Monthly Archive for October 2003

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
What to do too Poem adam03cc Oct 1st
Cariٌo mيo Poem amores 1 Oct 1st
Different point of view Poem angels_eyes_only Oct 1st
Manufactured Conformity Poem vanillabruise 1 Acceptance Oct 1st
Heart And Mind Poem TheHouseOfR 1 Oct 1st
The grandpa, the grandson, and the holy ghost II Poem doktoravalanche Oct 1st
* "Never mind a brick, or ten..." Poem dolphin Oct 1st
Beyond Words Poem dolphin friendship Oct 1st
MY AWARD SPEACH Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
CRAZY RAP Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
RIP OUT YOUR HEART Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
SLAIN Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
INNOCENT GIRL Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
Stones Of The Sunrise Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
Depression Poem elliot_jordan2003 2 Oct 1st
Divorce Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
My Halloween Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
WHITE BOY REMIX Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
IN THE HOOD Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
WALKING DOWN THE STREETS Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
FREESTYLE BATTLE 2 Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
FLAME THROWER INTRO Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 1st
Your Time Poem elliot_jordan2003 religion Oct 1st
Facial Expressions Poem AmburrLaute 1 Oct 1st
a voice Poem geylan 1 Oct 1st Poem inditanu 1 Oct 1st
(rewrite of) my dream girl Poem kiddo_catastrophe 1 Oct 1st
pantomime games Poem krishna 1 In Memory Oct 1st
Valour Poem laurmordre 2 Oct 1st
Salty Tears Poem lillep 1 Abuse Oct 1st
Walking with Lauryn's Melody Poem mrurbansoul 1 Oct 1st
اخي,,, أسعد القصراوي Poem Noor 1 Oct 1st
اخي ابن خــــــــــــــــــاطر Poem Noor Oct 1st
!.. تتســاء لــين Poem Noor Oct 1st
اخي...أسعد القصراوي Poem Noor Oct 1st
"I told you to die, you told me to breathe Poem oh_so_odd Oct 1st
A Wish For Time Poem orszulaks 1 Oct 1st
My halo slipped down and choked me Poem poeticdevastation Oct 1st
Separated at Birth: SoulMates Poem prophetic_1 Lost love Oct 1st
"Friends" Poem rottie155 3 Betrayal Oct 1st
Last day of Junior School Poem rottie155 School Oct 1st
Silent love Poem sadpoet Lost love Oct 1st
Someone Poem sadpoet Loneliness Oct 1st
Sometimes I Think Poem sadpoet sadness Oct 1st
Sweet Nothings Poem sadpoet Lost love Oct 1st
What can you do? Poem sadpoet Lost love Oct 1st
when i loved you Poem sadpoet Lost love Oct 1st
Would you care? Poem sadpoet Depression Oct 1st
Pitch Black Poem starlite_angel 1 Oct 1st
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU OCTOBER 1, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Oct 1st
Unknown Little Girl Poem twiztid_girl_ 2 Suicide Oct 1st
uncertain Poem arecreed 1 Oct 2nd
!!! الى لقاء أجمل وانصع !!! Poem asaihati Oct 2nd
!!! ايها الفارس !!! Poem asaihati Oct 2nd
10.2.03 Poem anothersquirrel Oct 2nd
Shadow To Your Soul Poem badd2dabone 2 Oct 2nd
Rehearsing Mime Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
This Sweet Dream Poem badd2dabone 1 Oct 2nd
