Good Morning Sunday Wishes For Him/Her

Good morning wishes for sunday is for the ones difficult working people who choice to have every day Sunday. You want to test those desirable morning glad sunday desires. Sunday morning view is so awesome. Absolutely every morning has fresh air that is good for our fitness and morning offers us a superb freshness for the complete day. So therefore I’ll share with you the blessed sunday morning greetings. Sunday is the laziest day in the week for maximum of people. So how do you making plans to spend your Sunday? if you need to encourage the one you love ones and family participants with excellent inspirational. revel in sharing those stunning sunday desires images. And make their morning may be very glad and unique.


Good morning sunday wishes


Good morning happy sunday wishes


  • 1.       Time flies when you don’t know what you’re doing. Good morning and happy Sunday.
  • 1.       My wish for your Sunday, may it be beautiful day! May you share love and laughter with family and good friends and may the lord be ever present to keep your safe.
  • 1.       Life is like making tea! Boil your ego, evaporate your worries, dilute your sorrows, filter your mistakes and get taste of happiness. Have a great Sunday!
  • 1.       Smile more than you cry give more than you take and love more than you hate. Happy Sunday!
  • 1.       It is that time of the week again, where friends and families get together and have gala of time talking, drinking and eating. Wish you a happy and joy filled Sunday with your loved ones.

Good morning wishes for sunday


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."

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Romantic Reflections of a Beautiful Morning

The sun rises above the hillcrest,

As does the joy of my heart;

Rays of warmth and love,

From her I will never depart. 



Fresh dew upon the grass,

Young birds chirp in their nests;

I watch her gently sleep,

My love to her I silently profess.




I enjoy the stillness and calm, 

Watching as she smiles and dreams;

She brings me to stillness and peace,

Like that of a slow flowing stream.




My heart and soul flow with love, 

And I smile as I quietly reflect;

I’ve been handed a sweet princess,

A sweet princess to love and to protect.




A vow to myself I make, 

As she quietly sleeps away;

To love and always cherish her,

Until my last breath... until my last day.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Author name: Michael Brieck, For more Poems you can check Cute Love Poems for Her Thanks

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I crawl crack cower 

In the morning white 

With my eyes lips skin 

Cracked. White. 

I stand dormant 

While steam pervades

My self. My wall. My grime.

And thought does it matter 

In this or that time

But I can't think on that now 

I've got to go to work. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Constructive criticism encouraged. 

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First Poems


As owls whisper their last ‘whos’

And breezes are full of nightingale’s croons

I rouse from a luscious snooze,

As your warmth around my neck tunes.

Your hands as soft as morning dews

Caress me with sunny soothing beams…

Alectrona, lift off your veil, oh, my muse,

As elegant as dayspring mist of dreams.

You bathe me in serene perfumes,

Of puzzling, spellbound skies,

Of freshness and azure blooms.

My goddess in a chariot of fire, arise!

A golden crowned head of blaze,

Indeed a blessing, in daylight break through haze!
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There is a wonderful phenomenon in the mountains beginning around five

It’s when the evening is retreating and the morning comes alive.


You wake up to the darkness and a stillness in the air

Then gradually there are things around of which you are aware.


Gently, almost imperceptibly the nightfall begins to shift  

As the ebony blanket of evening slowly starts to lift.


Yes, out of the evening’s remnants the morning begins to peek

And from somewhere in the darkness the first bird begins to speak.


She is quickly followed by another, then another sings her song

Until the mountain is a symphony of birds harmoniously singing along.


With the lifting of night’s blanket the day can now expand

And you stand in awe as the sunlight glides across the land.


Then before you know it all around you everything is bright

And you marvel at how right before your eyes the day replaced the night.


You feel lucky to be a witness watching a brand new day arrive


And blessed to experience the wonder, when the morning comes alive. 

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The Start of a New Day

When does morning start?

When a creature awakes,

Or when the sun rises?

Yea, the morning is

When a creature awakes

To find it starting anew

In the world dominated

By mortal souls.


The human wakes up

First by opening its eyes,

Then stretching its muscles

And sitting up in a position

To retreat from the bed

That held it prisoner 

During the long, dark night.


Out of bed it goes

Attending its normal

Robotic morning routine

Whilst thinking of the future,

Of what the day holds,

And how the day will go.

Either gleefully or woefully

Does the human think of this

For not all mornings 

Are filled with happiness and glee.


Fearful not is the human

Who takes things as they go

Wave by wave.

Wave by wave harassing it,

Wave by wave attacking it,

Wave by wave saddening it,

Wave by wave entertaining it,

Wave by wave knocking it down.

Each wave the human does take

Accepting each as a challenge,

As an opponent, an obstacle,

And one that must be rid of.

Defeat is not in its dictionary,

For there is no defeat

If one can rise again,

And face the same challenge

To only be victorious.


The human does not give up,

It does not ponder on the past,

But it rises from its ashes - 

Waking up to start anew

In a world dominated

By mortal souls.

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Peaceful Walk





Early in the Morning,


a white van, 


parked across the street,


the house being built,


new neighbors soon,


a nice family,


I met them briefly,


the man waved,


I said,  "hello",


and he said, "nice dog",


I said,


"he's been great"


and walked in the house,


my Morpheus and me.






07/12/13 6:50 pm ©


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Half Past Asleep

Eyes open only to
The stillness of early morning,
I lie in the comfort of my bed,
Warm, soft, still half asleep,
Everything is so quiet, peaceful,
Daylight is just showing itself
Through the blinds on my windows,
Exhilaration without movement, or sound,
All that I feel at this moment
Is still in a place far away from
This reality I am awakening to,
I will savor what pieces of it I can
Throughout this day.




6:09 AM 5/10/2013 ©

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Eyes squint,
A new day,
Birds chirp,
Footsteps heard,
Squeaky floor,
But not a word,
Hallway light clicks,
Kitchen sink,
Water runs,
Smell of coffee,
Day begun,
Alarm sounding,
Snooze button,
Now you're counting,
Blinds open,
With sunshine,
Yawning and stretching,
A wink of your eye,
Mug is ready,
You take a sip,
When you're done,
I kiss your lips,
Monday morning,
A new week,
Then I pause,
I kiss your cheek,
Clothes and shower,
Hair and shoes,
Eggs an bacon,
Maybe news,
Dawn til nightime,
Work past ten,
Tomorrow morning,
We do it again.


5:54 AM 4/28/2013 ©

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