It’s hard to tell myself it’ late.

My mind is busy painting us

At our first romantic date

As we were lying on the grass.

You were so handsome, so naïve!

I loved your smile, your hazel eyes.

We laughed, I held you by the sleeve

Awaiting for the sun to rise.

You’re not the one I used to know.

Your eyes are full of black sarcasm.

The distances between us grow

Turning to a hungry chasm.

There’s so much anger in your move,

Anxiety has signed your face;

You have so many things to prove,

So many people to disgrace!

I’ve loved a man who used to shine.

You’re someone else. Who are you now?

A soul of coal with lips of wine.

You have become a beast, but how?

I dream I’ll change you back one day.

You’ll learn to love instead of hate.

And so I dream, I hope, I pray;

It’s hard to tell myself it’s late.

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