Monthly Archive for October 2002

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
My Mind Poem missmichelle 1 Oct 1st
Left Poem dis_konnected Oct 1st
Hello up there Poem dis_konnected Oct 1st
Gentle Morning Dew Poem hatter love Oct 1st
AUTUMN QUEEN FAIRY Poem ladydp2000 Children Oct 1st
THE HERE AND NOW Poem ladydp2000 romance Oct 1st
I WISH YOU MORE Poem ladydp2000 Being Loved Oct 1st
Show and Tell Poem lost_wench romance Oct 1st
Unamusing Muse Poem mhippychick 2 Fate/Destiny Oct 1st
Peace at last Poem munchkin Oct 1st
Made By Our Own Hands Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 Culture/Society Oct 1st
Hanging Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 3 Lost love Oct 1st
I Know Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 Life/Living Oct 1st
Haunted Poem onelilartist 1 Oct 1st
Orange Daylilies Poem onelilartist 5 Oct 1st
Huh? Poem poeterri 2 Oct 1st
In The Garden Poem hccgirl04 1 Oct 1st
White Wings, Black Heart Poem hccgirl04 2 Oct 1st
A Year Ago Today Poem hccgirl04 1 Oct 1st
A New York Minute Poem hccgirl04 1 Oct 1st
*Kamev * Poem poetvg 1 love Oct 1st
bad, bad, bad Poem raina_3 Oct 1st
why was this a hyperlink? come on. Poem raina_3 1 Oct 1st
Empathy ( For a child with Malignant Testicular Tumor) Poem shazi 1 Depression Oct 1st
Is this Loving? Poem shazi Lost love Oct 1st
Being With You Poem teresa 2 Oct 1st
(She Series - 3) Temporary Love Affair Poem twilight_stranger Bittersweet Oct 1st
So Sad The Heart Poem aspiringangel 1 Oct 2nd
100th Poem Poem missmichelle Oct 2nd
Rain Poem missmichelle Oct 2nd
**Folder Explanation 1** Poem bluecollarclay PostPoems Oct 2nd
**Folder explanation 2** Poem bluecollarclay Oct 2nd
**Folder explanation 3** Poem bluecollarclay PostPoems Oct 2nd
**Folder explanation 5** Poem bluecollarclay PostPoems Oct 2nd
**Folder explanation 8** Poem bluecollarclay PostPoems Oct 2nd
**Folder explanation 9** Poem bluecollarclay PostPoems Oct 2nd
Vietnam Poem bluecollarclay Reality Oct 2nd
Between the Lines Poem bluecollarclay Poetry/Writing Oct 2nd
TELL ME HOW? Poem emmenay Pain/Sorrow Oct 2nd
Ballet Poem mendy 2 Oct 2nd
SCENTED LIES Poem pangan_l_l Betrayal Oct 2nd
SUCCESSOR Poem pangan_l_l Change/Transition Oct 2nd
RISKY WATCH Poem pangan_l_l Collaboration Oct 2nd
CHRONIC BEAUTY Poem pangan_l_l Beauty Oct 2nd
ELEGY TO PLAGIARISM Poem pangan_l_l Danger Oct 2nd
Home-So-Called Poem perception Suicide Oct 2nd
5 Classic Haiku Verses Poem phil_carcione 1 Haiku Oct 2nd
Song * Thinking Of You * Poem poetvg 2 love Oct 2nd
* Poems Love Poem saiom 1 Oct 2nd
Don't Row Row Row Poem saiom Oct 2nd
Sparrows Stopped Squabbling Poem saiom Oct 2nd
Uncircumscribed Poem saiom Oct 2nd
* Poems Of Perfection Poem saiom Oct 2nd
* Random Poems Sheep Ship Etc Poem saiom Oct 2nd
Pieta Of Canada Poem saiom Oct 2nd
UNTITLED Poem serene 1 Commentary Oct 2nd
My Own Prison Poem teresa Oct 2nd
Realizations Poem twilight_stranger Acceptance Oct 2nd
Just a Loser Poem twilight_stranger Acceptance Oct 2nd
I love you just isn't enough Poem twilight_stranger 2 Unrequited Love Oct 2nd
FATHER! Poem vjochum 4 Acceptance Oct 2nd
Goodbye and Goodnight Poem bluecollarclay 1 love Oct 3rd
The Task at Hand Poem bluecollarclay Life/Living Oct 3rd
thee it tar Poem gemboy Oct 3rd
macy's parade Poem gemboy Imagery Oct 3rd
-Under Construction----Pardon Our Dust!! Poem kat 5 Oct 3rd
On the Edge (part two) Poem lost_wench Oct 3rd
Jasmine Marie Poem lost_wench Pets/Animals Oct 3rd
Agreeable Things Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
Disclosure Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
My Rose Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
She Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
Soulmates Forever Poem abob1717 1 Oct 3rd
To Us Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
8 Seconds Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
A Promise Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
First Date Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
Parting Glances Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
Promises Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
