Monthly Archive for September 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
IN TRANSITO Poem myrataal Sep 1st
What happened!!! Poem chick20a00dee friendship Sep 1st
Where Are You The One I Love!! Poem chick20a00dee love Sep 1st
OM N NARTJIE TE SKIL Poem myrataal Sep 1st
DIE RAGFYN ARIADNE Poem myrataal Sep 1st
SY STAP OOR HEUWELS Poem myrataal Beauty Sep 1st
MEERMIN Poem myrataal 2 Goodbye Sep 1st
HAIKOE: STILTE en SKOONHEID Poem myrataal Sep 1st
Through the Trees Poem imager Sep 1st
MY PERS VRIENDIN Poem myrataal friendship Sep 1st
HAIKOE: BOOM-ETS Poem myrataal Sep 1st
KINDWEES VERKLANK Poem myrataal Children Sep 1st
WISSELWIND Poem myrataal Sep 1st
FEESNAG Poem myrataal 1 Sep 1st
GRANAAT Poem myrataal choices Sep 1st
HAIKOE: LIEFDE Poem myrataal 1 love Sep 1st
HAIKOE: VERLIES Poem myrataal Haiku Sep 1st
HAIKOE: SKEPPING Poem myrataal Sep 1st
HAIKOE: SEISOENE Poem myrataal Sep 1st
HIERDIE ROOS Poem myrataal romance Sep 1st
GEDAGTES VIR ONTHEEMDES Poem myrataal 1 Sep 1st
THIS ROSE Poem myrataal Sep 1st
The right way Poem imager Sep 1st
VIOOLTJIE-VROU Poem myrataal sadness Sep 1st
Campfire Gathering Poem pudnsis1 3 In Memory Sep 1st
LILA-LIED Poem myrataal New Love Sep 1st
VERSVARIANTE VAN PERS Poem myrataal sadness Sep 1st
MY BLOUPERS SNOER Poem myrataal Sep 1st
Hi World! Im Here. Poem pudnsis1 Change/Transition Sep 1st
PERS VERS Poem myrataal Loneliness Sep 1st
WELKOM TERUG Poem myrataal Bittersweet Sep 2nd
MONA LISA Poem myrataal 2 Beauty Sep 2nd
FAMILIEKERKHOF Poem myrataal family Sep 2nd
Will You Love Me?? Poem chick20a00dee love Sep 2nd
IF I WERE EIGHTEEN ONCE AGAIN Poem ladyhawke regret Sep 2nd
THE WHISPER Poem ladyhawke love Sep 2nd
THE FIGHT WITHIN Poem ladyhawke 1 Depression Sep 2nd
LENTE IS Poem myrataal 1 Sep 2nd
RESURRECTION Poem ladyhawke 1 Change/Transition Sep 2nd
TOGETHER AS ONE Poem ladyhawke 2 Being Loved Sep 2nd
LOVING THOUGHTS Poem ladyhawke 3 Soul mates Sep 2nd
"Good Night" Poem DaddyO sadness Sep 2nd
LAPPERLIEFIE Poem myrataal 1 Children Sep 2nd
Shards of My Life Poem onelilartist Loneliness Sep 2nd
Ashes to Ashes Poem onelilartist Unrequited Love Sep 2nd
Unwanted Poem missmichelle Sep 2nd
KLOK Poem myrataal 2 Bittersweet Sep 2nd
ESSENCE OF LOVE Poem ladyhawke Soul mates Sep 2nd
Jumping Off A Bridge Inside Poem missmichelle Sep 2nd
Like Being Dead Inside Poem missmichelle 1 sadness Sep 2nd
3 AM Poem Sol Depression Sep 2nd
Aurora Beyond the Dawn Poem frogtoprince Sep 3rd
I Miss You Poem hccgirl04 3 Sep 3rd
VROU IN N WOUD Poem myrataal 2 dreams Sep 3rd
My Heart Melts Poem hccgirl04 Sep 3rd
Together Poem hccgirl04 Sep 3rd
STILLBORN Poem myrataal Sep 3rd
When You Smile Poem ugonna Beauty, Contentment, inspiration, love, power, upliftment Sep 3rd
A LOVE SONG Poem vjochum Beauty Sep 3rd
VISIT TO THE ICEMAN Poem myrataal death Sep 3rd
IMMORTELLE Poem myrataal 1 Sep 3rd
EVERLASTING DAY Poem myrataal 1 Acceptance Sep 3rd
Give You Poem hccgirl04 1 Sep 3rd
Death Poem twilight_stranger 1 death Sep 3rd
Awakening Poem ugonna 19 Christianity, Faith, glory, heaven, Hope, humankind, inspiration, joy, love, meaning, religion Sep 3rd
MYTHS INTERCEPT ME Poem myrataal 1 family Sep 3rd
Make Me Whole Poem ugonna 8 Acceptance, Faith, Hope, joy, plea, Prayer, soulful Sep 3rd
