A Poem For Daddy

You said I was stupid more then one time

You hurt me making me write this fucked up Rhyme

You say that I'll never learn

That it'll always be my day to burn

You said that I was a mistake

But you know I'm your daughter for fuck sake

Your suppose to hold me up but insted you pushed me down

I never smile I always frown

You say I'm shit, that I dont belong

And everything I did it always turned out wrong

You say you love me through slerd tongue

I'd pick up the pieces of the glass that you flung

The screaming the yelling, I'm scared so I run

You do the same but to you it's in good fun

Your drunk once again,oh what a suprise

But cant you see the tears in my eyes?

The pain you cause in me will never parish

Not one moment of it do I charish

Your voice in my ear rekindles the pain

Not hearing your words kept me sane

Daddy please dont call me, daddy say goodbye

I cry to your voice everytime you lie

Your drunk all the time, you never seem to stop

Any they wonder why theres no surprise everytime you blow your top

Daddy I'm  grown up now,I'm almost out of school

Maybe you would have known that if you wernt so fuckin cruel

What the fuck do you know about me?

You don't know shit, so just let it be

I've grown up with out you it wasnt even hard

Even though you left me emotionaly scarred

You wonder why I don't care when I miss your call

Not talking to you, it doesnt hurt me at all

I don't respect you, why the fuck should I?

Each time it's a story, some fucked up lie

You fucked up your life so you fuck mine too?

But this is a poem ment for only you

Don't worry dad I love you too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where to start? About my father and I, he hates me and well I hate him too, no I don't hate anyone..strongly dislike would be better We faught, he drank way tooo much everyday he was drinkin, and  he wasnt a happy drunk I shall not be the first to say this, even though I know from experience. Cruel maybe, true? yes, the worlds a fucked up place just need to learn how to deal with it.

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