Monthly Archive for August 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Murdered for eating a popsicle Poem randyjohnson 1 Abuse, Dark, death, Murder, sad Aug 1st
I Got a Rise out of You Poem sivey01 Aug 1st
Should You Lead Me Into Love Poem new_wave_franky love poem Aug 1st
T Poem sivey01 Aug 1st
Maybe I'll wake up on an island... Poem seederekrun Aug 1st
State of Mind Poem mibella_jeze Aug 1st
Becoming a Princess Poem jezzabel Aug 1st
Random Act Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 1st
Teardrop of Coloured Water Poem sanctus 1 Aug 1st
I am a guillotine Poem RGD Aug 1st
For you Poem RGD 1 Aug 1st
Abandoned Land Poem Sivus Loneliness, love, Metaphor Aug 1st
Lies Poem TichelPoet ex, liar, lie, lies Aug 1st
Bleeding Heart Poem TichelPoet broken heart, healing Aug 1st
(untitled) Poem TichelPoet Aug 1st
(untitled) Poem TichelPoet 2 Aug 1st
Filler Poem vale4cup 1 Aug 1st
Biro Blues Poem vale4cup Aug 1st
Cloth Poem vale4cup Aug 1st
News. Poem vale4cup Aug 1st
I'll Be Waiting For You Poem ramonathompsont Aug 1st
Blind Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
no name Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
Love So Passionate Poem angellove Love happy Aug 1st
family values Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
a drawing Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
phone call Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
A Treasure For You Poem angellove 1 Happylove passion fire desire Aug 1st
a joke Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
addicted Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
blank Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
pay the toll Poem 9inety 2 the river styx Aug 1st
Happy birthday Daddy Poem ramonathompsont 1 Aug 1st
dontknowyet Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
people study Poem Icanpiccem 2 Aug 1st
use your imagination Poem Icanpiccem 1 Aug 1st
want Poem 9inety 3 written by fhmcateer Aug 1st
Power Rangers Ram-Adult Poem ramonathompsont Aug 1st
Today Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
I think... Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 1st
I like flying Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 1st
Funny how I wrote this BEFORE I knew you cheated Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Aug 1st
A.J.A.C Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 1st
starting over Poem nighthawk21 Aug 1st
Power Rangers-Speed To The Rescue Poem ramonathompsont Aug 1st
alone Poem nighthawk21 Aug 1st
Power Rangers Jungle Naughty Poem ramonathompsont 1 Aug 1st
Help. Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
Everhawk Poem sivey01 Aug 1st
فصول Poem yaramo Aug 1st
Please! Poem BPI_DrobeStudio Aug 1st
endure the storm Poem nighthawk21 1 Aug 1st
my suicide Poem nighthawk21 Aug 1st
How can you stay? Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
You know why Poem Icanpiccem Aug 1st
Treaty Beach Poem Sivus friends, Lost love, optimism Aug 1st
Lagarty Poem Sivus friends, Vacation Aug 1st
Our Hands Assembled Poem Sivus Band, friends, Music Aug 1st
mind boggling Poem KemistryKia Aug 1st
MY FAMILY ----QUATRAIN----ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 my family Aug 2nd
MY FAMILY--GERMAN--QUATRAIN Poem heatherburns35 my family Aug 2nd
MY FAMILY SPANISH QUATRAIN Poem heatherburns35 my family Aug 2nd
I Love Everything I Hate About You Poem seastar3372 2 -LovesPoem- Aug 2nd
Amazing Amusement Poem _Imfine_ Aug 2nd
