Monthly Archive for August 2008

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
THE AGONY OF SPARE TIME Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 1st
COCAINE Poem Missdefpoet Aug 1st
She Sleeps Poem shearerjon love Aug 1st
H-Bomb Poem thelohaspiral Aug 1st
The Scale Poem shearerjon religion Aug 1st
Love's Chastity Poem shearerjon love Aug 1st
Tangled Hair Calls a Tempest Poem eyesofsociety Aug 1st
Don’t Burn Our Fun Poem phil_carcione Aug 1st
Dusk Poem shearerjon Addiction Aug 1st
White Seed Poem shawon1982 youth Aug 1st
Lady Certainly's Stockinged Feet Like Love Poems Poem S74rw4rd 2 inspiration Aug 1st
Jealous Poem dancer Aug 1st
Living Soberly Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 1st
Visions Poem not_an_addict Aug 1st
Juntos y sin apuro... Poem orishaman love Aug 1st
DAMN MA... Poem Missdefpoet Aug 1st
Bounce Poem lyrycsyntyme Culture/Society Aug 1st
MISS UNDER STOOD Poem Missdefpoet Aug 1st
Life’s Mosaic Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 1st
OATH OF LOVE Poem truedreams Aug 1st
DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE Poem Missdefpoet Aug 1st
YOUR GAME BACKFIRED Poem Missdefpoet Aug 1st
Always Poem 9inety 1 Aug 1st
DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL Poem Missdefpoet 1 Aug 1st
Incision Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics Incision music Aug 1st
My Vow Poem leeinmarxx love Aug 2nd
Her Love Poem shearerjon 1 love Aug 2nd
Metamorphose Poem nitta Bittersweet Aug 2nd
The Great Circle Poem phil_carcione Aug 2nd
Walk in Time Poem phil_carcione Aug 2nd
Glass of sins Poem nothing16 Aug 2nd
Without You Poem leeinmarxx Lost love Aug 2nd
Now Poem jack4444 Aug 2nd
Here Comes The Silence Poem leeinmarxx 1 Forgiveness Aug 2nd
A Simple Philosophy Poem shearerjon friendship Aug 2nd
CRAZY LOVE Poem truedreams 1 Aug 2nd
LET IT RAINS Poem truedreams Aug 2nd
Shut Out Poem leeinmarxx love Aug 2nd
Apocalypse Poem phil_carcione Aug 2nd
Madness Poem phil_carcione Aug 2nd
Blue Steel Poem anexod Aug 2nd
Almost Home Poem techpoet Danger Aug 2nd
For You Poem leeinmarxx Forgiveness Aug 2nd
The Big Ugly Troll. Poem bendergender Aug 2nd
Judgment Will Fall Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 2nd
I Think I'd Like To Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 love Aug 3rd
THE PRESBYTERIAN CONCUBINE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 3rd
A Joke Poem shearerjon Rejection Aug 3rd
Alone With The Ghost Of You Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 death Aug 3rd
Angie Poem mistydawn Aug 3rd
Don't Dare Poem leeinmarxx love Aug 3rd
Glenn Poem mistydawn Aug 3rd
I miss you my friend Poem mistydawn Aug 3rd
Mothers pride. Poem bendergender Aug 3rd
Our Design Poem lyrycsyntyme Life/Living Aug 3rd
Scaling the Summit Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 3rd
Naked Question Poem phil_carcione 1 Aug 3rd
The Campaign Trail Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 3rd
Stirred Emotions Poem Avantgarde Aug 3rd
Scrambled Thoughts Poem phil_carcione Aug 3rd
Feeding Clouds a Mob of Balloons I, II, III Poem eyesofsociety Aug 3rd
The New, and the Different Poem Sivus Change/Transition Aug 3rd
Perfect Harmony Poem MatthewWayne Aug 3rd
Moving On Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 3rd
Light-Sensitive Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 3rd
A Strangers Truth Poem lyrycsyntyme love Aug 3rd
GHOST CITIZEN Poem truedreams Aug 4th
At Sodom Poem S74rw4rd Aug 4th
Horripilation Poem thelohaspiral Aug 4th
Goodnight Brownies Poem thelohaspiral Aug 4th
Curtis Anserina Poem thelohaspiral Aug 4th
Close my entrance Poem elche Aug 4th
Have You Ever? Poem Juggalette....MCL Aug 4th
getting cought up Poem tibult Aug 4th
Just a fool Poem tibult Breaking Up Aug 4th
Nameless Poem clutchforbalance Aug 4th
REPERCUSSION Poem truedreams Aug 4th
dying is easy Poem tibult Aug 4th
PRO Poem truedreams Aug 4th
Caprianna Bella Poem mrchad Aug 4th
Sean Takes a Chance Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 4th
Poet's Lament Poem hhickson 1 Aug 4th
Sean Goes to Seina Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 4th
