My Legacy

Volume Two

Take a look at my legacy, as one day I will leave
tell death I am on my way, I'll claim my prize, see my glory
for the dreams I conjured, chased and perceived
regrets will become just nightmares that I leave behind
as I traverse this rocky path, through the thicket
marching on, must struggle on. In this moment of time
to rise above and beyond the strange or the wicked.

Light your ego ablaze, forget about getting lost within their maze
your soul hypnotized by all the fancy lights
temptation found in the silent nights
To let all the angels cry
there is no hope when we don't even try

The rain pours down heavy, as the war drums beat steady
thieves in disguise smile and wave for their people
hiding the abuse is to lie to your own soul

β€œIn this the valley of the dead, forsaken is what you had said.
Death came cheap in their unmarked graves
salvation steadily goes up in flames
hypocrisy is all the rage, Ghosts own the stage.”

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