Monthly Archive for March 2009

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Bliss to Bluster Poem HeavensTorment77 Breaking Up Mar 1st
One Kiss Poem calculigirl03 2 Mar 1st
Broken Poem solovely07 Abuse Mar 1st
RAIN DROP Poem presiterrr Weather/Environment Mar 1st
THE WORM LADY Poem presiterrr Comedy/Humor Mar 1st
Vagarious Poem dyingpoetkr 1 dreams Mar 1st
Jimmy, A Strange Fellow Poem jlf249 Mar 1st
To Shaymol (I’m here) Poem shawon1982 youth Mar 1st
"My Parent & Me" Poem jlf249 sadness Mar 1st
Gawas Na Inday Poem vilmazab Mar 1st
TODAY Poem vilmazab Mar 1st
Ang Utang Mo Poem vilmazab 2 Mar 1st
THE MOON AND THE SEA Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 1st
Frankie Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 1st
Where Jess Will Be Going To Play In Sin Poem jlf249 Sin Mar 1st
Train Poem yardesspoetess Mar 1st
A Reflection Of My Teenage Words Poem dyingpoetkr 2 Mar 1st
STILL BE THE WATER Poem presiterrr Weather/Environment Mar 1st
Sad Poem yardesspoetess Mar 1st
your sparkle has lost its luster Poem blissfully_yours Mar 1st
True Soulmate Poem anemic_sweet 1 Soul mates Mar 1st
NEWNESS FROM THE DUST Poem presiterrr Technology Mar 1st
COMCAST (1-3) Poem chris 1 Abstract Mar 1st
SEARS TRAP Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
Hibernation Poem RainDreams Mar 2nd
Table Tennis Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 2nd
Exposed Poem RainDreams 1 Mar 2nd
Duality Poem RainDreams 1 Mar 2nd
WALMART STORE AT NIGHT Poem chris 1 Abstract Mar 2nd
THINGS I SHOULD HAVE DONE/SAID Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
PROHIBITED LOVE Poem presiterrr Acceptance Mar 2nd
Memories Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 2nd
Us Poem RainDreams Mar 2nd
Contempt Poem RainDreams 1 Mar 2nd
THEY TOWED MY CAR Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
NO PHONE Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
Its been a year Poem kitez love Mar 2nd
C-Drive Poem Sivus Lost love Mar 2nd
SHE'S GOT A CRUSH ON ME Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
Portrait Poem shawon1982 1 youth Mar 2nd
I MISSED ALL THE SIGNS Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
TV Poem chris 1 Children Mar 2nd
Send Love ♥ Poem shawon1982 1 youth Mar 2nd
Diplomats For Hopelessness Poem lyrycsyntyme Culture/Society Mar 2nd
PAIN Poem teresa_r 1 Mar 2nd
I'LL THROW A SHOE AT YOU. Poem chris Political Mar 2nd
Journey to the Center of the Mind Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 2nd
Silhouette Poem shawon1982 youth Mar 2nd
don't know what to say Poem omarotten Mar 2nd
BROWN POOLS SHINED AT ME Poem presiterrr Pets/Animals Mar 2nd
BROWN FORKS OF LIFE Poem presiterrr Nature/Environment Mar 2nd
YOU SPOKE TO ME Poem presiterrr romance Mar 2nd
The Pilot Poem yardesspoetess Mar 2nd
xrated * Creamin & Dreamin * x rated * Poem poetvg 2 Mar 2nd
Earthwreck Poem quidseeker Mar 2nd
Happy Poem quidseeker 1 Mar 2nd
A Dear Sister Poem vilmazab 2 Mar 2nd
Hasta Lapa-Lapa Poem vilmazab Mar 2nd
Double Dutch Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 2nd
GENUINE MUSE Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 2nd
THE LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER Poem presiterrr romance Mar 2nd
Visceral Reaction Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 2nd
ON WINGS FROM ABOVE Poem presiterrr romance Mar 2nd
HAPPY TO BE ALONE Poem presiterrr Escapism Mar 2nd
My emotions Poem yardesspoetess Mar 2nd
Precious Pain Poem yardesspoetess Mar 2nd
DESOLATE THUNDER Poem presiterrr romance Mar 2nd
Apotropaic Poem thelohaspiral Mar 3rd
Mysterious 3:16 Poem shawon1982 1 youth Mar 3rd
"Something I never want to be" Poem jlf249 Mar 3rd
Tides Poem RainerBukowski 1 Mar 3rd
Ballad of Beauregard. Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Mar 3rd
Okinawa, 1957 Poem RainerBukowski 1 Mar 3rd
Lossing Reason Poem exkaijadesatiro 1 Lost love Mar 3rd
The Second Coming Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 3rd
Pushing Against Me Poem wishful_thinking Mar 3rd
No One to Write For Poem Sivus Mar 3rd
Virtue: Empathy Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 3rd
Message à mon amie Poem aziz Mar 3rd
Moving................17feb09 Poem avengers1965 Mar 3rd
A Box vs. Me Poem jlf249 Mar 3rd
Key to the glory of latter days economic system. Poem rosalind 3 Life/Living Mar 3rd
الحب المستحيل Poem t_almamlouk Mar 3rd
Virtue: Justice Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Mar 3rd
Here I go again Poem vilmazab Mar 3rd
