My Hate Towards Love

Stuffed my face in my pillow.

Tore at all my hair.

Clawed the mattress beside me.

You're not there.

Rage is hell bent inside me.

Oooh, I hate you so much.

I don't wanna spend my life,

Wanting your touch.

That I can't have when I want,

Where I want,

And how I want it from you.

Are my emotions a fucking game?

I guess they are to you.

Because you don't care if you hurt me,

As long as you get what you want.

Don't care if your kiss decieves me,

And forever be my haunt.

I hate you.

I can't hit you.

Raise my hand...

It'll want to hug you.

Raising my voice...

Only want to love you.

To cover up my scars.

So thanks for helping me.

Giving me that one last shove.

The men after you will thank you,

For my hate towards love.

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hawksquaw99's picture

I am just out and about in the halls here of post poems.... and thought I would check out some of the new stuff.... I really liked this... really packed with emotion.... strong message.... and it is hard to not want to give in to someone we want to love.... keep posting.... this was great.... Renee'