Eviction Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Brightly Polished Horn Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Live To Die Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Healing The Moon Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Hush Poem badd2dabone 1 Oct 2nd
Breathing Poem badd2dabone 1 Oct 2nd
yesterday Poem badd2dabone 1 Oct 2nd
Still The One Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
columbia skies Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Mesmerized Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Sweet In Sleep Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Remember Me Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
SOULiloquy Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Blank Canvas Poem badd2dabone 2 Oct 2nd
Feel Me Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
What Will Be? Poem badd2dabone Oct 2nd
Stars Of Night Poem badd2dabone 1 Oct 2nd
fair exchange Poem bebe410 Oct 2nd
Come, I will show you Poem dolphin Spirituality Oct 2nd
Dry Poem ericaca525 Oct 2nd
Distantly Close Poem ericaca525 Oct 2nd
Laughing Poem ericaca525 Oct 2nd
Purgatory Poem grahf Oct 2nd
Questions Poem hiddenpoetess000 confusion Oct 2nd
Light Out Poem hiddenpoetess000 2 Dark Oct 2nd
I.... Poem hiddenpoetess000 Feminism Oct 2nd
With You With Me Poem hiddenpoetess000 1 Oct 2nd
Reality Poem hiddenpoetess000 Bizarre Oct 2nd
Cleansing the Soul Poem hiddenpoetess000 2 Beauty Oct 2nd
Waiting Poem hiddenpoetess000 Oct 2nd
Kidnappers Poem jgupta Fury Unleashed Oct 2nd
World On Canvas Poem jgupta 2 Existential Oct 2nd
The story of my crush Poem kiddo_catastrophe 2 Oct 2nd
The Note Poem laury2k4 Oct 2nd
My Reality Poem MeanAileen Addiction Oct 2nd
Tender Senses Poem mythers love Oct 2nd
Serene Mysteries Poem mythers Escapism Oct 2nd
Life Long Love Poem phil_carcione Addiction Oct 2nd
Cold Poem poeticdevastation Acrostic Oct 2nd
Hallow's Eve Poem poeticdevastation Holidays Oct 2nd
Fall's Bleeding Poem poeticdevastation Abstract Oct 2nd
Ember Poem poeticdevastation Acrostic Oct 2nd
When It Rains Poem prophetic_1 Lost love Oct 2nd
Happy Holiday Baby Poem prophetic_1 Holidays Oct 2nd
By the Light of the Night Poem prophetic_1 Devotion Oct 2nd
i believe in time machines Poem raina_3 1 Oct 2nd
The Cat Poem rbcwalters 1 Change/Transition Oct 2nd
Rice Crispiez Poem stephanyo Oct 2nd
The Eyes Tell All Poem asianaggie2001 Poetry/Writing Oct 3rd
Still Holding On (POPPA) Poem bigluv21 1 Oct 3rd
A Morning In The South Poem Chilledout27 1 Nature/Environment Oct 3rd
Life's changing Poem deethepoet Oct 3rd
Sign of the Skull Poem doktoravalanche 1 Acceptance Oct 3rd
Little Dance Tonight Poem grahf Oct 3rd
Ugly Poem grahf Oct 3rd
Coward Poem grahf Oct 3rd
Blanket Bodies Poem grahf Oct 3rd
Crimson Cries Poem grahf Oct 3rd
Dust off my heart Poem jesusmyjoy 1 Oct 3rd
As I Walk Poem jesusmyjoy Oct 3rd
CHASING DREAMS Poem ladydp2000 dreams Oct 3rd
FLAPPER GIRL Poem ladydp2000 Fantasies Oct 3rd
SAILING THE SUN! Poem ladydp2000 dreams Oct 3rd
WALKING BY THE BAY Poem ladydp2000 Beauty Oct 3rd
PRECIOUS CHILD OF MINE Poem ladydp2000 family Oct 3rd
ANGEL OF MINE Poem ladydp2000 love Oct 3rd