Just Shut Up And Kiss Me Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 3rd
King of Hearts Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Mar 3rd
Friends Poem vilmazab 2 Mar 3rd
Virtue: Sociability Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 3rd
HOW YOU SO BEAUTIFULLY HAVE STUN ME! Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Mar 3rd
Getting My Stomach Pumped Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 3rd
"Something that will never happen to me in a circle of life" Poem jlf249 Mar 3rd
Virtue: Tenacity Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 3rd
I CANT Poem Weeping-Willow Mar 4th
FALLEN ANGEL Poem Missdefpoet 1 Mar 4th
The upheaval of change. Poem bendergender 2 Mar 4th
Weapon of the World Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Life/Living Mar 4th
Back Story Poem seatellite Abuse Mar 4th
I've been dumped Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 4th
So Afraid Poem seatellite Abstract Mar 4th
The End of the Worst Month Ever Poem anexod Mar 4th
Horsin' Round Poem anexod 1 Mar 4th
Wish Upon a Star Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 4th
Just Lie Poem seatellite sadness Mar 4th
A Spectrum of Heartbreak Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 4th
Without Walls Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 4th
Megan and her whip ( About her friend Megan) Poem jlf249 Mar 4th
Bad News Poem rbpoetry 1 Existential Mar 4th
Too Late Poem Weeping-Willow 1 Mar 4th
"My Inner Feelings For Myself" Poem jlf249 Mar 4th
I NEED A RAINBOW TODAY Poem trivking64 Spirituality Mar 4th
Pray Poem cole060784 Mar 4th
Sweet Erin Poem twisted_whisperer Mar 4th
Winter Fling Poem cole060784 Mar 4th
Football is our game Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 4th
CRISP APOLOGY Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
Sound Of Thunder Poem exkaijadesatiro Mar 5th
Broken Theory Poem exkaijadesatiro 1 friendship Mar 5th
My First love and My MAN NOW Poem shygirl184202005 1 Mar 5th
Like A Dream Poem shawon1982 youth Mar 5th
Peace as Silence Poem dyingpoetkr 1 War Mar 5th
The Blue Of His Eyes Poem dyingpoetkr 1 love Mar 5th
Reflection Poem frost_of_the_soul Fate/Destiny Mar 5th
All of these years Poem geneconner2008 Mar 5th
You love making me miserable Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Mar 5th
Floating Poem seatellite Loneliness Mar 5th
Walk With Addiction Poem gothic_fairy_ 2 Addiction Mar 5th
Saving Them For You Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 5th
We Are Human Poem gothic_fairy_ Acceptance Mar 5th
Painting Pleasure Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Personal God Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Is this it? Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 5th
While We Can Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 5th
Coming To A Bus Stop Near You Poem ScorpioDominant Comedy/Humor Mar 5th
Cheapened Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Hanger Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Sheep in the Closet Poem jerry_joseph_huggins 1 Stress Mar 5th
Sweeping Love Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
You will always be remembered! Poem vilmazab 3 Mar 5th
Just Me & The Ocean Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 5th
A Phone Call Away Poem gothic_fairy_ long distance Mar 5th
Going Dental Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Torn Between Here and Heaven(Pyrograph) Poem lyrycsyntyme Mar 5th
Butterfries Poem thelohaspiral Mar 6th
Looking For A Way Out Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 6th
I Remember Poem seatellite 2 Mar 6th
Invisible Poem ozzypoemgirl Mar 6th
Dirty Dancing Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 6th
THINK Poem Weeping-Willow Mar 6th
"What was in her?" Poem jlf249 1 Mar 6th
Dreams Poem seatellite Mar 6th
Dying Tomorrow Poem seatellite Mar 6th
Spinning Around Lies Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 6th
Satan: The Snake Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 6th
Faith Poem seatellite Mar 6th
december 2007 Poem voighdt Mar 6th
ILLUMINATION Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 6th
For No Crime Done Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Reality Mar 6th
The Universe Poem van Mar 6th
october 2008 Poem voighdt Mar 6th
Mystery of God’s Love Poem christianpoetry... 1 Mar 6th
Treasure Map Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 6th
Everlasting Sunset Poem mystery7905 Mar 6th
SUMMER'S EVE FIREFLIES Poem chris Nature/Environment Mar 6th
