The Earth Fable

Ana Isabel Dabdoub

Carolina Villanueva Briseño

God was sitting in his favorite cloud thinking how to make his afternoon more interesting, that is when the brilliant idea of creating a new world came to his mind. He immediately started with his new project and decided to call it The Earth. “But what should The Earth have? What shape should I give it? Who’s going live in it?” He asked himself. God took it one step at a time. First he made the shape and it started out as a circle but something went wrong and ended up becoming an oblate sphere. “Hm..That’s good enough, I guess”, said God. Now it was time to fill it up with everything else he wanted to put on Earth. He started with animals like lions, bears, giraffes, birds, monkeys, and other animals that live on land. He then got creative and filled some spaces of The Earth with water. That is where sharks, whales, fishes and other sea animals lived. Finally, he froze some parts of Earth and penguins, polar bears, walruses and other artic or cold weather animals lived there. “That’s pretty good, think I’m done here”, God said. That was that.

Back on earth, all the animals lived happily in each of their designated habitats and in its best conditions: polar bears never suffered from warmth because it was always winter, camels were always relaxed because it was always hot, orangutans were always resting because it has humid and perfect, and so on. Surprisingly, lions were also friendly because they didn’t have to worry about anything. They even greeted each other.

“Hi my name is Simba, nice to meet you”. A lion would say.

“Hey, Simba I’m Mufasa. I really like it around here, don’t you?” The other responded.

All of the other animals felt the same, everything was in its place and they all lived in peace. Nature was taking its natural course; it was all working perfectly.

God was very fond of his creations, especially all the animals. Nevertheless, Artemis, daughter of God, was jealous of his creations: she utterly desired to damage her father´s creations. One day, Artemis noticed something that was happening on earth… the animals became more egocentric than ever before. Because they were so accustomed to live without preoccupations, they didn't care about other species. They didn’t want to share there living space, or to just share a ration of food. All the animal kingdom began to behave like this. It was becoming a world that God did not intend to create.


The relentless Artemis took advantage of their misbehaviour, grabbed the planet and started shaking it. She managed to shaked it so intense that she altered the weather in each habitat, thus corrupting the peacefulness that once existed. The perfect habitats no longer were: polar bears began to have summer, camels began to have winter, and lions became meaner because they weren’t at peace anymore. So from that moment on now, every animal received their punishment, and had to deal with it. The animals had to learn how to survive.

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i thought we had it all


you and me


thought that we could live


on love and a prayer


against all odds


a kind of evolutionary oddity




but love shall not live by


two by two


but by (un)holy trinity


for new blood


ensures genetic




lo, even in Eden


there were birds and there were bees...


for what the father without the hovering spirit


to move across the restless sea


and what old Dionysus


without the graces three...


faith, hope and Charity


spirit, soul and body




there were others then


outside the garden


those with eyes to see


the mark of Cain


the children of Seth's wisdom


and their bane


yea God in His wisdom foreordained


mighty Uriel of the flaming sword


to secure the secret


lest the nephilim partake


of that Other tree




yet even holy Noah's deluge


could not defeat the sacred purpose


for it was foreseen


that man should not live


by bred alone


but by word


turned sacrament


yea by spirit


clad in farse and blood ...




the time has come


to force the gates of Eden


to embrace the greater family tree




the serpent She spoke


hide the flame of


Eden in your hearts


ah my love – tis folly


the final idolatry


did you not know


two must needs give way


to three


yea four-fold vision


ere the sun


melt into the sea




now bare with me


second Eve


thy soft flesh




the primal one


conceive the darkness


from whence


the light doth come


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Creation of the World

Written by: Alejandra Jimenez & Andrés Sánchez



Creation of the world


At first, everything was silence. The universe was at peace, and nothing existed but a solitary god, in the form of a wolf. This wolf, the white wolf was on a long slumber, but eventually he woke up. After his awakening he decided that he should create the world. To do this he first created three gods, one for each element of the universe. God of earth, the black rabbit, god of water, a giant water turtle and god of the wind, the ethereal falcon. They lived peacefully before their long work for creating the world. The white wolf demanded the three childish gods his view for the new world. It must be colorful he said, full of life he demanded, it must be big, and there must always be light.