SCENT OF CHERRY Poem vjochum 6 Beauty Sep 3rd
shattered dreams Poem bettieblue sadness Sep 3rd
THE SILVER GIFT Poem myrataal 1 death Sep 3rd
DANCE OF THE HOURS Poem myrataal love Sep 3rd
NEBULAE Poem myrataal religion Sep 3rd
Last Dance Poem ugonna 10 Change/Transition, humankind, love, renewal Sep 4th
A New Bitch Poem starlite_angel Lost love Sep 4th
Yesterday I Cried Poem starlite_angel Sep 4th
Sa Pagsibol ng Pagasa Poem serene work Sep 4th
A Poem For Daddy Poem starlite_angel Abuse Sep 4th
Judgment Poem onelilartist 3 Commentary Sep 4th
I KNOW MY NAME Poem myrataal 1 family Sep 4th
GEBEDSNOER Poem myrataal Betrayal Sep 4th
With you Poem oh_so_odd Sep 4th
If I Could Talk Poem chick20a00dee Compassion Sep 4th
Aishite mo ii kai? Poem twilight_stranger 3 love Sep 4th
MIDWINTER: HEROLDSBAAI Poem myrataal 1 Pain/Sorrow Sep 4th
Untrue Friendship Poem twilight_stranger Betrayal Sep 4th
Island Poem TREXPATTON Anger Violent Sep 4th
The Road Poem ugonna Beauty, Care, Creativity, Hope, humankind, inspiration, Journey, Life, love, meditation, one another's keeper, Peace, relationship, spiritual, vision Sep 4th
Upon A Far Lament Poem pluguan Acceptance Sep 4th
A Big Mistake Poem onelilartist Other Sep 4th
Sing me a Song Poem ugonna 6 beckoning, Encouragement, Hope, Humanity, inspiration, joy, live, love, nature Sep 4th
The Letter Poem ugonna 3 Africa, Compassion, Creativity, Economy, education, electricity, global, Good Governance, healthcare, human rights, humankind, innovation, love, mercy, Nigeria, Peace, prosperity, public transportation, security, sustainability, Sustainable Development, World Sep 4th
Window in the Dark Poem ugonna Commentary Sep 4th
Share the Dream Poem ugonna Brotherhood, climate change, Earth, farming, friendship, harvest, Hope, Humanity, love, rural Sep 4th
DISCOVERING EDENS Poem emmenay Other Sep 5th
TWILIGHT THOUGHTS Poem emmenay sadness Sep 5th
THE HAUGHTY WIND Poem emmenay Ghazal Sep 5th
TIRED Poem emmenay Pain/Sorrow Sep 5th
The Moment I Loved You Poem onelilartist 3 love Sep 5th
ONLY HE KNOWS Poem emmenay religion Sep 5th
How words can hurt!! Poem chick20a00dee Other Sep 5th
Why / Alone Poem chick20a00dee 2 Suicide Sep 5th
MY MIDDELEEUSE LENTEHUIS Poem myrataal Seasons Sep 5th
HAIKOE: DROOGTE Poem myrataal regret Sep 5th
I HOPE SO Poem emmenay Other Sep 5th
TO A LOVELY CREATURE Poem emmenay 1 Other Sep 5th
IN THE DARK Poem emmenay love Sep 5th
ON PAKISTAN'S 54TH INDEPENDENCE DAY Poem emmenay Pain/Sorrow Sep 5th
THE PARACLETE Poem emmenay religion Sep 5th
THE DELUGE Poem emmenay Nature/Environment Sep 5th
THOUGHTS ON AUGUST 14, 2001 Poem emmenay sadness Sep 5th
JUST FILL MY GOBLET O MY SAQI (A translation) Poem emmenay Ghazal Sep 5th
WILL YOU MY DEAREST? Poem emmenay 1 Bittersweet Sep 5th
TO YOU, MY DEAR FRIEND Poem emmenay inspiration Sep 5th
WAS IT A DREAM? Poem emmenay Hidden Love Sep 5th
WHO WILL UNDERSTAND? Poem emmenay 2 Bittersweet Sep 5th
THE ENDING Poem emmenay Other Sep 5th
THE LIGHT OF ALL WORLDS Poem emmenay religion Sep 5th
THE DISCO QUEEN. Poem emmenay In Memory Sep 5th
THIS PLACE IS NEITHER YOURS NOR MINE Poem emmenay 1 Ghazal Sep 5th
RELATIONSHIPS Poem emmenay Pain/Sorrow Sep 5th