Torturous Death Poem sivey01 Aug 2nd
DURATION Poem garyhicks333 Aug 2nd
On This Day Poem Txsunshine love Aug 2nd
RELATION Poem garyhicks333 Aug 2nd
VACANT Poem garyhicks333 Aug 2nd
1-22-2000 Poem garyhicks333 Aug 2nd
SONG Poem garyhicks333 Aug 2nd
SOLO Poem garyhicks333 Aug 2nd
LOST Poem garyhicks333 Aug 2nd
বেশ্যা’র ক্ষুধা Poem shawon1982 Aug 2nd
blood ran dry Poem komasgirl 1 Depression Aug 2nd
Music Is The Answer Poem angellove Happy love Aug 2nd
How Can I Tell You Poem angellove Happy good joy Aug 2nd
Can We Still Be Friends Poem angellove Love joy happy Aug 2nd
Butterflies Out Of Control Poem angellove alone, blue Aug 2nd
Angels And Fairies Poem angellove Fun, joy, Love.dreams Aug 2nd
Cyber Pains Poem ZoomShirakoVert Aug 2nd
Eaten By An Oil Slick Poem ramonathompsont Aug 2nd
Worship Me Poem sivey01 Aug 2nd
Down Monaco Way Poem fhmc Monaco, Reflection Aug 2nd
Annecy Poem fhmc Aug 2nd
Cheap Tricks Poem fhmc trickery, tricks, wonder Aug 2nd
Déjà vu Poem fhmc Déjà vu, inevitability Aug 2nd
Le Week-End Poem fhmc Aug 2nd
Outburst Poem fhmc frustration, mischievous, postmodern Aug 2nd
The Avenue of Shiny Trees Poem fhmc Aug 2nd
Saturday Night Poem fhmc Aug 2nd
Rain Poem fhmc determined, down Aug 2nd
Blood Poem fhmc death, Fear Aug 2nd
Ode to My Cup of Tea Poem fhmc Aug 2nd
Pink Poem fhmc 2 Creation Aug 2nd
Bauble Poem fhmc Aug 2nd
Bad Moon Rising-The Bathroom Rewrite Poem ramonathompsont Aug 2nd
THE MONTH OF FASTING Poem emmenay Ramadan and the Islamic spirit Aug 2nd
I Want You To Rape Me Poem ramonathompsont Aug 2nd
Take Me Away With You My Love Poem angellove love, Sad Happy Smiling Aug 2nd
Im Your Angel Poem angellove Aug 2nd
Indian Killer Poem ramonathompsont Aug 2nd
Heart Without A Home Poem Lostinyou heartbreak, sad lonely break up nostalgia memories haunting Aug 2nd
Our Son in Vain Poem Lostinyou anger, heartbreak, longing, resentment Aug 2nd
make it through Poem nighthawk21 Aug 2nd
untitled Poem anneesor.magbanua Aug 2nd
TO MY FUTURE BEAU Poem anneesor.magbanua Aug 2nd
INSIDE THE GATE-IN DER BLENDE--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 inside the gate Aug 2nd
INSIDE THE GATE-DENTRO DE LA PUERTA--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 inside the gate Aug 2nd
INSIDE THE GATE--LA INTERNO DELLA PORTA__ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 inside the gate Aug 2nd
Loving A Sociopath Poem Lostinyou Betrayal, Dark, hurt, love lost Aug 2nd
GODDESS OF FATE--GOTTIN DES SCHICKSALS--GERMAN (QUATRAIN) Poem heatherburns35 goddess of fate Aug 2nd
GODDESS OF FATE--DES DE DESTINO-ITALIAN--QUATRAIN Poem heatherburns35 goddess of fate Aug 2nd
I would have never left you (If only I knew then what I know now) Poem Lostinyou FIRST LOVE, good-byes, Running out of time Aug 2nd
My Precious Addiction Poem Lostinyou Addiction, coffee-drinker, morning Aug 2nd
Little Boy Poem Lostinyou crushing, high school, Immaturity Aug 2nd
The Road Back To Redd Poem ramonathompsont Aug 2nd
GODDESS OF FATE--DIOSA DEL DESTINO--SPANISH--QUATRAIN Poem heatherburns35 goddess of fate Aug 2nd
Obvious Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Playing the Victim Poem Lostinyou heartbreak, mind games, Selfishness Aug 2nd
Rejection Tango for One Poem Lostinyou Cutting, Depression, Fear Aug 2nd
Not So Long Ago Poem angellove Aug 2nd
