mind games

A Narrow Escape'

Just a thought!

Wanting to escape daily life on the Island,

She hopped in a canoe...

After paddling for three hours

She finally felt better..

Looking back, she realized...

She was still tied to the Island'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"A Narrow Escape"

Fishing season

It's ice fishing season again.

I'm in the mood for sushi.
All the fish are still tasty but I want something different. I can't even remember all the names of them I have in the bucket.

I'm a carnivore. Who the fuck am I kidding. Maybe one day I'll find a great vegan restaurant. Maybe I'll start liking different vegetables.

Maybe I'll still think of Noah with every step.

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My Kingdom

Attempts at Poetry



I'm nothing but a humble pawn.

Soldier to a castle not of stones.

Knight to the warring realms of old,
Where swords and arrows have no use.


In a woodland with 64 squares,
Where minds battle to mortal ends,
There lays my heart within its fields,
Her passion faded not by years.


Summon my King your scattered wits!
My flaming love for you burns true.
I'll fight and die, to save your throne,
I'll march to my end to give you hope.


I ask the Bishops to please pray,
For the valiant men holding our towers.
My brave Queen, dare break some might,
Then lure the King from the North keep. 

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Playing the Victim

Just cut to the chase.
A simple teenage lust will never do.
I cage myself away from him,
and survive off my desire for you.

Being friends is never that simple.
A self-made barrier gone to far.
Once for protection,
Now, left only to scar.

Fell victim to my heart,
The one you tore apart.

I'm left putting back the pieces to the image I created of you.

Maybe I'll fill my heart with saline?
For all those tears of loneliness I've cried
Finally convince my heart,
It will never be satisfied.

Testing my innocence
Playing the victim
You said you never wanted this,

I feel a sense of freedom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Discovering a little darker side...

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She was 6 when she met him.

They were not introduced, 

And she marveled at his mystery.

She sought him everyday,

Followed him to the forest,

Where his silent wars were fought.

She wondered how the hours slipped by,

When she only walked 64 steps,

Close by his heels, to his battlefield.

From the sides she joined his fights,

Mutely firing arrows from her head.

In her slumber she clashed swords,

With callow hands that knew no war.

From dusk to midnight, 

She watched his victories and defeats,

Till the woods yielded his secret.

What little she learned warmed her heart.

And in the silence around him,

The child’s infatuation slowly grew into love. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I learned chess by myself, watching my dad and uncles play. 

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Turning back the pages
of my mind
returning to another
day and time.

Silhouettes on display
Always dancing, on the
pages of my mind.

Walking on a summer day
Two young lovers on dis-
dances on the pages of
my mind.

Once I thought your love
was true
now what is left of you
dances on the pages of
my mind.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

playing games with my mind.

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