FLASHBACK Poem emmenay Pain/Sorrow Sep 5th
MYSTERIOUS WAYS Poem emmenay romance Sep 5th
GOD AND MAN Poem emmenay Other Sep 5th
SEEKING SAFETY Poem emmenay Pain/Sorrow Sep 5th
SHAZI Poem emmenay friendship Sep 5th
DIANA; THE PRINCESS OF HEARTS Poem emmenay In Memory Sep 5th
WHEN SHE SURPRISED ME Poem emmenay Bittersweet Sep 5th
WHAT A SIGHT!!! Poem emmenay Beauty Sep 5th
MUHAMMAD ALI VS HENRY COOPER Poem emmenay 3 Sports Sep 6th
THIEVES Poem TREXPATTON Betrayal Sep 6th
When? Poem hushbaby Depression Sep 6th
Obtaining the Unobtainable Poem pudnsis1 3 Poetry/Writing Sep 6th
My Secret Poem hushbaby 1 Sep 6th
this body... Poem andshedied 1 Other Sep 6th
THE WORSHIPER AND THE DEVOTEE Poem emmenay 1 Apathy Sep 6th
Feelings Poem Sol Unrequited Love Sep 6th
Frozen Poem Sol death Sep 6th
You Should Be Sorry Poem Sol Anger NonViolent Sep 6th
A Place On Earth Poem Sol Nature/Environment Sep 6th
Last Day Of Freedom Poem Sol 2 death Sep 6th
River of Tears Poem Sol 6 sadness Sep 6th
Alone Poem Sol 12 Suicide Sep 6th
Obvious Poem hushbaby Sep 6th
Back Burner Poem hushbaby 1 Loneliness Sep 6th
Angels in My Rafter Poem gentle Angels Sep 6th
DESPAIR Poem emmenay Ghazal Sep 6th
WISH Poem emmenay Other Sep 6th
TO NOOR JAHAN Poem emmenay Tributes/Odes Sep 6th
VIEWS ON THE DAY'S NEWS Poem emmenay Culture/Society Sep 6th
VOICES OF THE HEART Poem emmenay inspiration Sep 6th
WHAT REALLY MATTERS Poem emmenay love Sep 6th
WHEN TIME STOOD STILL Poem emmenay love Sep 6th
WHERE ARE WE GOING? Poem emmenay religion Sep 6th
WHY O GOD? Poem emmenay religion Sep 6th
WINTER Poem emmenay Other Sep 6th
WISHES Poem emmenay 1 inspiration Sep 6th
YOUR SMILE Poem emmenay 2 love Sep 6th
A SONG OF YOUTH Poem emmenay 1 Lost love Sep 6th
DON'T DISTURB ME, PLEASE... Poem emmenay Pain/Sorrow Sep 6th
ARE WE LIVING? Poem emmenay 1 Other Sep 6th
BLACK AND WHITE Poem emmenay 1 Reality Sep 6th
BY THE RIVULET Poem emmenay 1 romance Sep 6th
TO SHAKESPEARE Poem emmenay Other Sep 6th
THIS WORLD IS NOT FOR ME Poem emmenay Apathy Sep 6th
TIME Poem emmenay 5 Change/Transition Sep 6th
Dialog Poem TREXPATTON 1 love Sep 6th
Enchanted Poem TREXPATTON 1 Beauty Sep 6th
The Narrow Man Poem TREXPATTON Haiku Sep 6th
TO A CANDLE Poem emmenay Other Sep 6th
Happy! Poem TREXPATTON 1 Happiness Sep 6th
TIME'S SWAY Poem emmenay 1 Bittersweet Sep 6th
Grant Me Poem TREXPATTON 2 religion Sep 6th
TO DENISE LEVERTOV Poem emmenay Other Sep 6th
TO MY AUNT KHALAJAN Poem emmenay 1 Tributes/Odes Sep 6th
TRIBUTE TO MY MOTHER Poem emmenay Tributes/Odes Sep 6th
THOUGHTS ON A NEW YEAR'S EVENING Poem emmenay Culture/Society Sep 6th
untitled6 Poem raina_3 Sep 7th
Relics of Yester- Year Poem milaamo 1 Change/Transition Sep 7th
Dont Try to be ME Poem starlite_angel 1 Sep 7th
EVA MANNING Poem pudnsis1 2 Short Story Sep 7th
this disease Poem raina_3 Sep 7th
farther Poem raina_3 Sep 7th
I Try Poem tibult Sep 7th
A Reason of Reality Poem pluguan Acceptance Sep 7th
Golden Knowledge Poem psycholady Hidden Love Sep 7th
Sweet Dream Poem psycholady Irony Sep 7th
Untitled Poem the2ndepic1 Bittersweet Sep 8th
WHEREVER YOU MAY FIND ME Poem terry 1 religion Sep 8th
If Poem the2ndepic1 Depression Sep 8th