The Competition Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
True Love Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
Mixer Memories Poem abob1717 Oct 3rd
Discovery Poem onelilartist 1 Oct 3rd
WHAT WAS Poem onetear2007 Acceptance Oct 3rd
The Face In the Broken Mirror Poem onetear2007 Oct 3rd
Depracating Love Poem onetear2007 1 Acceptance Oct 3rd
The POison Hearted Poem onetear2007 Being Loved Oct 3rd
Prison Within Poem onetear2007 Strength/Courage Oct 3rd
JYVE Poem onetear2007 Hope Oct 3rd
Broken Mirror Poem onetear2007 Oct 3rd
Lost Too Soon Poem onetear2007 death Oct 3rd
Threw the Flames Poem onetear2007 Oct 3rd
What will Be Poem onetear2007 Oct 3rd
Hold you so tight Poem onetear2007 3 Oct 3rd
WHAT IS Poem onetear2007 Oct 3rd
Po'Black Poem raila 2 Race/Ethnicity Oct 3rd
My Ace-Boon-Coon Poem raila 3 Race/Ethnicity Oct 3rd
It Better Be Love Poem raila 1 Race/Ethnicity Oct 3rd
Memory - To Amanda Poem tom-hook 1 Oct 3rd
* Poems Of Hinduism III Poem saiom Oct 3rd
Slow Ma Poem saiom Oct 3rd
Premeditated Cold Judicial Murder With Pen And Gavel Weapons Poem saiom Oct 3rd
Supreme Court Scotched With Pens Poem saiom Oct 3rd
Puzzle Master Poem saiom Oct 3rd
Hugs Poem singmoriah 3 Oct 3rd
under construction Poem solasabah 2 Oct 3rd
BREAK DOWN Poem elliot_jordan2003 Comedy/Humor Oct 4th
How much can you pay? Poem giajl Military/Patriotism Oct 4th
The Bus Poem hhickson 3 Tributes/Odes Oct 4th
A Vixen's Fatal Touch Poem kenneth_ameigh 1 Dark Oct 4th
Reflections Poem kenneth_ameigh Life/Living Oct 4th
A NEW BEGINNING Poem ladydp2000 Comedy/Humor Oct 4th
WITH A PRAYER Poem ladydp2000 Devotion Oct 4th
LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL Poem ladydp2000 Comedy/Humor Oct 4th
THIS SPECIAL JOURNEY Poem ladydp2000 love Oct 4th
I Never Cried For My Father Poem ndtewarie 1 Oct 4th
I AM NOT A POET Poem pangan_l_l 1 Articles Oct 4th
WHY I LOVE MY CHILD Poem pangan_l_l 1 Celebrations Oct 4th
SHUTTING THE DOOR Poem pangan_l_l Anger NonViolent Oct 4th
WORLD ZOO Poem pangan_l_l Danger Oct 4th
Haiku--MAKE A MAGIC Poem pangan_l_l Change/Transition Oct 4th
Searching for the Quality of Life Poem phil_carcione Life/Living Oct 4th
What did I do wrong Poem poeticdevastation Abuse Oct 4th
5% Poem raila 3 Race/Ethnicity Oct 4th
Church Poem raila 5 religion Oct 4th
Mr. In-between Poem raila 3 Race/Ethnicity Oct 4th
This Is My Prayer Poem raila 6 Prayer Oct 4th
Africa Within Me Poem raila 2 Race/Ethnicity Oct 4th
Nursery Rhymes Poem raila 1 Comedy/Humor Oct 4th
Home Invasion Poem raila 4 Comedy/Humor Oct 4th
Mr. Green Thumb Poem raila 1 Lust Oct 4th
Buy Here Poem raila 1 Race/Ethnicity Oct 4th
Peeking Through the Blinds (woman's perspective) Poem raila 1 Pain/Sorrow Oct 4th
Question Poem raila 4 confusion Oct 4th
Dance With Me Poem raila 1 Sensualality Oct 4th
Strawberry Lagoon Poem raila 3 Sexual Oct 4th
* Poems To Neptune Poem saiom Oct 4th
Cricket Chorus Poem saiom 1 Oct 4th
Fragrance Frequents Poem saiom Oct 4th
Cry My Dry, Old, Cold Tears Poem TREXPATTON 1 Oct 4th
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS Poem 1978 Being Loved Oct 5th
ANGRY Poem 1978 Angst Oct 5th
[] أحبك يا ملاك القلب Poem asaihati Oct 5th
بن الأمين Poem esmat11211 1 Oct 5th
Aftermath & the Dying Man Poem giajl death Oct 5th
Thoughts From Another Day Poem pendersnatch Oct 5th
Did you ever think? Poem pendersnatch Oct 5th
Empty Poem imager 1 Oct 5th
Stay in My Dreams Poem imager dreams Oct 5th
Do You...? Poem imager 1 love Oct 5th
Incredible Love Poem imager 2 love Oct 5th
-The Fall Poem kat 2 Oct 5th
True Love? Poem leevmebe 1 Being Loved Oct 5th
5 More Classic Haiku Verses Poem phil_carcione Haiku Oct 5th
WetAssDaydream Poem raila 2 Sexual Oct 5th
* Poems Political Poem saiom 1 Oct 5th
Hansel and Gretel Poem saiom Oct 5th
Nonviolent Violets Poem saiom Oct 5th
October SunYellow Lanterns Poem saiom Oct 5th
Allah's Birds Poem saiom Oct 5th
How Jesus' Soul Came To Mary Poem saiom Oct 5th
Precognitive Dream Poem saiom Oct 5th
Loyal Oak Poem saiom Oct 5th
The Palestinian Poem saiom Oct 5th
Stupid Electronics Poem suzy86 Oct 5th
Remember When Poem suzy86 Oct 5th
Writer's Block Poem suzy86 Oct 5th
You and Me Poem suzy86 Oct 5th