HONEY PLEASE TAKE ME BACK Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Oct 3rd
THROUGH THE MAGIC OF LOVE Poem ladydp2000 love Oct 3rd
LET'S MAKE IT RIGHT Poem ladydp2000 Lost love Oct 3rd
YOU ARE SO BAD! Poem ladydp2000 Addiction Oct 3rd
I AM A CLOWN! Poem ladydp2000 Comedy/Humor Oct 3rd
YOU'RE NOT REALLY ALONE Poem ladydp2000 sadness Oct 3rd
TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT Poem ladydp2000 choices Oct 3rd
THE BEAUTY OF ALL Poem ladydp2000 Beauty Oct 3rd
GRANDMA'S KITCHEN Poem ladydp2000 family Oct 3rd
MOOD SWINGS Poem ladydp2000 Change/Transition Oct 3rd
BORN AGAIN Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Oct 3rd
OH LORD, MY SWEET LORD! Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Oct 3rd
BUILDING A BRIDGE OF LOVE Poem ladydp2000 friendship Oct 3rd
The Invisible Thread Poem mrurbansoul 1 Soul mates Oct 3rd
Lost in the Music Poem mrurbansoul Oct 3rd
Wolfish Lullabies Poem mythers Folklore Oct 3rd
The Hunger of Immortals Poem mythers Folklore Oct 3rd
هل كفرت ؟؟؟ Poem Noor Oct 3rd
TRANQUILITY : A MISTRESS Poem palewingedpoetess Spirituality Oct 3rd
* r i LL * Poem rubinbiswas Oct 3rd
بحبك Poem salma love Oct 3rd
غَلالةُ حُـزن Poem salma dreams Oct 3rd
هـل خُنـتـنى...؟ Poem salma Hidden Love Oct 3rd
ومـضةُ حـب Poem salma Missing You Oct 3rd
دائماً معك Poem salma Hope Oct 3rd
أنا.. شهرزاد.؟ Poem salma love Oct 3rd
Black Sheep Poem creativehue10 Dark Oct 3rd
To Whom It May Concern Poem creativehue10 Abstract Oct 3rd
MALAYSIAN HAIKU FOR SEPTEMBER 30, 0CT 1 and 2 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Oct 3rd
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR Y OU OCTOBER 1, 2 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Oct 3rd
What Is It? Poem bigluv21 2 Oct 4th
Beautiful Poem bigluv21 5 Oct 4th
This Poem is For Special Someonel Poem connie Oct 4th
Made Believe Poem cutetreena_1064 Lost love Oct 4th
Think Poem cutetreena_1064 Oct 4th
Girl Poem cutetreena_1064 Song Lyrics Oct 4th
Tragic Mistake Poem deadmanwalking 1 Oct 4th
I Know Poem deethepoet Oct 4th
DARE 2 DIE Poem elliot_jordan2003 Oct 4th
Candelabra Poem grahf Oct 4th
Beten An Mutter Goeِttin Poem jgupta Celebrations Oct 4th
STILL LAKE. Poem kiwi 1 Nature/Environment Oct 4th
Knowing Poem mywrittings Oct 4th
My feelings today Poem Nate dreams Oct 4th
Rain Poem Nate 2 Song Lyrics Oct 4th
Nothing Poem Nate Depression Oct 4th
Haiku--OLD AGE Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Haiku--MEMORIES Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Haiku--WHEN A BUTTERFLY... Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Haiku--THE CAT Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Haiku--SUNFLOWER Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Haiku--THE THUNDER Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Cinquian--WHAT IS PAIN? Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Tanka--MY ANCESTRAL HOME Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
TONGUE TIED Poem pangan_l_l 2 Oct 4th
SAVING SOME TIME Poem pangan_l_l Oct 4th
Dream Girl Poem prophetic_1 1 Missing You Oct 4th
انا...نهايه قصتك Poem salma 1 Oct 4th
مولاى Poem salma Oct 4th
Under the Moon Poem shadowdragonfly Oct 4th
Illusion Poem smartha 1 Abstract Oct 4th
