Tightrope (January day 18*)

sometimes I am

a tightroper

and from the sky I can see the ground

a warning in the form of

soft green earth


and yes I fall hard

but usually I am hoping

there is a net underneath

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/20/21 (I just started a new job- I'm trying okay)


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Red Flag (day 197)

I don’t want to be longing after

the green we could have lived

if you hadn’t slammed on the brakes.


It’s funny how this started out as searing third degree skin

and ended without even fading to black,

it’s funny how you took the same color I felt like a shock wave

and used it to fill in the stoplights,

I hate how you always drew inside the lines.


Should have seen it like a red flag,

shapes to make me stumble before I fell at your feet,

triangles that would have saved me

all this precious time.


From now on I swear

I will never sit in the passenger seat,

the brakes will feel all my choices like a jolt

even more than they felt your fear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/9/17

Red flag

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What's in a Name?



It’s amazing the amount of power someone can have over you


Simply by knowing your name.




They know your name,


They say your name,


They make your name their own.


They smirk your name,


They cry your name,


They whisper it, alone.




Be careful the next time someone asks you for your name,

For once you give it out, it is never yours again.




Confused and disoriented
Lost and feelin trapped,

Tune it all out

But the sounds of my pistols bustin back,

Fire flies from my hands

Like lightning bugs on the attack,

Spinners penetrate ur guts

And blows holes thru ur back,

U supposed to be a pimp

I dont see no mackin,

All i see is some bitches layin down,

After my twins stopped clackin,

Its all over now

Nothin left but a mess,

What chu expect

When u tried to top the best,

Better luck next time Bitch



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Chirp chirp, 

Squawk squawk, 

As soon as they get caught slippin

They be ready to talk, 

I'm just sittin back
Laughin at them dudes,
Let em come in 

And snatch what i am due,
I'm sick of them hatters
 The rats and friendly snakes, 

That will roll over like bitches

Just for some shake, 

Yall hate on hatters

If yall werent crashin,

I wouldnt be smashin.

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I know you can feel it,
My face is blood red,
Of what's to come I'll forget who I am.
You should have never crossed the line,
Respect is golden,
But now your mine.
Your spirit will be crushed with your tattered remains,
Just remember it wasn't me but the monster you made.
A flash,
I won't even remember what happened,
The demon returns while my emotions burn.
I try my best to not let this occur,
But it happens at times you've ruined what's pure.
So a warning is necessary,
Saving you from what may come,
If being humble means nothing to you,
Then the battle has already begun.

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Your Strength - Rictameter

Your Strength
Is being sapped
By new electronics
And by the bombardment of News,
Concentration is the key of your strength,
Stay away from too much knowledge
Too much News can hurt you !
And take away
your strength

(C) Elizabeth Dandy

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Goodnight To The Mountain

Ugonna Wachuku 



This climate change is terribly threatening! 

This global warming strikes at the soul of 

our earthly existence. We must act now, 

on this truly trying journey called life! 

All enchanting earthly education is needed. 


There is a smiling storm gathering in the east.
There is a weeping sea across the desert.
Rising waves beat against the beach.
Whispering winds call us to new beginning.
But we are still dancing. We are still dancing
to that music of freedom. We are still dreaming
when we should have woken up to protect and
preserve earth's dying environment!


There is a smiling storm gathering in the west.
There is an unknown sun setting tonight.
Then, let us wake up and build our battered planet.
Let us rise with the sun and say good-bye to hopeless
dreams of the night. Let us follow the whispering
wind's voice and find the beauty of this earth.
Let us watch the fig tree shed its leaves and know
that the season is near.


Remember, there is a smiling storm gathering in the
hidden handsomeness of this global warming. There is
a smiling storm gathering across those clouds of blue
and grey sitting in the north and south. So, when owls
hoot no more; when streams and waterfalls weep; when
you kiss me good-bye, remember to ask:
what is so good in saying goodbye?


There is a smiling storm warming itself up to kiss.
New flowers are sprouting. Gardens are blooming. So,
remember, when the sun says goodnight to the mountain,
darkness will light up the earth. Darkness will make us
see why we must keep this earth alive in love; with
tolerance and brotherhood!


When the sun says goodnight to the mountain, please,
my love, do not kiss me goodnight. Do not let me see
the fuming face of this smiling storm because our love
will outlive every monument of time. We will soar with
the eagles to new horizons of hope and oneness when the
sun says goodnight to the mountain!


Together, as one people, come, humanity, now is the
time to protect and preserve our beautiful, dying
environment. Now is the time to fight this deadly 

climate change and global warming! 


This climate change is terribly threatening! 

This global warming strikes at the soul of 

our earthly existence. We must act now, 

on this truly trying journey called life!  

All enchanting earthly education is






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Earth is our enchanting home! Let's take preservatory care of our earthly home! That deeply moving song titled "Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain" by South Africa's soulfully moving isicathamiya {a cappella} group: Ladysmith Black Mambazo - inspired me to write this soulful Goodnight to the Mountain to educate humankind on the urgent need to reverse climate change and global warming, anyway we can!