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South Africa

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I'm a P-Person: Purity, People, Places, Plants, Philosophy, Planning, Pondering, Probing, Problem solving: thus, Play AND Plough; Practice AND Preach!(lol)
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I was taught by the Sun that shining is fun! God gave us Life as a gift; pain is allowed ... to surprise us with spiritual growth and creative solutions... so that we may smell the sun. My five children are the sunbeams which light up my life; reflecting His joy and His abundance.

On the internet you must be willing to lose your privacy; you must harness yourself against abuse; you must shun dishonesty and you must be bold and brave. The internet is the ultimate war between Darkness and Light. The Internet keeps me humble and mirrors my true self ...

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Old as the Sun; young as a Rose

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''We travel, even whilst the earth is sleeping'' Khalil Gibran


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