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Writing, music, art, guitar, piano, singing, dancing, and a lot of other things.

I love to write song lyrics, fiction, and poetry. I also love reading; Harry Potter fan and I'm also a HUGE fan of Anne Rice (the Vampire Chronicles are my favorite, but all of her books are amazing.) I'm obsessed with music and am an aspiring musician. AFI is my favorite band out of the bagillions of bands/artists/singers/ect I like: rounding out close to the top are also Cradle of Filth, The Cure, *NSync (yea, yea, fuck off!), VNV Nation, Cranberries, KoRn, Garth Brooks, Lacuna Coil, Joy Division, Eminem, London After Midnight, Motley Crue, Skid Row, and damn I can't stop....too many to name, too many more genres to cover. All in all I like EVERYTHING from rock and metal to rap and r&b to pop to country to classical to jazz and blues to trance and techno.

The Rules are simple.
:I am everything and anything.
:Worship me, bow to me, love me or get the fuck out of my way!
:But above all, The DF OWNS and SO totally rules the world! ;P

-*:* JadeXCore *:*-

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There are no boundries to the outside...except yourself. Never hold back from where you want to go, or others will join in imprisoning your spirit. ~* Leein Marxx *~

''Life is like a dick...when it gets hard, fuck it!''


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