing soft.


Two females star struck by their lovely gaze.


As Yuriah blush and Hamilton awe,


Their lips come together in strange appeal.


They sing and they dance all through the midnight


They laugh and they cry running side by side.


It comes to the end, the fade of their day.


“Yuriah, oh Yuriah, won’t you stay?”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I co-wrote this sonnet with a buddy of mine upon the request a young highschool girl. We thought, "Why not?" as we had nothing better to do anyway. 30 minutes late, this short was written.

I hope all readers enjoyed this and maybe chuckled a little.

Have a good one! :)