Monsters In The Dark

Now listen to what I have to say

For the wicked hide in the shadows of this day


You know nothing of what is of me

You may know the color of my eyes

But not of what they are capable to see


Now here, I've warned this upon you

For not every smile is ever true


Everything is not set in stone

You may say there is an answer

When nothing is completely known


Close your eyes, please understand

That what you may rely on is a blood-thirsty hand


Unknown of what they truly are

Watch think before you turn and talk

Someone so close to you can be so far


So remember before you go on and say

"But why would anyone do this to me anyway?"


Human nature can be full of evil and greed

Unwatched, A monster born within the shadows, full only of self pleasure and need.

Cheap Tricks

What more is this
Than a peddlar’s menagerie?
A little hiss
Of ego to infinity?
And partial focus
Of hocus-pocus?
(With that occasional glimpse of pink
Out of my metaphysical top hat?
And now, dear child,
A rabbit for you.
Don’t let it escape
You want
To head
Feet first
To Wonderland.
For this rabbit is a bundle of string, that will unravel
At any moment along the gravel
To lead you longingly out of this life of strife,
Rife with multifarious lack of rhyme
And self-awareness so nefarious.
So, I ask you, believe in my trickery:
For with your belief it can transcend this mockery.

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