Wanted to write something happy for once Poem dbora32 1 Aug 4th
Toy Man Poem MrEternity 1 Abuse Aug 4th
Standing on the Rock Poem hhickson Spirituality Aug 4th
Once use paper and pen Poem elche Aug 4th
Dead mind Poem elche Aug 4th
Not the guy Poem elche Aug 4th
Better than me Poem elche Aug 4th
Our inner circle Poem elche Aug 4th
Replace Poem elche Aug 4th
Recycle Poem elche Aug 4th
No need to dream Poem elche Aug 4th
Kaleidoscope Poem clutchforbalance Aug 4th
timid Poem essex Abuse Aug 4th
Call on Me Poem hhickson Spirituality Aug 4th
Maelstrom Poem rbpoetry Existence Aug 4th
Casi Puedo Poem orishaman Missing You Aug 4th
invisible 2 Poem nothing16 Aug 4th
they shall lack nothing Poem nomes2riches Poetry/Writing Aug 4th
The Wish Poem angeldust2007rock Poetry/Writing Aug 4th
why? Poem angeldust2007rock 1 Lost love Aug 4th
I do really love you Poem angeldust2007rock 1 confusion Aug 4th
inviseble Poem angeldust2007rock 1 Hidden Love Aug 4th
My love shall stay Poem angeldust2007rock 1 Devotion Aug 4th
Fear of Flying Poem phil_carcione 1 Aug 4th
emptyness Poem angeldust2007rock 1 Depression Aug 4th
goodbye Poem angeldust2007rock Breaking Up Aug 4th
love Poem angeldust2007rock 1 Being Loved Aug 4th
forever yours Poem angeldust2007rock 2 Being Loved Aug 4th
Gun under the bed Poem nothing16 Aug 4th
Picnic Table Poem ruthybird12 Aug 4th
Blurry Poem lyrycsyntyme Betrayal Aug 4th
Thoughts From A Crazy House Poem ruthybird12 1 Aug 4th
Five Personalities Poem ruthybird12 Aug 4th
The Story Teller Poem ruthybird12 1 Aug 4th
lost and empty Poem arecreed Abuse Aug 4th
SUCH EVERY DAY NOVELLAS Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 4th
The Milk of Mourning Doves. Poem 9inety Aug 4th
Never, Ever, Say Never... Poem 9inety 2 Aug 4th
It’s a Mix From A to Z Poem Avantgarde Aug 5th
Lift high the cross Poem doktoravalanche Aug 5th
إبراهيـــــم جعفر : مِن إنجِيل الأُلُوهَةِ الشَّخْصِي Poem sudan Acrostic Aug 5th
ليم ألفريد منيل دينق : قرنق في قلوبنا Poem sudan Acceptance Aug 5th
The Lord’s Supper Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 5th
الصادق الرضي : بَرَاءَةُ الثِّمارِ والظلِّ في المعنى Poem sudan Aug 5th
الصادق الرضي : عثْرتُ على أَحَدْ Poem sudan Acceptance Aug 5th
Warning: Future Ahead Poem asherivers Abstract Aug 5th
الصادق الرضي : مُنْصَرِفٌ عن نَفْسِهِ قُرْبَ الغَدِير Poem sudan Aug 5th
Heartbreak--Incomplete Poem jsb87uk Aug 5th
above the sea Poem 9inety Aug 5th
secrets Poem justjeanne Aug 5th
confused Poem justjeanne Aug 5th
Poetry Exercise Poem yardesspoetess Aug 5th
Alone on Flatbush. Poem yardesspoetess Aug 5th
The Fuwa Poem jgupta 1 Aug 5th
Eve Poem msant0816 Aug 5th
I'm not a God Poem randyjohnson religion Aug 5th
At Lady Certainly's Stockings: Succulence Poem S74rw4rd Beauty Aug 5th
Yard Girl Poem yardesspoetess Aug 5th
Not a Poem just The Truth Poem yardesspoetess 1 Aug 5th
Just Like a Leaf Poem Avantgarde Aug 5th
The Virgin Poem Avantgarde Aug 5th
Deep Caress Poem phil_carcione Aug 5th
No matter Poem yaramo Aug 5th
Flame Gun Poem rbpoetry Fate/Destiny Aug 5th
Brown Fingernails Poem yardesspoetess Aug 5th
ATMOSPHERE Poem truedreams Aug 5th
Yeomanry Poem rbpoetry Military/Patriotism Aug 5th
ADVOCACY Poem truedreams 1 Strength/Courage Aug 6th
Rumor ;) Poem ruthybird12 Aug 6th
My trails Poem elche Aug 6th
The Minnow Series I, II, III, IV Poem djtj 2 Aug 6th
Is this love Poem elche 1 Aug 6th
Heartache’s Cure Poem phil_carcione Aug 6th
FARMER Poem truedreams Aug 6th
"Spiritual Warfare" Poem theoriginalavalon Aug 6th
Screaming Orgasms Poem phil_carcione 1 Sexual Aug 6th
Minnow Leaves 02: Summer Poem djtj Aug 6th
of me - of you Poem ruth_x_less Aug 6th
Braeburns Poem necifallen Aug 6th
Cumberlands Culloden. Poem bendergender Aug 6th
Shit Poetry Poem necifallen Aug 6th
The Lake Michigan Coast South of Chicago in March Poem necifallen Aug 6th
Snapshot Poem rbpoetry family Aug 6th
baaaad Poem juliothegreat 1 Aug 6th
You and Me.... Poem SoulKritiC Being Loved Aug 6th
逆風 (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 6th
Chianti Philosophy Poem necifallen Aug 6th