The gods got to work with the white wolf’s request for his vision of the perfect world, but there were some problems. The gods unfortunately were childish and had no self control. They didn’t complete the task that the white wolf set them to. They created the world, but in midst of chaos and disaster. Gods were always fighting, thinking who was the most important of them all, creating most of our landscapes and phenomenons. The god of water created the rivers, oceans, and lakes.During a fight the god of wind got mad at the god of water, therefore, he throwed all his anger by creating storms, taking out the peacefulness of still water. The god of earth created the land, while in another fight with god of wind about who gets the more space, he created the mountains, trying to build up even more, overshadowing god of wind.


There were also other factors that contributed, the gods had very particular personalities. The god of water didn’t like fighting that much, so he decided he shall leave so he could be in peace somewhere else, his presence kept flowing all oceans, rivers, and lakes. But by leaving a part of the Earth turned into ice, and that’s how it was created. God of wind had very changing personalities, depending on the day, so he created the seasons, when he was angry and didn’t feel anything he created winter, cold as his personality.


All their actions destroyed the peace that the wolf, the god of gods had been living in, and he was tired of hearing the same problems and issues all over again, just from them three. After this, he decided more people was needed for distraction, so he created human beings, giving them things to exist and develop. Watching their arguments and events they were going through was more entertaining for the god of gods. Creating new ones every time others ceased to exist.


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Cats and Dogs

Julio Alexis Rubio González                                                              

Pablo Redondo                                                                                  

Cats and dogs


The world was finally created, all living things existed and both land and ocean were completed. The world being created only by the benevolent gods had become perfect, every living thing was taught three important rules. The first rule, take only what you need and leave the rest. The second rule, working hard in order to achieve great things. The third and most important rule, working with each other to achieve peace between all species.  The humans proving to be the most advanced were given the task of changing the world, having all the other animals’ needs in mind. The humans were given a dog, the dog being the most selfless creature was the perfect example for making sure the humans did as they were told.

The evil gods, whom were mischievous and chaotic, noticing the perfectness of the world decided to rot it with their ways. In order to achieve this they needed a play, they watched for nine days the humans in order to find a weakness on them. On the tenth day they finally noticed an important flaw, which was the dog, the dog was trustworthy and had a major influence on them. Finally noticing their weakness, the evil gods decided to achieve their goal of rotting the world with it. For this they needed their own creature, one that the Gods would despise since it would stand for all they hate. The evil Gods created the cat, an animal that was lazy, selfish, arrogant and also deceptive. They gave it a task, “Corrupt the dog” they said, “If the dog was corrupted the humans would follow” this was their thinking.


Once the cat was introduced to the new world it  started its task as quickly as it could, little by little it spent more and more time with the dog using its good nature against itself, promoting its own qualities to the dog. Slowly but surely the dog started to change, rewriting some of its qualities like selflessness to selfishness. The humans were soon affected by the new treats of the dogs and started disregarding every other specie including dogs and even themselves. The humans started working for themselves, creating mass structures to separate themselves from all else, but most importantly they started wars. This way the humans became the strongest specie, and the dog was changed from “partner” to “mascot”. But not everything was lost, while some dogs changed their ways others remained loyal to their principles; and even if the cat were meant to be an evil being, the good natured of the dog changed some. Thus creating new species like foxes and lions.


Moral of the story: Be independent

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Pleasure and Judgement in The Garden of Sin


Bodies intertwined like serpents in the garden of sin
souls dieing again and again
to find the pleasure in the pain
the judgement the sentence
the dream to awaken
to nurture the flower of skin
to consume the nectar that awaits within

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Painted in the Canvas

Just a thought!
Streaming through a sun swept field, Tethered ballerinas dancing in the wind
Waves of iridescent colors blow across a sea of refracted cotton candy.
Never a sweeter breeze, I could wisp it round a cone and taste it's allure.

