You Say Be Happy?

How  can you say the things you do to me?

When you don't know the world I've come to see?

When you've alwasy had the perfect family

A mom,a dad, that will love you until eturnity.

My mom she's great my step dad too

But you've never had the pain the way that I do.

You get mad when you don't get what you want

But I have worse things that seem to taunt.

You try to understand  but you never felt my pain

You try way to hard it's driving me insane.

You said your sorry, that I don't have the perfect dad

And that my life has been nothing but bad.

But what you don't see

Is that I am happy.

I grew  up with a mom and a step dad that loves me

They helped me up when I fell and skinned my knee.

It was my real dad that that brought me down

That made me always sport a frown.

But I've moved on,

I'm not as unhappy as the picture you have drawn--

For me.

Take a look and see?

For me, you want to feel bad

But just to let you know it pisses me off just a tad.

I'm happy, your trying to be there for me.

but can't you just drop it and let it be?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok i have  A mom and a Step dad and a brother that  all love me.. some people only see the pain that i sometimes go thru and went thru before with my Biological father. But I AM HAPPY, I'm not that much of a mess  as some  choose to see me and feel pitty for me I'm touched but i don't need your pitty, I'm fine with you jsut being my friend! Thanks!

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Mike G Gaines's picture

yeah isnt it strange that thing that so many feel sorry for you cos you dont live in what the world calls the idealic family. and ppl seems to think that everyone needs help cos of a situation they have made up thereselfs in their own head. its so crazy like i lost my mom when i was 13 and ppl still says i am sorry that you lived your youth wihthout a mom and why i mean it have went on pretty good actually i like the poem and by the way you write better then me, keep on going with tha good work

Someday Soon's picture

Hey Robin....You know I feel ya on this one (We been there)for real...we in the same boat...and Im totally with ya...Im here for and always...we are the surivors. Faith/Friendship for life. Luv Ya Lots Jenn.

Reco Humphrey's picture

very thought provoking. I loved it. It's nice to know that some people have a cool step dad and are happy. Mine isn't the greatest (he gets on my nerves alot) but he has always been there for me and instilled some great values in me. Keep up the great work