Love Dies Poem creativehue10 Lost love Oct 4th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU OCTOBER 3, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo 1 Oct 4th
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU OCTOBER 3, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Oct 4th
Waiting Poem 1rockerchic89 Oct 5th
Our All In All - Sonnet Poem blumentopf Oct 5th
Breaking Poem cherry_blossom 1 Suicide Oct 5th
The Death of Me Poem cherry_blossom 8 Suicide Oct 5th
Love Isn't This Way Poem cherry_blossom 2 Hate Oct 5th
Detirmination Poem cherry_blossom Life/Living Oct 5th
Lifeless Eyes Poem cherry_blossom 1 Betrayal Oct 5th
Evelyn and the Business Cards Poem djtj Oct 5th
Rhythm Poem dragon 1 Addiction Oct 5th
اختر منها ما تشاء Poem elham 1 Oct 5th
الحلم Poem elham 1 Oct 5th
راحله منك اليك Poem elham Oct 5th
1الى ان تاتي Poem elham 1 Oct 5th
الى ان تاتي2 Poem elham 1 Oct 5th
الي ان تاتي3 Poem elham Oct 5th
وطني Poem elham Oct 5th
انتظرتك !!ا Poem elham Oct 5th
لن ارحل الا اليك Poem elham 2 Oct 5th
Take Anything You Want From Me Poem eltrue 2 love Oct 5th
Chocolate Poem ev1lempyr 2 Oct 5th
Eturnal love, and eturnal sleep Poem gothicwrighter Dark Love Oct 5th
Kill, Kill, Kill Poem hiddenpoetess000 Acceptance Oct 5th
Feelings Poem hiddenpoetess000 Anger Violent Oct 5th
Pissed Off Poem hiddenpoetess000 1 Anger Violent Oct 5th
Predator Poem hiddenpoetess000 1 Bittersweet Oct 5th
"Broken" Poem jade_moon 2 confusion Oct 5th
PRECIOUS MOMENTS, PRECIOUS MEMORIES Poem ladydp2000 Memories Oct 5th
EBB TIDES Poem ladydp2000 love Oct 5th
Without a Jacket Poem laurmordre Fear Oct 5th
What made me a poet was you Poem lavender_mystique Poetry/Writing Oct 5th
Brown Sugar Poem malik Oct 5th
My Sleeve Poem malik Oct 5th
Distant Lover Poem malik Oct 5th
All I Want Poem malik Oct 5th
You Poem malik Oct 5th
I Loved You Poem malik Oct 5th
My Heart & Soul Poem malik 1 Oct 5th
وعد Poem Noor Oct 5th
(( WHATEVER )) Poem peacebrotha522 Passion Oct 5th
Changed Forever Poem phil_carcione Gothic Oct 5th
Can We Atone? Poem phil_carcione Commentary Oct 5th
Ego Trippin' Poem prophetic_1 Lost love Oct 5th
Soul Searching Poem prophetic_1 Soul mates Oct 5th
DreamSpeak Poem prophetic_1 shyness Oct 5th
Glory Days Poem prophetic_1 Strength/Courage Oct 5th
Lust Insatiable Poem prophetic_1 Abuse Oct 5th
Happiness Kept In Glass Poem Vamprose Oct 5th
Not Alone Poem Vamprose Oct 5th
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU OCTOBER 4, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Oct 5th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU OCTOBER 4, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Oct 5th
Con certeza Poem amores Oct 6th
!!! نبــضــات قلب !!! Poem asaihati Oct 6th
Remember Me Poem cnsfreebird3 Oct 6th
Anything is Good Poem cnsfreebird3 1 Oct 6th
Nikki Luv Munchkin! Poem cnsfreebird3 1 Oct 6th
Capable of More Poem erbearvw Anger Violent Oct 6th
A Thousand Knives Poem erbearvw 1 Angst Oct 6th
Rain Poem erbearvw Breaking Up Oct 6th
Always Dreaming Poem erbearvw Being Loved Oct 6th
When Nothing Turns Out to be Everything Poem erbearvw 1 friendship Oct 6th
I Suck Poem ericaca525 Oct 6th
نتوءات من نزق البحر Poem esmat11211 Oct 6th