As a choreographed ballet sways with balance and perfection, sunlight glistens

through silken shawls while a few lace ribbons float around with the wind.

Natures creations in full bloom, petals fluttering up a wind song as the breeze

whistles through bouquets of timeless beauty. Kneeling at the edge rows,

the wind rustles through my long silky hair; I become part of the symphony.

Immersed in this wondrous creation... I am forever, painted in the canvas.


by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

#1Beauty in a field of flowers

 #2"You're always a part of the picture, sometimes needing a bigger one as you look back."




Pen A Tin Cherry

Have you slipped a cog? 

Do your gears grind? 
Are you not right?
Are you not firing on all cylinders?
Has your Goat been Gotten?
  Was the Sacrificial Lamb of Imagination
on sale for 50 cents a pound that day?
  Was Clarity of Mind picked clean
by the time you reached the rummage
sale of Purpose?
  Has your Train of Thought de-railed
and went over the edge 
hitting every branch of Broken Reason 
on the way down,
only to sink to the Ocean Floor of
  Did you then make every attempt 
to rebuild that train
with the rusty tools of Mediocrity, 
only to realize what you re-assembled was
the equivalent of stanzas of Mechanical Gibberish?
  Have you stubbed brain-toe
on the wooden leg of the chair of Profound Vision, 
only to visualize foot-in-mouth does not taste 
anywhere as bad as it sounds?
  Have you ever been diagnosed with 
Incontinence of the Mind, which is only any fun
if you've already been diagnosed with 
Diarrhea  of the Mouth? 
Have you been caught forging Checks
of Inspiration and found guilty 
in the Court of Flaw, and sentenced to 
serve time in the Penitentiary  of 
Useless Contemplation? 
Locked away
Bars barricading a 
bleak ramshackle brain.
Prisoner of mind.
  and then you hear the sound of a shofar 
A grand vision.
The city limits,
on the cellular level; 
an anthill.
Abandoning the colony 
for a crumb.
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After a Dream


It was the last day of autumn. The first snowflakes started to fall. Winter was just around the corner. It was about to start. One little bear was really happy playing outside when his mommy came and said “It’s time to go to bed honey”. The little bear didn’t want to sleep for so long, he still wanted to play. He wasn’t ready to go to sleep. “Why do we have to sleep for three months? Why do we have to sleep for so long?” His mother, in order to make her little bear going to bed decided to answer her son’s questions with a story. “Let me explain” she said. “In the beginning there was nothing alive but plants. They were the only living things in the world. The Earth was full of lakes, rivers, seas, rocks, mountains, deserts but none of them were alive. Only plants were alive. There were all kind of plants, flowers and trees but all of them felt really sad. Their sorrow was because they couldn’t share the oxygen and the fruits they produced. The trees had a fantastic idea. It was creating other living things that needed their oxygen to breath and their fruits to eat so they were able to share them. They created a lot of living things so they needed to establish some rules. In order to keep a balance and to prevent their fruits from finishing, they sent us to sleep on winter.” The little bear understood and without complaining he went to sleep. He was kind of tired after all. He fell asleep immediately. Three months passed and it was time to go outside of the cave. He had a nice dream but it was time to go back to reality. The little bear couldn’t wait one more second to go and play outside. Also he was pretty hungry. He wanted to eat his favorite berries. His mother hasn’t woken up yet and he wanted to let her sleep so he went out by himself only to discover a big surprise. What he saw was astonishing. It was a horrible picture. Everything was devastated. There was nothing but a dying burned tree on a destroyed land. The little bear went with the tree to ask him what happened. With his last breath, the tree told the little bear “We should have sent them to sleep instead of you”







José Antonio Rebolledo

Lizbeth Rodríguez





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I still hold my pail

We used to play in a sandbox

then we removed the boundaries

and created a world of sandcastles

But I didn't consider the tides

would wash away our creations

I fell in love with you in that world

When the tides came

you washed away with them

And I miss you...


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