Stop the Circle Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Slipping Further Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Crush Into You Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Flashes of Light Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Emo-Girl Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Impatience Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Fifteen Poem Lostinyou 2 Aug 2nd
Hopelessly Hoping Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
Miracles Poem angellove God Aug 2nd
Teenage Girl Poem Lostinyou Depression suicide daddy issues sadness Aug 2nd
On My Knees Poem Lostinyou Aug 2nd
On The Wings Of A Butterfly Poem angellove fly away Aug 2nd
FAIRIES AT PLAY--FEEN IM SPIEL--GERMAN (QUATRAIN) Poem heatherburns35 fairies at play Aug 2nd
FAIRIES AT PLAY--HADAS EN JUGEO--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 fairies at play Aug 2nd
FARIES AT PLAY--FATE IN GIOCO--ITALIAN (Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 fairies at play Aug 2nd
Emerald rain drops Poem Tacoman5000 Aug 2nd
You Still Have My Heart Poem sivey01 Aug 3rd
Mystery Island(The Cold Dark Night Version) Poem sivey01 Aug 3rd
Found and With a Purpose Poem wishful_thinking Aug 3rd
Hypnos of Slumber Poem dcon92 Sleep Gods Nightmare Aug 3rd
WHERE WAS LOVE? Poem chris Aug 3rd
LOBSTERS IN THE POT Poem chris Aug 3rd
A COUNTRY BOY IN THE CITY Poem chris Aug 3rd
RAINY WEEKENDS Poem chris Aug 3rd
THE OCEAN Poem chris Aug 3rd
CARTOONS Poem chris Aug 3rd
BOWLING Poem chris Aug 3rd
Lawyers and Prostitutes Poem seyates1974 Aug 3rd
The Prince, The Princess and the Pea Poem seyates1974 1 alternate fairy tale Aug 3rd
Songs From the End of the World Poem fhmc Distant, Exploration, last days, Spirituality, tea Aug 3rd
better days Poem nighthawk21 Aug 3rd
CRUISE SHIP Poem chris Aug 3rd
it's nothing Poem Icanpiccem Aug 3rd
Emergence Poem seyates1974 Aug 3rd
like the solar wind Poem 9inety Aug 3rd
MOCKERY IN THE SKY Poem emmenay allegorical poem Aug 3rd
I'M SAVING FOR A CAR Poem chris Aug 3rd
Hey Lady! Poem Icanpiccem Aug 3rd
pass over me Poem nighthawk21 Aug 3rd
different strokes Poem Icanpiccem Aug 3rd
how to be positive Poem Icanpiccem adults only Aug 3rd
I'm Gonna Keep On Raping You Poem ramonathompsont 1 Aug 3rd
power flies Poem Icanpiccem Aug 3rd
slaves Poem Icanpiccem Aug 3rd
ODE TO AUTUMN Poem emmenay Tributes/Odes Aug 3rd
Abortion Ain't No Solution Poem ramonathompsont Aug 3rd
ROBIN HOOD. TO A FRIEND. Poem emmenay Legends Aug 3rd
A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER Poem emmenay classical Aug 3rd
LIFE IN A LOVE Poem emmenay love poem Aug 3rd
ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE Poem emmenay classic Aug 3rd
behind these walls Poem nighthawk21 Aug 3rd
You told Him I was Insane Poem Myvoicecounts619 funny Aug 3rd
souls collided Poem nighthawk21 Aug 3rd
My Meant To Be Poem ramonathompsont Aug 3rd
New Change Poem drkpuzzle bad days, change, Haiku, the future Aug 3rd
Is It Here In The Night Poem angellove Light airy Aug 3rd
Memories Running Down My face Poem angellove sad love Aug 3rd
the smile i lost Poem nighthawk21 Aug 3rd
Sometimes At Night Poem angellove love Aug 3rd
Stars In The Sky Poem angellove Aug 3rd
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Poem angellove love Aug 3rd
Down Deep Poem BackstageMaverick Aug 3rd
Fool of Me Poem metaphorist Aug 4th
Wreck Poem metaphorist Aug 4th
Masochists Poem metaphorist Aug 4th
in the mirror Poem nighthawk21 Aug 4th
manic spiral Poem staticperception Aug 4th
Should Have Known Poem metaphorist Aug 4th
The Gallows Poem soulive2213 1 Aug 4th