The Lamp Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 6th
Sweetheart Poem naushin84 1 Mar 6th
Dead Girl Poem demented_irishman Beauty Mar 6th
Scarred Poem seatellite Mar 6th
Love’s Chain Reaction Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 6th
We need to spread the good news Poem christianpoetry... Mar 6th
Mystery of God’s Love Poem geneconner2008 Mar 6th
september 2008 Poem voighdt Mar 6th
february 2009 Poem voighdt Mar 6th
How She Saw 2/14/2009 Poem jlf249 Mar 6th
We need to spread the good news Poem geneconner2008 Mar 6th
Sweet Words Spoken Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Mar 7th
Hooligan Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Mar 7th
Forever Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Mar 7th
Go on babe live your life Poem danica 1 Mar 7th
my friends Poem ruth_x_less Mar 7th
My Pal-Afzal Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 7th
Awakened Desires Poem Weeping-Willow 1 Mar 7th
The Wedding Poem bendergender Mar 7th
Shallow Poem demented_irishman Comedy/Humor Mar 7th
Above Life’s Storms Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Mar 7th
I've Had Enough Poem Weeping-Willow Mar 7th
I'll Make My Own Beat Poem twisted_whisperer Mar 7th
My Life Poem Weeping-Willow 1 Mar 7th
Imperfection of love Poem danica 1 Abstract Mar 7th
Sleeping Poem faerie_ophelia 1 Apathy Mar 7th
No Title Poem jessro Loneliness Mar 8th
you Poem danica 1 Mar 8th
+Dat Ben Jij+ (dutch) Poem x_falling_to_pi... Mar 8th
Unwise Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Mar 8th
Time Poem babe1233 Mar 8th
tell me Poem danica 1 Mar 8th
SUBWAY Poem chris Abstract Mar 8th
The Beautiful Dress Poem TREXPATTON Mar 8th
Love Defined Poem thelohaspiral Mar 8th
Sanitize It Poem thelohaspiral Mar 8th
convulsing Poem thecrazypalekid Mar 8th
Lord Will you receive my heart Poem christianpoetry... Mar 8th
My Last Poem For You Poem solovely07 Mar 8th
Just to Let You Know Poem solovely07 Mar 8th
The truth loves me. Poem not_an_addict Mar 8th
Song for the dumped Poem not_an_addict Mar 8th
What Terry Stokes Left Out: Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Mar 8th
LIVING IN-LOVE Poem TREXPATTON long distance Mar 8th
new breeze Poem ruth_x_less 1 Mar 8th
Lord Will you receive my heart Poem geneconner2008 Mar 8th
A broken heart Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 8th
You are my heart Poem vilmazab 2 Mar 8th
A dreamer I'll always be Poem vilmazab 5 Mar 8th
Lady Certainly's Faith [after Acts 3:9] Poem S74rw4rd Being Loved Mar 9th
FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD. Poem kiwi Food Mar 9th
Saint Joseph's Paternal Joy At Nazareth Poem S74rw4rd History/Past Mar 9th
Letters of His Death, He Replied Poem dyingpoetkr 1 death Mar 9th
Prayer for a friend Poem geneconner2008 Mar 9th
10:15 Poem dyingpoetkr 2 love Mar 9th
Killing Me Softly Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 9th
hate this life Poem nothing16 Mar 9th
dreading every day of my life Poem nothing16 1 Mar 9th
At The River Jordan Poem S74rw4rd Acceptance Mar 9th
You're Not The Same Poem mysterypoet Mar 9th
At Hebrews 11:1-13 Poem S74rw4rd Acceptance Mar 9th
Old Times Poem mysterypoet 1 Mar 9th
My Confusion Poem mysterypoet choices Mar 9th
Watching Alzheimers Take Over Poem k4horses4ever Cancer/Illness Mar 9th
Jesus is Lord Poem geneconner2008 1 Mar 9th
Ashes Poem dyingpoetkr 1 love Mar 9th
Echoes Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 9th
Stimulus Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 9th
Strangers in My Home Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 9th
MY MANY TOMORROWS TO COME Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 9th
Victorious Poem dyingpoetkr 1 War Mar 9th
We all get lost someday! Poem ozzypoemgirl Mar 9th
Unfinished Love Song Poem dyingpoetkr 1 love Mar 9th
Painted Angel Poem dyingpoetkr 1 sadness Mar 9th
Iraq Around (and other Japanese Titles) Poem ethezube Mar 9th
Fantages Nightmares Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Bizarre Mar 9th
He Gave Her A Rose Poem dyingpoetkr 2 Lost love Mar 9th
I'll Just Tell Poem ethezube Abstract Mar 9th
The fever Poem ozzypoemgirl Abstract Mar 9th
Future Footsteps Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Mar 9th
A Shared Sky Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Mar 9th
Prayer for a friend Poem christianpoetry... Mar 9th
I guess I am missing you to death Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 9th
Procrastination Poem blissfully_yours 1 Mar 9th