I Cried Poem suzy86 Oct 5th
Untitled Poem suzy86 Oct 5th
One Moment Poem thapoet 2 Oct 5th
Celly Poem dolphin 4 Suicide Oct 6th
Existance Poem dragon 2 Escapism Oct 6th
MY BABY Poem elliot_jordan2003 love Oct 6th
Caen Poem firre_inside 1 War Oct 6th
Sculptures Of Clay Poem firre_inside 2 Oct 6th
doesn't it seem Poem gemboy Kiss/Kissing Oct 6th
bananas and chocolate Poem gemboy Kiss/Kissing Oct 6th
poem me Poem gemboy Poetry/Writing Oct 6th
home owner Poem gemboy Poetry/Writing Oct 6th
HALLOWEEN POTION Poem ladydp2000 Holidays Oct 6th
Wondering Poem lost_wench romance Oct 6th
forever more Poem meegsrascon 1 love Oct 6th
Determined Poem onelilartist 1 Oct 6th
Lottery Poem phil_carcione Addiction Oct 6th
My Serenity Prayer Poem rf11hjf Strength/Courage Oct 6th
Theft Poem roadgrog 2 Loneliness Oct 6th
TR and Pinocchio Poem saiom Oct 6th
Mother In Law's Tongue, Snake Plant, Sansevieria Poem saiom Oct 6th
Books Poem saiom Book Review Poetry Oct 6th
Robert Atkins and Michael Eads Poem saiom Oct 6th
LOVE IS THE MASTER Poem solasabah 4 Oct 6th
Malevolence Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Pain Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Time Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Trapped Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Wish Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Turmoil: episode 2 Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Fear Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
When Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Chaos Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Driven Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
High Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
a memory Poem tsagoi 1 Apathy Oct 6th
A Path Poem tsagoi Apathy Oct 6th
A Soul Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Broken Poem tsagoi 1 Oct 6th
Change Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Darkness Poem tsagoi 1 Oct 6th
Daydreams Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
End Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Isolated Poem tsagoi 1 Oct 6th
Lost Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Nothing Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Sometimes at Night... Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Strong Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
the rain Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Turmoil: episode 1 Poem tsagoi Oct 6th
Yep. Poem missmichelle 2 Oct 7th
Choose Poem missmichelle 1 Oct 7th
جلال الدين الرومى Poem esmat11211 1 Oct 7th
Quick Ditty Poem hhickson 1 Peace Oct 7th
That little girl part 2 Poem leevmebe 1 Anger Violent Oct 7th
An Open Book Poem lost_wench 1 Oct 7th
Beautiful Blue Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 sadness Oct 7th
Waiting Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Bittersweet Oct 7th
A Photo Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 Peace Oct 7th
A Lie Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Other Oct 7th
Ranting Once Again Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Other Oct 7th
Red eye thong Poem oh_so_odd Oct 7th
live the life i so long to die Poem oh_so_odd Oct 7th
Premonition of Death Poem phil_carcione death Oct 7th
See Love Poem raila 1 Hidden Love Oct 7th
Fuck Viagra (part 1) Poem raila 2 Lust Oct 7th
Secrets Poem raila 3 Hidden Love Oct 7th
Orgasm Poem raila 5 Sexual Oct 7th
This Is Fate & U know It Poem raila 8 Fate/Destiny Oct 7th
Lyrical Vagina Poem raila 4 Sexual Oct 7th
Lawd's Name in Vain Poem raila 3 Comedy/Humor Oct 7th
Omelette & Hashbrowns (ebonified) Poem raila 2 Comedy/Humor Oct 7th
Thoughts of Today: 10/2/2002 Poem scorpion1977 Commentary Oct 7th
The Captain and I Poem scorpion1977 Fate/Destiny Oct 7th
this is Poem sirknight Fate/Destiny Oct 7th
Listen In Poem taoist 1 Oct 7th
My Unstable Heart Poem teresa 1 Oct 7th
Emptiness Poem teresa 2 Oct 7th
Crimson Death Poem tsagoi Oct 7th
Because I'll Never Be Happy Poem twilight_stranger 1 Hate Oct 7th
My Knight in Shining Armor Left Poem blumentopf 1 Oct 8th
My Knight in Shining Armor Came Poem blumentopf Oct 8th