General sɯǝod

Who are you the man behind the picture?
Why are you laughing without gesture?
Whenever I look at you remain the same,
How did you confine yourself in the frame?
Don’t you feel bore looking in the same style?
But you seem so happy resembled by smile!
You like to be there because you’ll never be old?
What will you say? That story that’s still untold?
Smiling in the portrait, you are looking at me,
Can’t hear your voice except photo that I see!
Who will tell those stories of your life time;
Which has finished as the sound of wind-chime!
I am still here! Come and tell me what to say,
I am waiting for your reply even in night or day!
I saw you in my dream but you were very busy,
I was standing behind you! The picture isn’t hazy!
For a few second you came and then went away,
Still I’m waiting that you’ll come along this way!
You came once but why you didn’t say me anything?
I was waiting; for me something you’ll surely bring!
I am not wrong! You brought me so many memories,
Some passion! Some love! And some more worries!
Every time when I see your portrait you just smile,
Can’t you talk to me! Just only for a short while?
Long time I could not contact with you, I’m sorry!
I was a fool! How could I know that I need to tarry!
After a long time! I found you in this old picture,
No chance is there! I will see you in near future!
I have a very little request, I am saying it straight,
Please don’t be silent! Don’t remain in the portrait!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

27th February & 2nd March 2009 (Written for the man in Picture... my most venerable Shobuj vai)

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Shefa Binta Zakir's picture

if shobuj vai here with us...he felt very much happy.....bt we r out of luck...we can just pray 4 him....