知足 (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 6th
Creeping like Madness Poem asherivers Aug 6th
doorway Poem trix 1 Aug 7th
IN THE END Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
THE EDGE OF YOUR SKIN Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
VOICES Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
WE WERE HAPPY Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
IN SEARCH OF Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
CREATION Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
THE SIGN Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
A BETTER WAY Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
shelter in shadows Poem steelrunner303 Aug 7th
INTERTWINED Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
Labrynth Poem trix 2 Aug 7th
Compensation Poem shawon1982 youth Aug 7th
The Webs We Weave Poem rbpoetry Political Aug 7th
FEEL AGAIN Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
THE WORST Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
BEDFORD Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
A CHILD PASSED BY Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
Retrospect Poem jackie_lyn 1 Aug 7th
Hitching Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Aug 7th
THE QUICKENING Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Aug 7th
THESE TEARS I CRY Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
random thoughts in motion Poem steelrunner303 Aug 7th
the sea and last autumn's leaves Poem steelrunner303 Aug 7th
peace. Poem steelrunner303 Life/Living Aug 7th
i don't know if you knew Poem steelrunner303 Life/Living Aug 7th
hope of love complete Poem steelrunner303 Aug 7th
HEAVEN HELP ME Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
WHO IS HE Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
HAPPINESS Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
I DREAMT OF YOU Poem jeffbresee 1 Aug 7th
WITH FIRE Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
FOREVER Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
WHY Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
THE ACT Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
Dorchadas Poem strangelittleboy Aug 7th
Silent Sorrow Poem phil_carcione Aug 7th
DON'T GIVE UP Poem jeffbresee Aug 7th
could be me Poem steelrunner303 Aug 7th
Divine Design Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 7th
Amazing Poem unseen_treasure Aug 7th
Retribution Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Aug 7th
By Your Side (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 7th
Art Fags Poem anexod 1 Aug 7th
Eternal Summer (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 7th
My Tears Were Here First Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Aug 7th
A Quotation from Elizabeth George Speare Poem bluewave 1 Aug 7th
Believing in Myself Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 7th
Cheers Grandpa. Poem bendergender Aug 7th
Hearts And Hips Poem wishful_thinking Aug 7th
Autumn Tactics (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 7th
Summer Sun (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 7th
Los Hombres Poem elche Aug 8th
To Beautiful Poem tibult Aug 8th
Sonnet-18 (Your Mercy) Poem shawon1982 youth Aug 8th
La Recompensa / The Recompense Poem elrubioriqueno inspiration Aug 8th
Cielo a mi lado Poem elche Aug 8th
Angel llorando Poem elche Aug 8th
HAVE YOU EVER Poem teresa_r 1 Aug 8th
California Poem twisted_reality42 1 Life/Living Aug 8th
shadowed wanderer i sit and stare Poem Aodh_Implar Aug 8th
Crayons ۞ Poem shawon1982 youth Aug 8th
Piloerection Baby Poem thelohaspiral Aug 8th
Censura Poem tibult Aug 8th
Marina Ignacio Poem thelohaspiral Aug 8th
The Joyce Ann Brown Story! Poem blackinkusa Aug 8th
Myself (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 8th
Can't See Beyond Poem phil_carcione Aug 8th
Sanctuary Poem lyrycsyntyme Unrequited Love Aug 8th
In the Rain Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 8th
Albatross Cry. Poem 9inety 1 Aug 8th
Shotgun Parade Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 8th
December... leaves Poem coldaugust Aug 8th