Sighs of the Moon Poem sivey01 Aug 4th
Stopping Time Poem sivey01 Aug 4th
Agate Poem merkaba11 Aug 4th
If One Day Poem angellove Aug 4th
Running in Circles Poem MatthewWayne lost, poem, Sacrifice Aug 4th
My Legacy Poem MatthewWayne death, Journey, Life, poem Aug 4th
Sweet Memories Poem angellove fun sassy Aug 4th
Time Cannot Erase Poem angellove time Aug 4th
my ugly truth Poem gabz Aug 4th
Untitled Again. Poem voighdt Aug 4th
Caravanserai Poem 9inety Aug 4th
Times Like These Poem angellove love Aug 4th
Once Upon A Star Poem angellove love Aug 4th
Cubicle Poem Rebasand Aug 4th
broken home Poem nighthawk21 Aug 4th
Rain Poem angellove soft gentle Aug 4th
The Horrible Breakup --- Her Perspective Poem sivey01 Aug 4th
Progress vs. Humanity Poem Rebasand emotion, Humanity, social media, Technology Aug 4th
Abortion Party Poem ramonathompsont Aug 4th
illusion of lies Poem nighthawk21 1 Aug 4th
Knocked Up At Heaven's Door Poem ramonathompsont Aug 4th
Pistol Logic Poem Lostinyou Suicide, teen angst Aug 4th
Drowning Poem Lostinyou Aug 4th
You're my Good Feeling Poem Lostinyou amor - love, free, happy Aug 4th
Summer Days Poem Lostinyou Aug 4th
Inconsistent Poem Wandering_Soul85 Aug 4th
Mighty Moron Power Rangers Poem ramonathompsont Aug 4th
as light fades Poem nighthawk21 Aug 4th
Secrets Poem Wandering_Soul85 Aug 4th
Dear Mr. President Poem ramonathompsont 1 Aug 4th
No One Poem TheOneAndOnlySarah 1 Aug 4th
TRUTH OR DARE Poem i_Am_GraziE unexpected love Aug 4th
Love Built On A Lie Poem ramonathompsont Aug 4th
A WINDY DAY-UN GIORNO VENTOSO-IALIAN (Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 a windy day Aug 4th
A WINDY DAY-UNDIA DE VIENTO-SPANISH (Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 a windy day Aug 4th
A WINDY DAY-EIN WINDIGER TAG-GERMAN-(Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 a windy day Aug 4th
AT THE RIVER'S EDGE--AM RAND DES FLUSSES-GERMAN-(Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 at the river's edge Aug 4th
AT THE RIVER'S EDGE-AL MARGINE DEL FIUME-ITALAIN--(Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 at the river's edge Aug 4th
AT THE RIVER'S EDGE-AL BORDE DEL RIO-SPANISH (Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 at the river's edge Aug 4th
IN THE GARDEN-EN MI JARDIN-SPANISH (Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 in the garden Aug 4th
IN THE GARDEN--IN MENEM GARTEN--GERMAN--(Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 in the garden Aug 4th
IN THE GARDEN-NEL MIO GIARDINO-ITALIAN--(Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 in the garden Aug 4th
VENUS AND JUPITER Poem emmenay 1 romance Aug 4th
Blue Suede Jews Poem ramonathompsont Aug 4th
How To Hang A Jew Poem ramonathompsont Aug 4th
Left behind Poem Wandering_Soul85 Aug 4th
In this, Life Poem MatthewWayne 3 Alive, live, lyrics, POETRY Aug 4th
The word play of Love Poem Dmack8104 Aug 4th
The best kinda Different <3 Poem Dmack8104 Aug 4th
This Love is Something Serious <3 Poem Dmack8104 Aug 4th
The Next Generation Poem Dmack8104 Aug 4th
A FAIRY STORY--UNA STORIA DI FATA--ITALIAN--(Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 a fairy story Aug 5th
A FAIRY STORY--UN CUENTO DE HADAS-SPANISH--(Qautrain) Poem heatherburns35 a fairy story Aug 5th
A FAIA FAIRY STORY--A FAIRY STORY-GERMAN-(Quatrain) Poem heatherburns35 a fairy story Aug 5th
Rememberings Poem angellove love Aug 5th
When you Love Someone Poem angellove 1 joy Aug 5th
Fire Poem angellove Hot Aug 5th