Compassion for a Nation


Remember when we wished we were Superman

And we believed we could fly

We were more than just an ordinary man

We could soar across the sky

Remember when a sheet was a long red cape

No hill was too high to jump

No walls or fences could prevent our escape

Nothing could cause us a bump

X-Ray vision could see through a cement wall

So we could prevent the crime

With super hearing buried victims could call

To come save them just in time

If only someone could have overheard our plea

And made us invincible

Then we could stand so strong and able to be

Wholly indestructible

When great evil comes to destroy the planet

They would not have a prayer

To highjack the innocents in a great jet

And murder them in the air

Because we would be there to turn them right round

Before they caused deep sadness

And we'd carry those planes safely to the ground

To stop the pain and madness

If childish dreams were cool and our wish came true

Would this horror be right here

Would we be cowering to hide from the view

Of death, destruction and fear

So now we know that God has another plan

All of us who need to share

The true fact is we cannot be Superman

But the world still knows we care


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a nation under siege & all those who lost theirs lives & loved ones from a Canadian who cares.

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