Wherever You Lead Poem ugonna Appreciation, believe, Encouragement, Faith, grateful, gratitude, Hope, humankind, light, love, loyalty, praise, Prayer, Reflection, spiritual, Thanksgiving, worship Sep 8th
WELKOM LENTE Poem myrataal 2 Nature/Environment Sep 8th
DONKERMAN SE LIG Poem myrataal Acceptance Sep 8th
Nobody Loves Me Poem ugonna 15 anger, Bird, climate, conservation, destruction, Earth, Environment, forests, nature, nonviolence, plea, sustainability Sep 8th
Come With Me Poem ugonna 3 Care, friendshipe, goodness, time Sep 8th
Land of the Eagle Poem ugonna believe, Care, Commitment, Faith, Hope, inspiration, Life, power, vision Sep 8th
Take Me Home Poem ugonna desire, humankind, Life, longing, love Sep 8th
Within Poem twilight_stranger Endurance Sep 8th
Box of Memories Poem imager 2 History/Past Sep 9th
An End Poem lillep 2 death Sep 9th
Hidden In Your Mind Poem starlite_angel Celebrations Sep 9th
You Say Be Happy? Poem starlite_angel 3 Sep 10th
I Wake Up Early Poem Valhjim 1 love Sep 10th
Someday Poem Valhjim death Sep 10th
New Love Poem Valhjim New Love Sep 10th
Rake Day Poem pudnsis1 Nature/Environment Sep 10th
The Brave Poem hhickson Tributes/Odes Sep 10th
the dreamer, the faker, the.... Poem andshedied 2 Apathy Sep 10th
Our Children Poem Valhjim Children Sep 10th
"She Told Me Forever" Poem DaddyO 1 love Sep 10th
the poet Poem andshedied 1 Apathy Sep 10th
Learning Poem angelcrane Acceptance Sep 10th
The Lesson Poem tylerbaptiste Drugs Sep 11th
PEOPLE POWER Poem serene History/Past Sep 11th
Visionary's Maze Poem frogtoprince Sep 11th
Worthless Poem tylerbaptiste Depression Sep 11th
Attacks On The World Poem starlite_angel 3 Sep 11th
I Dont Understand Poem milaamo love Sep 12th
Accident - Pt. 2 Poem onestrueheart Danger Sep 12th
Screwed Poem devin Song Lyrics Sep 12th
BAD DAY IN MANHATTAN Poem terry Angst Sep 12th
Here I am Poem hhickson Protest Sep 12th
Accident - Pt. 1 Poem onestrueheart Danger Sep 12th
Look Poem devin Song Lyrics Sep 12th
Life show Poem devin Acceptance Sep 12th
Pure Poem devin Song Lyrics Sep 12th
Gone Poem milaamo 2 Anger Violent Sep 12th
911 Incident Poem angelcrane 1 death Sep 12th
And This Is The End Poem milaamo 3 death Sep 12th
MISSED CHANCES Poem pangan_l_l Sep 12th
Accident - Pt. 3 Poem onestrueheart Danger Sep 12th
I'll Still Have You Poem milaamo 3 love Sep 12th
Dirty Laundry Poem milaamo 2 Depression Sep 12th
Brown Sugar Poem milaamo 4 Beauty Sep 12th
Accident - Pt. 4 Poem onestrueheart Danger Sep 12th
Missing Me Poem milaamo Lost love Sep 12th
I Died Poem milaamo Depression Sep 12th
My Hate Towards Love Poem milaamo 1 Depression Sep 12th
Just Pretend Poem milaamo 2 Fantasies Sep 12th
DEFECT Poem milaamo 2 Change/Transition Sep 12th
One Thousand Words Poem milaamo 4 Poetry/Writing Sep 12th
Into the Gutter Poem starlite_angel Addiction Sep 13th
Hurt without Pain Poem imager 7 Depression Sep 13th
Terror From The Sky Poem ecw sadness Sep 13th
just like me Poem bettieblue 2 Betrayal Sep 13th
How do you tell a Child Poem hhickson Tributes/Odes Sep 13th
Compassion for a Nation Poem gentle Compassion Sep 13th
Sirens Poem frogtoprince Imagery Sep 14th
Mourn of Destuction Poem pudnsis1 1 Devastation Sep 14th
Lecture Hall Poem angelcrane Change/Transition Sep 14th